40 years ago today: U.S. Senator prophetically warned America

July 19, 2014

Conservative writer Susan Harris has written a masterful and must read article about the unheeded warning of John Porter East, a professor of political science and later an elected Senator representing North Carolina from 1981-1986  Make time for this dose of Sen. East‘s wisdom as he uncovered the bastions of liberalism that American universities had become and the aggressive means used to shut down conservative thought.

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Common Core educrat thug drops F-Bomb in work email

July 1, 2014

AZ Dept. of Ed problems go even deeper than Huppenthal

The Arizona Daily Independent carries a commentary written by Tucson teacher Brad McQueen who has been an outspoken opponent of Common Core. In February, he wrote a widely distributed op-ed titled,  “SB 1310: Arizonans must reclaim sovereignty over our children’s education,” which did not endear him to the educrat establishment onboard with the federal overreach.

A deluge of ostracism, intimidation and raw insults have followed McQueen’s commitment to expose Common Core. The article follows the stream of emails between Angela Escobar Program Project Specialist at the AZ Dept of Education and other department employees during the workday. Escobar uses her office computer to email associates, referring to Brad McQueen as “What a f*cktard!”

These are the people responsible for the public education of Arizona schoolchildren.

Escobar apparently isn’t a quick learner. She hasn’t learned anything from her boss’ recent travails. Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal has been exposed as a multi-aliased poster on several Arizona blogs including SRAZ. Support for Huppenthal is dropping like  a rock as conservative challenger Diane Douglas star is rising.

Arizona educrats are having a difficult time using their computers wisely. The Arizona Daily Independent exposes the extremes to which they will go to suppress criticism of Common Core.

Huppenthal’s tearful apology at news conference

June 26, 2014

“My actions need to bring honor…….”

John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, broke down in tears as he apologized Wednesday for what he called “hurtful” comments posted anonymously on various blogs —- including Seeing Red AZ. Huppenthal, who has called parents who oppose the federally mandated Common Core education schemebarbarians,” was moved to tears as he repeated his earlier statement that his words didn’t reflect what he felt in his heart about either minorities or those who receive public assistance. This current situation is not the first time Huppenthal’s lack of judgment has attracted negative attention. Back in 2008, Chandler police recommended city prosecutors charge then-state Sen. Huppenthal (R Dist.20) with two misdemeanor counts of theft and cutting down a campaign sign critical of him. His actions included pulling out a sign and his confrontation with a 78-year-old Democrat activist on Election Day. She alleged Huppenthal grappled with her and snatched signs out of her hands.  The East Valley Tribune carried the entire story.

Huppenthal outed as anonymous commenter on blogs

June 19, 2014

After 31 years at the public trough, it’s time to retire the increasingly bizarre John Huppenthal: Vote Diane Douglas

CBS Channel 5 provides this coverage of what AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal does in his spare time.  Judging from various news reports, it appears Huppenthal has a lot of it. Seeing Red AZ has  made no bones about the fact we hope he has even more after the Primary Election votes are counted on August 26, 2014.

Conservative syndicated columnist, Michelle Malkin who has devoted the past two years to sounding the alarm on Common Core, supports Diane Douglas. Read her endorsement.

Huppenthal’s staff offered a statement explaining John Huppenthal’s proclivities which can be read in the Channel 5 link and this report in the daily newspaper, which includes Channel 12 video coverage. His comments —- sometimes posted late night/early morning —- but often during time when he should be tending to his duties and on the state computer —- use the monikers “Thucydides,” “Socrates1289,” and “Falcon9.”

The Arizona Daily Star has been following Huppenthal’s blog prowls, also.

Back in September, unaware we were dealing with the state’s top educrat —- in a post that garnered 35 comments —- SRAZ chastised Huppenthal’s alias “Socrates 1289” with these words:

You have tried dominating this section with over a dozen comments. Although some have been posted, don’t expect to see any others. Your wild accusations, name calling and warning to others that this is an untruthful site, will not fly here. This conservative, fact-based site obviously is not the place for you.

It is frenzied candidate John Huppenthal, meeting strong opposition to his bonding with Arne Duncan and Obama’s educare, who is untruthful. He deviously wants to change the name “Common Core” to “Arizona College and Career Ready Standards” hoping no one will notice. We all have and will not forget. Huppenthal is rightly sweating his upcoming election and has taken refuge in deceit.”

Huppenthal has commanded a lot of attention on this site:

Sept. 19, 2013: Huppenthal’s con job: Pushes renaming Common Core

Sept. 22, 2013:  Common Core deception: In AZ it starts with Huppenthal

Sept. 24, 2013: Gov. Brewer, AZ SPI Huppenthal, partner on education deceit

Sept. 27, 2013: Educrat trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic

Feb. 12, 2014:  Huppenthal urging parents to remove kids from Common Core?

Feb. 21, 2014:   Common Core gets hammered in AZ Senate

Apr. 29, 2014:  Veto of HB 2316 proves Huppenthal wrong on student privacy

May 12, 2014: AZ Education Superintendent race goes national

Check through these previous posts and it becomes apparent Huppenthal leaves a lot to be desired. Common Core is serious business. America‘s children are the pawns in the alarming game of federal overreach. As happens too frequently, those we trusted are attempting to hoodwink us with catchy jargon and glib name changes. Now as a worried candidate facing angry parents, Huppenthal has reconstructed the name, though keeping the rotten core of Common Core and spends hours defending his indefensible actions on blogs —- often on the taxpayer’s dime. 

Our education house is made of cards. It’s time to rebuild with a solid foundation. Conservative Diane Douglas deserves your vote and support.

Maricopa College board raises your property taxes…again

May 30, 2014

Easy come, easy go….it’s only other people’s money

The Maricopa County Community College District governing board met earlier this week and approved yet another property tax increase. The daily reports this is the fourth tax increase in seven years and the second in a row for the 10-college district —- increasing taxes $128.24 yearly per $100,000 in property.

We reported just last month on the governing board increasing tuition by $3 per credit hour, to $84 per credit, noting MCCCD tuition has skyrocketed nearly 60 percent in just 10 years. 

This latest 2 percent increase in the tax levy, along with the tuition increase and taxes on new construction in the county, will generate about $21 million in additional revenue for the insatiable colleges.

The vote on the tax increase was 4-1. Only board member Debra Brimhall Pearson voted against the hike, although she voted for the previous increase. Pearson, who served in the state legislature as Debra Brimhall representing Snowflake from 1997 to 2004, said the state Legislature “has been derelict to the community colleges” for decreasing funding over the last several years. State aid went from 10 percent of the district’s revenue a few years ago to about 1 percent now, at $7.4 million for 2014-15.

“But I don’t believe the answer is in property taxes,” she said. Later in the meeting Pearson announced she would not run for re-election to the District 3 seat, saying, “I have a moral objection to property taxes.”

About 60 percent of the district’s revenue is from property taxes, and the community colleges account for about 12 percent of property owners’ annual bill.

After the tax vote, the members voted 5-0 to give a 1 percent pay increase to residential and adjunct faculty and most other employee groups. The board also approved the 2014-15 budget. The $774 million operating budget is about 8 percent higher than this year’s budget. The total budget, including the auxiliary, restricted and capital funds, is $1.7 billion.

Arizona’s Constitutional mandate for the state’s higher education to be as “nearly free as possible” is becoming increasingly quaint. These are the words contained in Article 11 Section 6 of the Constitution of the state of Arizona: Section 6. Admission of students of both sexes to state educational institutions; tuition; common school system.

Michelle O urges teens: monitor family for racism, accept homosexuality as norm

May 21, 2014

Addressing graduating high school students in Topeka, Kansas, Michelle Obama told them they need to monitor their older relatives, friends and others for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made

“Our laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods,” she said. “There’s no court case against believing in stereotypes or thinking that certain kinds of hateful jokes or comments are funny.”

Mrs. Obama encouraged students to take steps to “drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you” in the fight against racism. “Maybe that starts simply in your own family, when grandpa tells that off-colored joke at Thanksgiving, or you’ve got an aunt who talks about ‘those people,’” she said. “Well, you can politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends.”

Obama continued, “You have seen Latino singers win Grammys, black coaches win Super Bowls. You’ve watched TV shows with characters of every background.  So when you watch a show like the “The Walking Dead,” you don’t think it’s about a black guy, a black woman, an Asian guy, a gay couple and some white people —- you think it’s about a bunch of folks trying to escape some zombies, right?  Period. “

“And then when some folks got all worked up about a cereal commercial with an interracial family, you all were probably thinking, really, what’s the problem with that?  When folks made a big deal about Jason Collins and Michael Sam coming out as gay, a lot of kids in your generation thought, what is the issue here? And if someone were to say something racist on Twitter, well, I imagine that many of you would tweet right back, letting them know that’s just not cool.” 

Mrs. Obama, the wife of a twice elected bi-racial President, still doesn’t think America is accepting enough. You’ll remember back in 2008 the Ivy League graduate, married to another Ivy League grad and U.S. Senator, with a hefty yearly salary between them and their daughters in private schools, had a difficult time being proud of the country that afforded them so much.


AZ Education Superintendent race goes national

May 19, 2014

Diane Douglas secures key endorsement

Within days after state Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal insulted concerned parents and other constituents by bizarrely comparing them to “barbarians” for opposing the federally imposed Common Core scheme, conservative challenger Diane Douglas submitted her nominating petitions. The initial filing is a clear indicator of the momentum her campaign has gained.

Douglas has turned what is often regarded as a sleepy race into one that promises to be extremely competitive. 

Being endorsed by conservative nationally syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin was the icing on Douglas’ very sweet cake this week. Malkin’s straightforward, bold red headline said it all: Endorsement: Diane Douglas for Arizona state superintendent.

Malkin’s report also included a link to the Seeing Red AZ post describing Republicrat Huppenthal going off the deep end with his disparaging tirade against protesting parents whom he vowed to fight in his effort to preserve Obama’s Common Core “standards.”

As objections to the unpopular federal overreach have grown, Huppenthal and Gov. Jan Brewer deceptively conspired in re-naming Common Core as “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards” —- fooling no one.

The untrustworthy John Huppenthal actually welcomed and toured the state with Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, bragging about his collusion in this media advisory.

At 29-years of age John Huppenthal began an unbroken 31-year record of feeding at the public trough. It’s time to retire him. Conservative Diane Douglas can win this race. Time is short to collect additional signatures to provide a strong buffer and the qualifying $5 contributions.

Diane Douglas needs our help to win this important election that fundamentally affects the education of Arizona’s children.  Join her campaign.

It matters.


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