CAP’s Cathi Herrod fed up with liars McCain, Flake

November 11, 2013

Over many years family-centered and faith-based Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod has curried a strong relationship with the state’s Republican senators and congressional delegation. Suddenly, her ire has erupted in this message of “deep disappointment and shock.“ The object of her wrath is none other than Arizona’s two U.S. Senators.

Read Senators McCain and Flake Break Their Promise to Arizona Voters. It’s definitely worth your time.

Herrod substantiates her shock with both McCain’s and Flake’s answers to CAP’s voter guide questionnaire regarding the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  Both men gave assurances they would not support this legislation that “compromises our first freedom – to practice our faith, free from government interference.”

Herrod’s blog correctly states, “ENDA is a false bill of goods: while it claims to end discrimination, this bill in fact fosters discrimination against business owners and employers with sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Here are the senator’s voter guide surveys:

Senator John McCain’s 2010 survey (See question 10)

Senator Jeff Flake’s 2012 survey (See question 8 and note on page 2)

Will her ire dissipate as election time rolls around?  Herrod is a smart woman, a lawyer running a massive business enterprise.  She’s been around the political track long enough not to be considered naive.  What would make her think these two acknowledged duplicitous RINOs would be dependable? Yet she seems stunned that their pre-election assurances meant nothing once they were safely ensconced in those cushy offices along the Potomac as part of the Club of 100 senate elites.  It’s long been their modus operandi.  She must not have been paying attention.

Here’s a pre-campaign memory refresher on amnesty-supporter John McCain. And Jeff Flake? He began by reneging on his term limits pledge, smirking as he admitted, “I lied.” Then the AZ Republic came editorially unglued when he backtracked his amnesty commitment —- until the votes were counted.

Those are six-year terms. They hope that by the time they need our votes again, we will forget this deception. Will you? Will Cathi Herrod?

Laura Ingraham is the bear in Matt Salmon’s stream

October 29, 2013

In this scathing piece, Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ CD-5) is exposed as an amnesty waffler who did little other than waver, evade and reverse himself  in his discussion with syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham. He is described as “revealing his naiveté to both the political realities facing the House, and the market realities which confront struggling American workers.”

Read “Laura grills Salmon on his support for going to conference on immigration reform.”

It’s a stretch to believe that Salmon is naive regarding congressional machinations. Before being elected to represent the East Valley district in 2012, he previously served as U.S. Representative from 1995 to 2001 He knows the drill.

Listen as Ingraham opens with a brief June discussion with Marco Rubio and then moves to this interview (audio) with Matt Salmon. Ingraham begins by warning Salmon he is in a “cliché free zone” — meaning no “system is broken,” “people need to come out of the shadows,” “we can’t deport 12 million people.”

Despite the still too high American unemployment, Salmon continues to push for H-1B guest workers, “I’d like to get something done,” he tells Ingraham. When questioned about whether it would be reckless to flood the labor market with additional workers given the already exorbitant rate of unemployment, Salmon was flippant, saying. “There are so many people in our country who would rather sit on public assistance than work.” Ingraham pointedly asked Salmon whether he was calling  American people lazy. Salmon dodged, trying to reconfigure the comment. But Ingraham continued to press him on the issue, highlighting the flaws in his argument and explaining how such assertions, especially when expressed by politicians who are supposed to be advocates of the people, serve only to threaten the well-being of hardworking Americans.

Currently American citizens with college degrees in fields requiring specific technological skills are seeking work in record numbers. More educated young adults than ever before are still living with their parents.  Why would Matt Salmon think it necessary to import foreign competition?

AZ República, Valdez: No relevancy to real world

October 22, 2013


White, male, conservative Republicans” targeted as “Mastodons to bring down” by AZ Republic’s resident leftist Linda Valdez

In case you’ve ever wondered if the increasingly irrelevant and declining Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona  Republic) is actually as liberally biased as we say, do no more than read the radical spew from the belly of the beast, Linda Valdez.

Today we make an exception to our policy of not linking to her regurgitated anti-GOP bile, only to make the point of the newspaper’s disconnect to reality and Valdez’s vicious marketing of hatred of anything or anyone to the right of center.  In this commentary, she shrewishly calls upon the business community “to recruit replacements for Arizona’s GOP House members.” She cites the single legislative district with altered boundaries due to the questionable redistricting process that resulted in the loss of former state senate president Russell Pearce, as the plan to follow.

Worse, she specifically states that those who have to be replaced are “White, male, conservative Republicans.”  Imagine the uproar that would result if someone other than Valdez dared utter such bigoted sentiments and replaced the word “White” with Black or Hispanic?

In the online version her hate filled diatribe is titled, AZ GOP House delegation: a bad business investment. In the hardcopy edition that few thinking Arizonans still have flung onto their driveways, the catchy title is, It’s time to bring down Ariz.’s 4 Mastodons.

And who are the ancient behemoths so loathed by the primordial herself? Of course, only Arizona’s Republican congressional delegation members, Trent Franks, 56; Paul Gosar, 54; Matt Salmon, 55, and David Schweikert, 51. The actual mastodons, liberal Democrats Raul Grijalva, 65, Ron Barber, 68, and Ed Pastor, 70, are not worthy of mention by the wizened Valdez.  Her exact age is unavailable, but judging from the photo of Valdez standing in front of her aluminum sided trailer, she appears to fall into the category of the extremist elders she so admirers.

When far leftists dabble in giving advice to Republicans about winning elections, the sound of desperation resonates.

We’re doing plenty right.

House GOP amnesty sellouts exposed by name

October 2, 2013

The Weekly Standard’s blog headlines a 3-page article titled “84 House Republicans Support Legalizing Undocumented Workers.”

Author Maria Santos notes on Page Two that among this “Full List” of representatives, “some may have since changed their minds, but all spoke positively of legalizing immigrants within the last year.”  Check out numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 on the list of 84. They are all names familiar to Arizona Republicans.

Twenty other GOP U.S. Reps, listed as “The Maybes” have said they would be willing to consider amnesty. The word amnesty is actually never used. The smooth members of congress know how to play word games better than Pat Sajak and Vanna White combined. Sajak is likely more reliable than many of the folks on the list — as evidenced by the numerous articles he has written for the conservative magazine Human Events.

The words of Texas Rep. Ted Poe illustrates the erudite-sounding and carefully massaged turn of phrase of which we should all beware: “We should start a documentation process…Documentation does not mean citizenship and all of the rights that the term bestows. It means a type of legal status, either temporary or permanent, for some that are here, and it also means a pathway home for those who are here to commit crimes.”

It’s time to turn up the heat again…before Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Bob Goodlatte, et al (including the Arizonans named in this article) sell us out.  It’s clear the effort is underway.

Our earlier post today “Shutdown? GOP U.S. Reps still working to backdoor amnesty,” meshes well with the Weekly Standard article. The WS does a great job of naming the names and citing their disturbing quotes.

Read them. Then do something.

Shutdown? GOP U.S. Reps still working to backdoor amnesty

October 2, 2013

Why are GOP amnesty hustlers disregarding the  plight and concerns of American citizens, as they aid Obama’s scheme for increasing Democrats?

As our attention is diverted by the government shutdown of “non-essential services” in the wake of an attempted defunding of Obamacare — all great media fodder — something else is simmering behind the scenes.

ABC News carries the AP report that House Republicans are still hard at work on amnesty. You might not have heard the word mentioned lately as the federal overreach into our healthcare has taken center stage, but that illegal immigration overhaul legislation, craftily called “comprehensive” by its proponents is alive and well.  As the nation is sidetracked, those GOP members we elected are toiling to bring in competition for our jobs and our kid’s university placements.

Those folks we helped put in their cushy offices along the Potomac need to hear from us. (Contact information under link) Obamacare is large scale and unsustainable socialism that will alter our health care delivery in unimagined ways and with disastrous ramifications, such as age restricted care.

Amnesty will legitimatize criminal behavior, ultimately rewarding upward of 25 million illegals with the gift of American citizenship.  Yet that doesn’t appear to deter its supporters.

“I would think that would be the next agenda item in the queue after we’re done with this mess,” said Texas Republican Congressman Mike McCaul, referring to bitter divisions over the health law, the level of government spending and the growing federal debt.

Arizonans know this farce all too well. With our southern border the major portal for the invasion of foreign nationals, and having been sold out by the original architects of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” — Sen. John McCain and former Sen. Jon Kyl.

 Jeff Flake who succeeded Kyl has long been solidly onboard this train wreck.  During his years in the U.S. House, he partnered with Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez on this maneuver. In this article, “The Numbers Are On Our Side,” written for Progress Illinois, radical liberal Gutierrez credits Flake for his assistance in turning more red states blue.

Why would Republicans be aligning with Democrats to import millions more Democrats to ensure the demise of the GOP? How are unemployed or underemployed American citizens well served by a massive surge of new workers competing for still scarce jobs?  How do native-born American students benefit when illegals cunningly described as “DREAMers” vie for university placements and ultimately for a limited number of jobs?

It’s time to once again marshal our forces and remind our members of congress that we helped put them where they are and we will work to return them home. They are called representatives because they are supposedly representing the citizens of their state.

25 GOP Sens shamefully join Dems to fund Obamacare

September 28, 2013

AZ Sens McCain and Flake aid Dems as 19 stalwart Republican senators stood tall against cloture

Twenty-five senate Republicans led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and self-styled maverick, Arizona Sen. John McCain disappointingly joined with Harry Reid and the 54 unified Senate Democrats Friday to vote for cloture. This placed Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a position where he could strip the bill of its provisions defunding ObamaCare with a simple party-line majority rather than the 60 votes needed on cloture.

Nineteen honorable Republicans voted against cloture. Only two Republicans — Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Orrin Hatch — missed the vote due to family weddings. Flake issued a statement saying he would have voted against cloture and also against Reid’s amendment and the final Continuing Resolution that funded ObamaCare — but we’ll never actually know, will we? He’s missed important votes before.

Using his kids as cover for avoiding votes appears to be a recurring situation for Flake. Previously Flake’s reason for not voting was his daughter’s beauty pageant talent competition, which was later revealed as not even occurring on the same day as the crucial Cap and Trade vote he flaked on. Whether his 20-year-old son Austin’s wedding was actually on Friday raises another question, since most weddings are weekend affairs and we do live in the age of jet travel. Unfortunately for Flake’s Arizona constituents, he’s got other kids to hide behind as future issues he’d prefer to avoid, arise. This one was particularly sticky for the pragmatically ambitious  Flake since his Mcmentor John McCain, once again sided with the Democrats. It was clearly advantageous to take a hike.

The roll call vote can be seen here.

And after shafting Americans these senators who have exempted themselves from the harsh ObamaCare regulations and restrictions — packed their bags and blithely flew home — following Jeff Flake’s earlier lead.

Weekend reading, viewing guaranteed to make you smarter

September 14, 2013

Today we recommend you cultivate the habit of checking in with NumbersUSA. The site is chock-full of valuable information in a well-catalogued style featuring eight pull-down tabs at the top of the home page, which address the myriad questions surrounding “immigration reform” —-  more correctly known as amnesty.

The site has a state-by-state congressional immigration report card, a bill tracker complete with updates and provides free faxing while protecting your privacy. This week there is an op-ed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), which appeared in The Hill. His main focus is the detrimental effects the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, S.744, would have on the labor force by creating dramatic increases in legal immigration levels.

We recommend you read the shocking facts contained in Corporate Layoffs Precede Call for More Foreign Workers, Amnesty. At the top of the page, there is a sign-in to receive NumbersUSA email updates.

Many of you are familiar with Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA by virtue of his exceptional immigration “gumballs” video.

Call your Arizona U.S. Representatives and Senators and tell them to stop the Gang of 8 from passing anti-America legislation that hurts the American worker.

Sen. Sessions takes on high cost of amnesty

September 5, 2013

USA Today runs an op-ed by Alabama U. S. Sen. Jeff Sessions titled “Immigration plan bad for U.S. workers.” It is well worth placing at the top of your reading list now — before congress reconvenes.

While our attention is diverted by Barack Obama and whether he or the world drew a red line on Syria or if his credibility is now hinged on that line, amnesty is the issue that undermines us here at home.

On the topic of that debate, Sessions asks the question, “What is the loyalty a nation owes to its own citizens?” His facts and figures are definitely readable and should be committed to memory.

The U.S. is currently struggling with exploding welfare rolls. Falling wages and chronic unemployment still plague American workers. Importing competition is not in our own best interests. The effects of the travesty being pushed by Arizona Sens. McCain and Flake will have negative ramifications upon our country and our children for decades to come.

Sessions correctly says, “Congress must halt this misguided immigration plan and focus on strengthening the economy to better serve the interests of all Americans.”

After you read Sessions article, contact the GOP members of our congressional delegation.  Call them all.  We pay their salaries.

Contact information for AZ’s GOP Congressional Representatives:

Tell them no bogus compromises or rewarding lawbreaking. American jobs should go to American workers.

Congressman David Schweikert DC Phone: (202) 225-2190 / Local: (480) 946-2411

Congressman Matt Salmon  DC Phone: (202) 225-2635 / Local: (480) 699-8239

Congressman Paul Gosar  DC Phone: (202) 225-2315 / Local: (928) 445-1683

Congressman Trent Franks  DC Phone: (202) 225-4576 / Local: (623) 776-7911

The End of the Town Hall

August 31, 2013

Congress shields itself from the people who put them in DC

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Julie Bykowicz writes a revealing article, At Town Halls, Congress Now Steers Clear of Voters. She provides clear evidence that Town Halls — where those we elected come home to face us — are now relics. Both parties are crafting controlled meetings with tight scripts, often excluding constituents and open mics.  Too often, those folks we sent to D.C. to represent us now consider us the enemy, to be held at bay.

In her report Bykowicz writes:This summer is all about keeping a safe distance from voters and sticking to the party script. Before Congress left town, House Democratic and Republican leaders handed out “tool kits” full of talking points and specific event ideas, along with sample editorials written and ready to be planted in hometown newspapers. This enables them to stay within the preprogrammed Washington bubble even when they’re outside the safety of the Beltway.

Both parties’ tool kits urge members to focus on small gatherings with friendly audiences, keeping in touch with the public on Facebook and Twitter. Democrats were told to play up Obamacare benefits. “Find a woman in your district who has a ‘pre-existing condition,’ such as being a breast cancer survivor, and who has had a hard time finding insurance, and hold a press conference,” party leaders suggest. Talk about immigration reform in “meet-and-greets with successful immigrant entrepreneurs from the district or from the state. Have them tell their inspirational story.”

Former U.S. Rep. Mike Castle, a left-leaning Delaware Republican who’d held hundreds of town halls during his 20 years in Congress, recalls that at one event, captured on YouTube people started yelling at him about Obamacare “death panels” and the president’s “fake” birth certificate. Castle, who lost his primary that year, says a dozen colleagues who saw the video told him afterward, “No more live town halls. I’m done with that.”

Watch this example of citizen outrage when HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius and Sen. Arlen Specter (d. 2012) declared the Obamacare bill had to get “done very fast.”  In this linked video, McCain insults a gathering of citizens in Sun Lakes. AZ U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick was actually so unprepared to respond to her constituents she was cheered as she walked out on a gathering she scheduled. One man yelled after her, “Don’t come back!” She lost the following election, but memories are short.  Kirkpatrick, a liberal Democrat, was reelected after being ousted and is running again in Congressional District One.

This past week we exposed the gamesmanship that is being passed off as interactions with Arizona voters. Read McCain & Flake stage a one-way “conversationand Tea Party News Network exposes McCain, Flake sham.


H/T Commenter Doc for Bloomberg tip

AZ Republic’s one-way romance with bipartisanship

August 24, 2013

Under the guise of extolling “bi-partisanship,“ the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) runs a single editorial titled, The Perversion of Politics.

The sole purpose of the wordy endeavor is to proclaim the wonders of Republicans linking arms with Democrats — most often in furtherance of the Democrat agenda. That concept is right up the alley of the far-left disseminator of propaganda posing as news.

The editorial was ostensibly about flak U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-CD-4) has received for co-hosting a town hall with U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD-1). The newspaper heaps abundant praise on the duo for “breaking though ideological barriers” — “putting people…first.”

Once again hypocrisy is the ultimate victor in the editorial board room. It was just months ago the daily was relentlessly promoting a ballot initiative known as “Top Two,” which sought to eliminate political parties in favor of the top two primary election victors facing off against one another — regardless of party affiliation.

Of course the party they hoped to eviscerate was the Republican Party, especially the conservative base. That is the key reason the Arizona Republic is enamored with the state’s senior senator, John McCain. His “mavericky” ways, which consist of routinely kicking Republicans in the teeth as he repeatedly sides with the most liberal Democrats and meets regularly with Barack Obama and his top advisors, have endeared him to the left.

The fact is, the two parties exist based on philosophies that are well defined in their respective party platforms. The Republican Platform can be read here. The Democrat Platform is here. Their positions are vastly different on the myriad issues each addresses.

Possibly the best example of the differences can be seen here at the Democrat 2012 Convention, where pandemonium broke out as the party leadership rammed through the revised platform, which incorporated updated language, including the mention of God and identifying Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, against the clear wishes of the majority of those voting at the convention who jeered and booed.

In a public relations nightmare, Democrat party establishment showed itself to be at odds with a large segment of it’s own voting base, and willing to lie about the results of three floor votes to amend the platform after Obama ordered the changes. Listen to the voice votes — all three of them – and decide whether the motion passed by a two-thirds majority.  (To view video, click on the words YouTube in bottom right corner of screen.)

But that debacle was of little consequence to the Arizona Republic. Its theme is bringing together Republicans and Democrats, to do the work of the DNC.  That’s bipartisanship the newspaper can believe in. Yet its silence regarding seeking bipartisan efforts from liberal Democrat U.S. Reps. Ron Barber (CD-2), Raul Grijalva (CD 3), Ed Pastor (CD-7), and Kyrsten Sinema (CD-9) — is deafening.


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