City of Phx runoff election results: Districts 4, 8 & overrides

November 5, 2013

Diversity of thought non-existent in race where “diversity” rules

City of Phoenix runoff election results will be available HERE beginning at 8:00 p.m. this evening, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. Results will be updated as they come in.

Candidates in City Council District 4 are Justin Johnson and Laura Pastor. District 8 candidates are Kate Gallego and Warren Stewart. All of the candidates are Democrats.

We most recently covered the sad state of the two races on Sunday.

The results of the School District overrides can be viewed HERE . More than 30 districts across Maricopa County will once again ask voters, who have to live within their budgets, to approve new bonds or budget overrides.

Phoenix and the awful politics of race

November 3, 2013

Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

Once again, Dr. Thomas Sowell exposes truth — regardless of whom his wisdom might cause to squirm. Today we bring you “The race-hustlers among us.” Sowell’s commentary is especially relevant given the negative racial overtones of the two city of Phoenix Council runoff elections to be decided this coming Tuesday and the ouster from her leadership post of the lone black female in the state legislature.

Make no mistake. Race trumps the family business of political dynasties as a factor in both council districts. Plain ol’ white bread Justin Johnson, the son of former Mayor Paul Johnson, is running against Laura Pastor, the daughter of Hispanic U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor, in District 4.  After losing in 2007, this is Laura Pastor’s second bite of the city council apple.

In minority majority District 8, the race baiting has become particularly malicious as civil-rights activist Rev. Warren Stewart was recruited to mount a challenge to Kate Gallego, an economic-development strategist and wife of Hispanic state Rep. Ruben Gallego. Again, all of the players are Democrats. Even back in January, the verbal volleys were deplorable. Gallego was actually called a “white sham candidate in brown face.” She was also referred to as “a power-hungry white…who not is openly campaigning as white.”

To her credit, “white interloper” Kate Gallego, with credentials galore, has been quoted as saying, “I don’t think there’s an African-American or Latino way to fill a pothole.”

In a letter to the editor of the daily newspaper, former City Councilman Calvin Goode, a Democrat,  actually advocated for racially gerrymandered districts to ensure black members on the city council. Read his shameful letter here.

This past week, in an 8 – 5 vote, the AZ Senate Democrat caucus ousted black Sen. Leah Landrum Taylor (LD-27) as Senate minority leader. She will be replaced by Hispanic Sen. Anna Tovar (LD-19). Landrum Taylor, now a candidate for Secretary of State, alluded to racial motivations, saying “It’s disgusting and degrading.” She is pondering a request for a revote, noting that members of “the community” are calling for the action. “The community is outraged,” she said. There’s that pesky “community” again. Whenever the term is used, it always refers to a narrow, ethnic slice of the city’s entire pie.

To think that in his “I Have a Dream “ speech in 1963, Martin Luther King actually said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” 

Also on ballots across the Valley, numerous school districts are asking for bond override authorizations from the same voters who are expected to live within their own budgets — something the districts appear either unable or unwilling to do.

Polling information and City Voting Centers for the Nov. 5, 2013 runoff election are listed here.

Forward looking DiCiccio already exploring mayor’s race?

August 29, 2013

Sal DiCiccio doesn’t appear to be letting any grass grow under his feet. Within hours of the final ballot count confirming that he had retained his District 6 City Council seat by 9.26 percentage points against a union-backed liberal, he’s looking ahead.

We’ve had reports of robo calls asking the single question: “If the race for Phoenix Mayor were held today and the candidates were Sal DiCiccio and Greg Stanton, which man would you support.  Press One for DiCiccio.  Press Two for Stanton.” 

Connected Democrat Stanton is currently Phoenix mayor.

The auto-dialer could win the award for posing the shortest survey. And DiCiccio could easily walk away with the eagerness trophy.

Phx Council races: Sal DiCiccio deserves your vote

July 29, 2013

Dirty politics front and center

Phoenix City Council elections are right around the corner.  In what appears an attempt to keep voter participation low, early balloting begins August 1, — surely a death knell for active turnout during the extreme heat of a Phoenix summer.

Dirty politics has become more pervasive in the city races in recent years. As we pointed out in this post, District 8 Democrat Kate Gallego has been the subject of vicious race baiting and unconcealed bigotry. She has been referred to as a “white sham candidate in brown face” by Jarrett Maupin, II, a less than upstanding member of the Phoenix black community. His vicious assault on Gallego was compounded by this blatant racism offered in the form of a letter to the editor by former Phoenix City Council member Calvin Goode, who proposes a disturbing scheme of race-based districts. In his letter, he expounds on the impropriety of a “white woman” running in a council district that he says is uniquely black. Gallego is a liberal with union and pro-abortion support, not the type of candidate supported by Seeing Red AZ. However the offensive boorishness of her opponents should not be overlooked.

As despicable as that race is, District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio, running for re-election, has been the subject of dishonest hit pieces by his left-of-center opponent Karlene Keogh Parks. DiCiccio is a dedicated reformer, who has been vigilant in exposing union and city excesses and strongly opposes the Phoenix food tax which increased city employee salaries by $137 million paid out in raises since the food tax was passed. The average total compensation for all 14,600 employees is now $105,000. Check out DiCiccio’s “fact checked“ issues here.

In the most deceitful attempt to take DiCiccio down, Keogh Parks’ Democrat supporters — through an independent expenditure campaign — have initiated a cunning and disreputable effort of mailers and auto-dialers intentionally misinforming voters. They have placed maligning campaign signs that resemble DiCiccio’s own along the roadways. City Hall reporter Dustin Gardiner writes the smears may have violated campaign finance laws.  A complaint is being investigated by the AZ Attorney General’s office.

As she asks for your vote, be aware that Karlene Keogh Parks wasn’t interested enough in the City of Phoenix elections to participate in voting herself — repeatedly throwing away her opportunity to cast a ballot.

A supporter of consolidated elections, DiCiccio has wisely made the case that Scottsdale’s voter turnout increased from 15 percent to 85 percent after the city switched to fall elections in the same years as state general elections, a move that has also resulted in savings of more than $100,000. Phoenix, dependent on low voter turnout consisting primarily of city employees and union members has resisted this sound effort.

DiCiccio resides in Ahwatukee Foothills. District 6 also includes Arcadia, the Biltmore area and parts of east Phoenix.

If you live in this bifurcated district, (map) the clear choice is Sal DiCiccio.

Jan Brewer: Senate amnesty bill “A Victory for AZ”

June 25, 2013

 Brewer claims “we need to discuss the legalization, a pathway to citizenship — we need the workers in Arizona”

Remember last June when Barack Obama issued an unlawful executive order bypassing congress and exempting the so-called ‘dreamers’ from deportation? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer exclaimed, “This was an outrageous announcement….that intends to grant back-door amnesty. It doesn’t take cynic to recognize this action for what it is, blatant political pandering.” Brewer called Obama’s action, “a preemptive strike against the anticipated (U.S. Supreme) court ruling.”

What a difference a year makes.

Fast forward to June 24, 2013. Brewer, Arizona’s schizophrenic governor, has apparently had a change of heart. Or maybe another brain freeze.  In any case, Brewer, the border state Republican head of state, who should know better, now claims “This Gang of Eight bill is a victory for Arizona.”

Brewer, using words similar to her McMentor, who has repeatedly said, “We need to secure the border first,” states, “We need the border secured before we move forward.”

Syndicated columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin correctly tells Sean Hannity, “I reject the premise of ‘secure the border first.’ I hate these platitudes.  It’s secure the border period.”   Malkin states, “Because the Constitution,  Article 4, Section 4 states, that it is the duty of the federal government — not only to provide for the common defense — but to secure the states against invasion.” Listen:

Phx. Councilman Nowakowski leads May Day march

May 2, 2013

In a instructive article, the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) reveals an ugly truth of its bond to what it terms “migrant rights.”

Let’s begin by acknowledging they are talking about illegal aliens, not “migrants.”  The daily newspaper is keen on cunningly using imprecise words such as “migrant” and “undocumented“ to describe illegals. “Migrants” sound deceptively akin to the swallows, making their yearly journey each March 19 to California’s Mission San Juan Capistrano, and departing for their home in Argentina the following October 23. Our migrants come here in violation of our laws and national sovereignty and never leave. They also have the temerity to demand “rights.”

With those facts as a given, we’ll move on to the report in today’s edition of the daily. Under the all caps headline (unlike the other five on the front of the Valley & State section), “A SHOW OF SOLIDARITY,” describes “chaotic, joyful,” May Day marchers. Three photos accompany the two page article. The oversized photo identifies Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski, fist thrust in the air, leading the illegals demanding rights. 

Democrat Nowakowski is the single focused, general manager of Radio Campesina, a network of Spanish-language, Latino-controlled radio stations, functioning with public funded grants. Seeing Red AZ has previously covered his efforts on behalf of his “community.”  Although an elected city councilman, make no mistake, the non-Hispanics in his district are not on his radar. You might want to call his office and ask who he actually represents. Nowakowski can be reached at (602) 262-7492.

May Day, for those who need a memory refresher, has long been tied to the Communist and Socialist Parties.* So it came as no surprise that it was the day illegals in our country chose to strike schools and businesses on May 1, 2006. Once again showing their propensity for devaluing education, yesterday’s marchers took their elementary school age children out of class to plead “Don’t tear our families apart.”  A woman threatened “We need to make sure they’re paying attention to how strong this movement is and that they understand we’re not going away.”

The stridently secular Obama regime, uniting in a peculiar coalition with faith-based groups, have bonded in the reunification whine about “tearing families apart.” Missing is any acknowledgment that families would not be separated if they all either stayed home or returned home together.

All of the usual radical suspects were involved in yesterday’s May Day march including, AFL-CIO, United Food and Commercial Workers, Service Employees International Union, United Farm Workers, Communications Workers of America and the hospitality-workers union UNITE. Also, various immigration-reform and Latino political groups participated: AZ Center for Empowerment, AZ Dream Act Coalition, AZ Immigration Ministry/Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, Arizona Worker Rights Center, ACLU of Arizona, Black and Brown Coalition, Border Action Network, Campaign for Citizenship, Living United for Change in Arizona, Mi Familia Vota, Organizing for Action, Promise Arizona, Puente and Somos America — and of course, Nowakowski’s La Campesina Radio Network.

This astonishing list of Current Communist Goals* was entered into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963. Old Thinker News provides in-depth coverage on the communist agenda definitely worth reading.

 *H/T uhuh

Scheming Mayor Stanton lies again: Food tax stays

March 22, 2013

Amnesiac Greg Stanton abandons pre-election pledge to repeal food tax

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Liberal Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is tuning up his fiddle for the same old dishonest hoedown he and his predecessor Phil Gordon perfected to an art form. Gordon imposed a 2% sales tax on the very food Phoenix residents put in their mouths. It was “temporary,” of course, as all at such taxes claim to be — imposed at a time of national, statewide and city economic blight, in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

Stanton deceptively campaigned on eliminating the obscene tax, although his union backers supported keeping the tax levy in place. But slippery Stanton made the repeal of the food tax an integral part of his 2011 campaign as he pledged to abolish the charge by April. Last month Seeing Red AZ exposed Stanton’s post election equivocation, “We still have significant challenges; the economy is not bouncing back as quickly as people had hoped,” he waffled.

Using the Obama-like deceptive scare tactics that undergirded the dire consequences threat of the “fiscal cliff” or sequestration, was the “desperate need to avert layoffs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other unionized city workers.”  Stanton now says he will not support the tax repeal this year, ensuring its failure.

“That’s not a choice I’m willing to make,” he said of the dependable farce of  public-safety layoffs. “When you’re in a leadership capacity, you don’t do what’s politically expedient.”

The error was putting him there in the first place.

Yet under such a threat, the City of Phoenix was able, in 2009, to cough up $14.3 million to 6,989 employees in unconscionable “retention bonuses.” That’s $2 million more than the food tax brought in during the fiscal year. City Manager David Cavazos, hired on in 2009 at a more-than-comfortable salary of $236,999, was recently given an astonishing 33% raise amounting to $78,000 annually, hiking his base salary to $315,000 with additional perks including a $600 monthly car allowance, $35,000 a year in deferred compensation, and a $4,000 “longevity” bonus.  Now fat-cat Cavazos backs Stanton’s retention of the tax.

The incredulity continued. In May 2011 Phoenix handed out an additional $28.9 million in performance pay raises and longevity awards.

Back in 2009 (the most recent figures available through this lacking-in-updated information date base), there were 527 city workers earning over $100,000, with the average salary of $120,250. The salaries in this range total $63,371,838.

As the American Action Network points out, there are no temporary” taxes.  Americans need to wake up to the fact that placing their trust in the desperate vows of liberal candidates is a fool’s mission.

Desperate unionists solicit help from AZ GOP PCs

March 15, 2013

“Misinformation campaign” alleged by firefighter’s union

Tim Hill, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, is deeply concerned.  So much so, in fact, that he has taken the unusual step of contacting Arizona’s elected Republican Party Precinct Committeemen. Hill says GOP PCs are in a “unique position to pass along accurate and relevant information to voters and your fellow party leaders.”

What has moved Hill to conferring such lavish praise?  He obviously hopes to ingratiate himself and his union to the Republican precinct committeemen he desperately needs to align with the union on its liberal legislation. Hill’s Machiavellian plea can be read here.

After slathering on a thick layer of unctuous schmooze, union leader Hill gets to the point. He alleges, “the bills in question all will impose severe restrictions on organizations like the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona.”

Just last week many Phoenix voters received robocalls preceding Tuesday’s special election to effect changes to the city’s pension system. Interestingly, the calls urging passage were from District 5 Councilman Daniel Valenzuela — a Glendale firefighter and former president of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters, a strong union, representing nearly 30 chapters throughout the country. What would move this union honcho to promote pension reforms?

Lliberal Mayor Greg Stanton actually issued a statement declaring, “Pension reform is the right thing to do.”

Even the uninitiated can easily grasp the fact that committed unionists, reliably Democrats, support tweaking rather than instituting meaningful reform and in their desperation, they beg Republicans to conspire with them.

All-too-rare truth was on display by short-term Phoenix City Councilman Bryan Jeffries, a Mesa fire captain.  He was appointed to fill a vacant seat though he lost  the election in which he ran to retain his perch. Jeffries was quoted in a past issue of the Professional Firefighters magazine saying, “Union work is a calling….” Throughout the publication firefighters are indentified with their union’s local number.

Of vital importance is the fact the union opposed SCR1026 (Secret Ballot: Fundamental Right) on the ballot as Prop. 108, a constitutional amendment which guaranteed the fundamental right of public employees to vote a secret ballot. The union preferred coercion.

The Arizona Supreme Court addressed the legal matter here. Page 19 provides a good summation as it was certified, removed and then certified once again for the ballot. The measure ultimately passed 60.5% to 39.5%

The real misinformation campaign is emanating from the unions.  They are the ones who need to cut the propaganda and give us the facts — not the other way around. Try as Tim Hill might, Republican precinct committeemen will not be conned by this over-the-top, liberal effort at deception.

Proposed Phx. ordinance raises valid concerns & Update

February 26, 2013

Discrimination?  Toward whom?

A new ordinance being rushed through by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is being broadly characterized as a non-discrimination law that provides protections for homosexual Phoenix residents. Yet the city’s lengthy Municipal Code already provides protections to residents based on race, gender, national origin and religion.

Faith-based organizations such as Center for Arizona Policy and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix see this fast-tracked issue through a much different lens. On Monday, the Diocese issued this statement clarifying its opposition. “As written, the proposed ordinance could be interpreted as forcing people to actively endorse, support and promote actions and behaviors that violate their own personal, deeply held religious beliefs,” the Diocese states. “We call upon the Phoenix City Council to acknowledge and protect the conscience rights of all people to live and act according to their faith and values.”

Using the pretext of “prohibiting discrimination” against people on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression, this poorly crafted proposed ordinance holds devastating legal and ethical consequences for Phoenix residents.

More commonly known as the “Bathroom Bill,” the proposed city regulation presents serious problems for every church, pastor, parent, and small business owner within the city of Phoenix.

Faith leaders have questioned whether the ordinance fully exempts religious organizations, as city staff and supporters claim. They also have raised significant concerns that it would allow transgender men to share bathrooms with young girls and women.

Phoenix District 6 City Councilman Sal DiCiccio opposes the measure, saying “Mayor Stanton needs to push back on this radical proposal he’s got, this is his proposal, he wants to get it through and he is trying to cram it through.”

CitizenLink, associated with Focus on the Family, provides in-depth information on this issue.

Mayor Stanton and his wife Nicole were recently featured in Echo Magazine — a homosexual publication — based on the special relationship they have fostered with that community, even marching in Phoenix’ Gay Pride parade. The pair was honored as the magazine’s 2012 Man and Woman of the Year — the first “straight” pair so warmly acknowledged.

The council is scheduled to meet today at 2:30 pm at the Orpheum Theatre, 203 West Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003. (map) The public is invited to participate.


It a flashy display of its own pro-homosexual bias, the daily newspaper heralds the passage of this unnecessary and problematic ordinance with the following Page One headline: Phoenix OKs ban on gay bias.

The clearly one-sided report describes the vote “to broadly outlaw discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents,” peppered with numerous quotes from the homosexual lobbies and descriptions of their advocates in attendance.  The crowd estimated at 500, included those who disagreed with this expansive measure. Called “opponents” throughout the article, they received little coverage, although the latter portion of the report acknowledged  that boos and expletives were hurled at Councilman Sal DiCiccio by the supposedly dispirited contingent.

Although there was no tangible evidence of bias presented, the vote of the supposedly non-partisan city council went mainly along party lines in a 5 – 3 vote.  Republican councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Bill Gates and Jim Waring voted against the measure. RINO Thelda Williams joined Democrat Council members Michael Johnson, Daniel Valenzuela, and openly homosexual Tom Simplot, who united with Mayor Greg Stanton in support.  Michael Nowakowski, who has previously expressed his backing of the measure was not in attendance.

Promotion of homosexual issues have stepped front and center with the Arizona Republic since January 2008, when flagrant homosexual Randy Lovely took over as chief editor and VP of News at the daily newspaper. Under his guidance, in August 2010, the newspaper editorially endorsed same sex “marriage.”

Betsey Bayless: $peaking of outrageous pay raises

February 9, 2013

Mega-salaries, benefits awarded in the worst of times

Recently we’ve been exposing the grossly excessive pay hikes and benefits packages of some of our illustrious Valley notables. Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos grabbed our attention in Dec. 2012 with his massive 33% raise, which amounts to an extra $78,000 a year! He will now be pulling down a yearly base salary of $315,000 plus a $600 monthly car allowance, $35,000 a year in deferred compensation, and a $4,000 “longevity” bonus.

Yesterday we provided the lowdown on the swell deals benefiting ASU President Michael Crow and his wife Sybil Francis. His annual salary of $475,000 plus benefits now comes in at $742,500. That includes a $50,000 housing allowance to assist in maintaining their exclusive $1,250,000 Paradise Valley digs, and $10,000 yearly car allowance. The ASU Foundation on which his wife serves as a “senior advisor” kicks in an additional $100,000 annually in compensation. His yearly perks include $85,500 pension and $22,000 in retirement. Annual step-up bonuses are part of the deal: 2013: Up to $40,000, 2014: Up to $40,000 and the major step-up in 2015: Up to $180,000 for exceeding “benchmarks.” Wifey Sybil Francis rakes in a six-figure income from the university, but the exact amount is elusive.

Taxpayer’s heads should be swimming with the news already provided.  But then comes the deal of deals that Betsey Bayless, the CEO and president of Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) has brokered. She just received a hefty $125,000 raise. Her base salary soared 33% overnight, from $375,003 to $500,000 — excluding benefits.

Bayless will also be allowed to enter into a 409A retirement scheme into which she contributes not a thin dime, but MIHS makes all contributions.  If that’s not enough, she will garner up to a additional $125,000 by meeting various “performance goals.” Not bad for an unqualified, but well-connected political hack with one foot already out the door.

The five-member Board of Directors of the state’s largest public health-care system approved the raise this past week on a 3-2 vote. Check out the front page of the Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Budget Book. Longtime politico and perennial appointee Bayless is pictured center right, smiling broadly, of course, while oddly wearing a doctor’s coat.

According to a report in the daily, Bayless was set to retire from her position last year. But on Dec. 31, the last day of her term, the board extended her contract while a search is underway for her replacement. Board Chairwoman Susan Gerard, a longtime Bayless associate, and board member Elbert Bicknell, voted against the pay raise. The three newly elected board members Mary Harden, Mark Dewane and Terence McMahon, who could afford to take the heat, approved the increase, saying they wanted to give Bayless a raise since the national search firm for Bayless’ replacement regarded her salary “well below” the median range for others in comparable positions.

Let’s put this all in perspective: The $217,400 salary of the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court pales in comparison. The President of the United States, whose base salary tops out at $400,000 a year, trails both Michael Crow and Betsey Bayless. David Cavazos is right on the POTUS’ tail and has left Justice John Roberts in the dust.

These lavish gifts are your tax dollars, folks.


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