Boehner “Hellbent” on passing amnesty

April 19, 2014

GOP crafting plan to alter country, guarantee its own irrelevancy

The Wall Street Journal reports John Boehner and other senior House Republicans are telling donors and industry groups that they intend to pass amnesty legislation this year, despite the disinclination of many Republicans to tackle the divisive issue prior to the November elections.  

Most of us have assumed the irrational idea of gifting citizenship —- even in a deceptive “piecemeal” fashion —- to our invaders would be back-burnered in an election year. But Boehner,who has hired McCain’s senior amnesty advisor, appeared at a Las Vegas fundraiser last month, stridently declaring he was “hellbent on getting this done this year.”

Don’t be fooled by what we are being told by the Republican House members. Their chief issue is the timing of the vote, not the vote itself. The last thing they want is angry constituents in advance of the upcoming midterm elections, although none in Arizona are facing tough primaries. They are also banking on the fact after they are reelected, our focus will be on the  2016 presidential election. They have already made their intentions to cave on amnesty clear.

This is the double-talk from AZ’s Republican U.S. Reps. Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert. Trent Franks not only allowed amnesty proponents and their supporters to camp out overnight in his front yard, he went outside to pray with them.

On the senate side, McCain has vowed to keep fighting for amnesty as long as he’s “alive and breathing.” His sycophantic underling Jeff Flake has never made a secret of his support of amnesty.

After the widespread disillusionment with ObamaCare and Obama’s poll numbers continuing to plummet —- as his disapproval numbers exceed approval —-Republicans are poised to win control the Senate. But to borrow a term from Boehner, they appear to be “hellbent” to deep-six their chances by becoming embroiled in forwarding the divisive amnesty issue.

This Congressional Budget Office estimate indicates that ObamaCare has the potential to decrease the number of full-time American workers by 2.5 million over the next decade. That grim prediction by the non-partisan CBO should be an area where Republicans focus their attention.

Those who believe support from grateful Hispanics would be important to the Republican nominee need to bone up on history. Immigrants —- all immigrants —- have been bonded to the Democrat Party and generations after their first arrivals, their descendants have remained so. Recent arrivals tend to be poor and dependent on government assistance. They often come from societies that are far left-wing. History shows that rather than fleeing those policies, they bring their cultures with them. For at least a century, there’s never been a period when a majority of immigrants weren’t Democrats. At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year, without amnesty — Republicans will be a fringe party in a decade.

Rush Limbaugh has long warned that Republicans are signing onto political suicide in conspiring with Democrats in their attempt to legalize illegal aliens. Limbaugh contends it is ultimately a push for citizenship intended to grant voting rights to a new Democrat demographic.

Ann Coulter has written extensively on the same theme, with Hispanicked GOP Elite and GOP Crafts Plan to Wreck the Country, Lose Voters. In this column Phyllis Schlafly correctly concluded Amnesty Is Republican Party Suicide.

If Republicans are to remain viable, there are critical issues such as massive debt, the unsustainability of Social Security, federal overreaches and a seriously declining economy for us to be “hellbent” on exposing.

Bloomberg’s $50 million attack on 2nd Amendment

April 17, 2014

Anti-gun leftist, feds & even your doctor want your weapons

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not letting any grass grow under his resoled loafers now that he’s unemployed. Instead he‘s refocusing his efforts at restricting guns in America, and pledging at least $50 million to accomplish his goal.

Bloomberg, reputedly worth over $31 billion dollars —- ranking 10th on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest People —- has unsuccessfully tried in the past to wage a national campaign against guns. Now the Second Amendment restrictionist is launching a new gun control organization, ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ that he hopes can rival the mega status of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Bloomberg’s bottom line is expansion of background checks to prevent increasing numbers of law-abiding citizens from owning guns. He’s working hand-in-glove with the Obama administration which is stealthily at work creating the infrastructure for a universal gun registry. In budget proposals known as “Program Increases” for the FBI, Attorney General Eric Holder says: “This program enhancement will double the capacity of the existing NICS —- National Instant Check System.  These expansions are vital in ensuring that the NICS system can support a Universal Background Check requirement, which is expected to double gross NICS transactions.” Gun Owners of America‘s alert continues here.

Everytown’s mission statement, claims the effort is “a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.”

Then comes the tirade:

Speaking of the NRA, Bloomberg bizarrely rants: “They say, ‘We don’t care. We’re going to go after you, If you don’t vote with us we’re going to go after your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids. And we’re never going to stop.’ We’ve got to make them afraid of us,” Bloomberg bellowed.

And if you think mature adult gun owners are safe from this lunacy, think again.

Health care attorney Marshall Kapp, director of the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law at Florida State University Medical School is of the opinion that doctors who treat older patients should routinely ask whether they have access to guns. He defends speaking with family members about confiscating weapons, saying “the physician’s right to engage in firearm-related inquiries could actually be characterized as a legally enforceable obligation.”

“If families are unwilling to cooperate, doctors may need to turn to the law for help,” Kapp said. “Failure to address firearm safety for seniors can be considered a form of neglect that should be reported to the Adult Protective Services agency since it arguably constitutes elder mistreatment.”

Kapp’s shocking report, “Geriatric Patients, Firearms, and Physicians,” was published September 2013 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Fla. loss signals future Dem defeats, worries McCain

March 13, 2014

McCain’s, Clinton’s, Jimmy Kimmel appear at ASU in attempt to soothe AZ Dem anxiety

The increasingly fanatical leftwing Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) gives an imitation of flexing its editorial muscle —- renown as decidedly flaccid —- as it goes about dispensing advice to Republicans. This is not the first time the dying newspaper has disingenuously offered the GOP its wisdom.

Feigning concern, Wednesday’s edition uses its sole editorial to instruct Republicans on the fine art of winning elections. It would be laughable if not so bizarre since all major state and Maricopa County offices and majorities in the Arizona House and Senate are held by Republicans. According to the guidance being doled out, the GOP should “solve the immigration crisis.“ (Read give the gift of amnesty to our invaders.) Second, we should “make peace with gay Americans.” (Read support same sex-marriage, though the “war” is a contrivance.) Finally we are advised by our dedicated mentor to “compete for young voters.” In the same breath, we are told that these voters “are liberal on social issues and lean more Democrat than Republican.”

What a shame the liberals missed the packed Maricopa County GOP Lincoln Day luncheon last Saturday and the impressive young people in attendanceJarrod Ogden received a standing ovation for his moving speech.

The newspaper’s dispensing of vacuous advice is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover liberal angst over Tuesday’s special election in Florida. The stunning defeat of Democrat Alex Sink by David Jolly, a lesser known Republican  —- who won despite being vastly outspent —- has produced Democrat shockwaves. Though this was a safe district for Obama in both previous presidential elections, disgust with Obamacare and global warming alarmism didn’t carry the day.  In fact the issues sunk the Democrat ship.

Long-range implications are massive for the Democrats.  Tampa’s special CD 13 election offers a vision of what the future holds in the coming mid-terms.

Bill Clinton even waded into the Florida mix, recording this campaign auto dialer for Alex Sink. The former president’s unmistakable Arkansas twang provided no lift to her sinking campaign.

Now it’s being reported that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are hosting a three-day conference of the Clinton Global Initiative University at ASU next week. They will be joined by Hillary’s close friend John McCain who has already signaled his 2016 support for her, his wife Cindy; Democrat former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her husband Mark Kelly and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel isn’t actually needed to dispense comic relief. The McCain’s and Clinton’s should handle that very well. One of the topics on their agenda is climate change. It was a sure-fire winner in Florida.

Thinking like a liberal: An impossible task for the rational

March 12, 2014

Trying to make sense of madness

As difficult as it is to imagine, far left activists in New York City spent last weekend protesting a $100 million donation to New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Groups as seemingly diverse as the New York State Nurses’ Association — which should be celebrating the creation of dozens of jobs for nurses and enhanced patient care — the NAACP New York State Conference and SEIU unionists protested the hospital’s plans to add an ambulatory care center, to be called the David H. Koch Center.

The new addition to the hospital is made possible by the beyond-generous donation from David Koch, one of the politically conservative, philanthropist Koch brothers who have, in recent years, been targeted by leftist politicians, activists and media elites.

Yet despite the fact that David Koch gave what is purportedly the largest donation in the hospital’s history, according to this report in the Washington Free Beacon, liberals are outraged that the hospital accepted his money.

Screeching activists, shouting about the Koch’s funding of a nonexistent “war on women’s reproductive rights” organized the protest on International Women’s Day.

Such bizarre workings of liberal minds are not unique to this irrational display.

Also in New York the war on parental choice in the education of their own children continues as radical Mayor Bill de Blasio’s unconscionable decision to rescind approval of high-performing charter schools has created havoc throughout the state resulting in multiple lawsuits from parents. But his outrageous actions have also attracted the wrath of the far left, who are suing de Blasio for not shutting down even more such schools.  DeBlasio’s educrat approved actions have forced mostly low income children back into substandard, under-performing government schools. The Daily Caller exposes de Blasio’s long-standing socialist ties.

Here in Arizona, where charter schools flourish and students benefit, the liberal daily newspaper runs editorials and Page One articles against the expansion of parental choice, through the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program.  Several bills are now advancing through the legislature which provide options that benefit families. The Arizona Republic calls them “divisive.”


Real folks learn there’s nothing affordable in ACA

February 1, 2014

“Wake up, America”

WTAE New 4 Pittsburgh, PA  shows small business employees’ reactions as they learn of increased health costs due to Obamacare.

The “choice” is death: The disgrace of Roe v. Wade

January 22, 2014

fetus sucking thumb

Today marks the 41st anniversary of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court travesty known as Roe v. Wade, when our nation’s highest court inexplicably ruled that state sanctioned slaughter of the most innocent was found in the previously unheard of right to privacy.

Over the intervening years, an estimated fifty-six million pre-born human babies have been killed — residing in what ought to be the safest place on Earth — the sanctuary of their mother’s uterus.

And just two days after the nation commemorated Martin Luther King’s birthday, comes this shocking statistic from New York: More black babies were aborted in the city than were born alive. Yet despite that disgraceful fact, New York’s liberal Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that pro-life advocates haveno place in the state of New York.” The Weekly Standard reports Cuomo is now backtracking his contemptible intolerance after calls for his resignation.

Abortion is the Number One Killer of black Americans. More than HIV. More than diabetes. More than heart disease. More than cancer. Abortion snuffs out more black lives than all other causes of death, combined —according to the CDC.

The Radiance Foundation and its civil rights allies, defying Governor Cuomo’s intolerance,  launched the boldDREAM IS DEAD For 56 Million ad campaign in New York on the MLK holiday.  

The encouraging news is the abortion-on-demand trend is meeting public opposition. This Marist poll, released today, indicates more than six in 10 Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong. Just two percent of Americans indicated that it was not a moral issue. Andrew Cuomo, a father of three, is among that razor-slim minority.

AZ going to pot? Conservative AG vs. leftie state Rep.

January 13, 2014

AZ Attorney General Tom Horn debates “recreational” marijuana with state Rep. Ruben Gallego 

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, a Republican, and Democrat State Rep. Ruben Gallego (LD 27) discuss the legalizing of “recreational” marijuana in Arizona. This revealing exchange took place Saturday on ABC15.

Tom Horn says legalization will increase use. His opposition stems from his background, which includes twenty-four years as a school board member, four years in the state legislature where he chaired the Education Accountability Committee and eight years as Superintendent of Public Instruction — providing him ample opportunity to see the negative effects of the drug on students. Since legalization is currently being experimented with in Colorado and Washington, Horne prudently thinks we should wait and see the effects in those states.

Gallego has no such inclination. Arizona’s 2014 legislative session begins today, opening with Gov. Jan Brewer’s State of the State Address. Rep. Gallego plans to introduce his bill this week. The guise of legalizing “medical marijuana” is finally exposed for what it is — a route to full-scale legalization of the drug for recreational use.  The left desires other mind-numbing drugs to follow that path, making control of the populace easier.

In the event Gallego’s proposal becomes law, Arizonans ages 21 and older could possess up to an ounce of marijuana and up to five plants. His bill will also include an excise tax and establish regulations. Watch the ABC 15 video here.

Feds spent $29M on meds for 4,139 illegal aliens

January 11, 2014

Do the math. That comes out to around $7,000 per illegal alien, no sorry, undocumented immigrant, nope beautiful unlicensed DREAMER. But there are just some jobs that Americans won’t do. Like illegally collect $28 million in Medicare Part D prescription drugs.

Immigration reform now. Alongside medical reform. Because $28 million is just too little.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spent almost $29 million to cover Medicare Part D prescription drugs for 4,139 individuals “unlawfully present” in the U.S. and thus ineligible to receive federal health care benefits, according to an audit by Daniel Levinson, inspector general of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Medicare Parts A and B cover hospitalization, skilled nursing care, doctor visits, and other medical services and supplies. The IG previously reported in January that CMS had also paid $91.6 million to health care providers to cover 2,600 ineligible illegal aliens.

The unallowable payments were made by CMS despite the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, which prohibits illegal aliens from receiving federal health care benefits, and CMS’ own 2003 memo warning: “Make no payments for Medicare services furnished to an alien beneficiary who is not lawfully present in the United States.

The IG recommended that CMS “develop and implement controls to ensure that Medicare does not pay for prescription drugs for unlawfully present beneficiaries” by preventing them from enrolling, disenrolling those already in the Medicare Part D system, and “automatically rejecting PDE records submitted by sponsors for prescription drugs provided to this population.”

Don’t worry. Obama and the Republican Amnesty crowd already have this covered.

And if only 4,139 illegal aliens racked up $28 million in Medicare Part D bills, imagine how much 12 million illegal aliens will rack up?

This revealing report appearing in FrontPage magazine is sure to raise the blood pressure of any hard-working American citizen taxpayer.

Out of wedlock births and the Everly Brothers

January 6, 2014

Today we juxtapose two seemingly unrelated issues in making a societal point. One is the recent death of 1960’s singing legend Phil Everly of the influential Everly Brothers duo. The other is the newspaper’s coverage of out of wedlock births.

Under the hip, laissez-faire headline, “More moms skip marriage,” the daily gives soft coverage to what they term “the growing trend of unwed mothers in Arizona and nationally.”  The handling of this major societal problem is undertaken in short story prose, complete with an oversized photo of the cheery mother playing on the floor with her 4-year-old son. She is described as 38, with a college degree and a well-paying management job. She also decided to ditch her boyfriend early in her pregnancy. They now share parenting duties.

Further into the report is the fact that the majority of unwed mothers are on the dole, costing Arizona taxpayers more than $100 million a year in birth and delivery expenses alone. The majority of women receiving cash benefits, qualifying for WIC, the food stamp/Nutrition  Assistance Program, and AHCCCS  — which provides doctor’s office visits, immunizations, prenatal care, hospital care and prescriptions — are unmarried mothers.  The harsh reality is, unlike the college educated mother the Arizona Republic chose to feature, many are generational, under-educated dropouts, lacking training to qualify them for gainful employment.

This Heritage Foundation report reveals the startling statistic that 71 percent of poor families with children are mostly headed by single mothers. Compared to children raised in an intact family, children raised in single-parent homes are more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems; be physically abused; smoke, drink, and use drugs; be aggressive; engage in violent, delinquent, and criminal behavior; have poor school performance; and drop out of high school. This report focusing on Arizona concludes marriage is the number 1 weapon against child poverty.

How do the guitar-strumming Everly Brothers fit into this disturbing equation? Listen to the lyrics of the songWake up little Susie.” It’s exceedingly quaint by today’s slack standards. The words describe a teen couple who fell asleep at a drive-in theater, and the young man’s very real concern about their reputations and what the girl’s parent’s reactions will be at the late hour he brings her home.

No such songs would make the hit list today. In a culture where coarseness abounds and raunchy twerking — at the Video Music Awards — is the latest rage, the concept of shame is relegated to a non-issue. As reputations are no longer a concern, unwed births skyrocket.

Wake up little Susie.

Howard Dean admits Obamacare woes, predicts more

December 30, 2013

Broken promises on costs, keeping your doctor, access to specialists

 Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, appearing onFox News Sunday,” acknowledged that Obamacare would suffer additional setbacks as it continues rolling out next year, yet he claims that ultimately the health care overhaul “will work.”

“There are going to be problems,” he said, conceding that the Obama administration was having trouble getting young, healthy people to sign up for health care plans, which is sure to drive up costs.

“The data does show that less healthy people are signing up,” Dean, a physician, said. “Younger people are signing up less frequently than hoped.”

Never venturing far from his leftist ideological stance, the former Democrat Party Chairman defended Obamacare, trouncing its critics and  accusing them of “hyperbole,” hypocritically  declaring they “look incredibly partisan.”

Dean debated Obamacare with Scott Gottlieb, M.D., a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, who criticized the health care plans offered.  Gottlieb said they are “very, very narrow” and “exclude a lot of specialists.” He also noted an older and less healthy population are the ones currently attempting to sign up. Additionally he noted that Obamacare drug formularies will only cover drugs on the list and yours may not be included.

Welcome to the Orwellian world of 1984.….2014 — just a few decades late.


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