Mexican cartels threaten assassination of AZ lawmen

April 27, 2014

The Sierra Vista Herald details the dangerous escalation of events during what should have been a routine traffic stop, resulting in an officer involved shooting death of Lauro Jesus Avechuco, 40.

Avechuco is alleged to have driven his car at the officer, precipitating the deadly incident.  In accordance with department policy, the officer, Justin Dannels has been placed on administrative leave until a joint investigation by Sierra Vista police, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI can be completed and reviewed by the Cochise County Attorney’s Office.

In most instances, the news report would stop there.

But in this case, Officer Dannels is the son of Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, and the incident has ignited “credible” death threats against the father and son from the drug cartels that control the area.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Sylvia Longmire, a Breitbart News border security expert and contributing editor, lives in southern Arizona. She is quoted as saying, “The region immediately south of Sierra Vista and Naco are predominantly controlled by the Sinaloa cartel. If credible threats are coming from that region, it is either from the Sinaloa directly, or from a criminal enterprise under the umbrella of the cartel.”

Longmire added, “Threats such as these bring increased scrutiny to the region and can interfere with the cartels smuggling efforts. If such threats did not originate with cartel approval, the issuer of the threats could find themselves in serious trouble with the Sinaloa Federation.”

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby provides the complete menacing report. As you digest the facts as they relate to the safety and security of our Arizona citizens and the lawmen who defend them, consider the cavalier attitude of the Congressional elite who are intent on pushing an amnesty bill that omits the volatile word ‘amnesty’ —- since it rings in as a miserable failure among focus groups. Remember when “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” was the reconstructed verbiage used by Sens. Kyl and McCain?  Today, the preferred terminology is “legal status” and it is always used in conjunction with a worthless pledge to implement “border security.”

August is the latest prioritized deadline to turn on the flashing neon welcome sign on our border and roll out the red carpet for the multitude of illegals that will surely follow the hordes of invaders already here. We wrote this warning on Friday.

Language is important. When the words “breaking up families,” “undocumented immigrants,”  “migrants” or the bogus figure of11 million in the shadows” are used, it’s time to burn up the congressional phone lines. We’re losing our country and those Republicrats we sent to Washington are enabling the takeover. Their incomprehensible efforts will also ensure the death of the Republican Party under whose banner they ran.

Will you be able to look your children —- or theirs —- in the eye if you do nothing?

Reading between the amnesty lines

April 4, 2014

Bob Goodlatte is a U.S. Representative elected a dozen years ago to Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District. During that time the moderate Republican has become a glib disseminator of smarmy double talk.

The Daily Caller, in an article headlined “Goodlatte to Obama: Let’s make an immigration deal, but not yet,” reports that Goodlatte slammed the White House’s lax enforcement of immigration laws Thursday, but suggested that the Republican leadership wants a deal that would provide companies with more workers and would also allow younger illegals to stay in the country.

The GOP caucus doesn’t want to make a deal with President Barack Obama yet, he said, because of a “lot of mistrust of the president.”

Goodlatte can’t actually expect Republican voters to swallow that whole. Disgust with the imperial president —- who brazenly lies and uses executive orders with impunity —- is a given. But the clear intent of the “not yet” aspect of the amnesty deal remains the upcoming midterm elections.  None of the Congressional Republicans want to have the amnesty monkey on their backs until Election Day votes are counted. They know all too well that only 13% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. Continued unemployment and under-employment among American citizens disputes the need to import more competition for fewer jobs.

House Speaker John Boehner used similar bogus language recently when he declared Obama “had sown distrust,” blaming his changes and postponements of Obamacare for the delays in implementing “immigration reforms.”

Goodlatte’s own views on “immigration reform” employ the trite terminology of the pro-amnesty cabal: “We are a nation of immigrants and our immigration system has contributed to the greatness of the United States. However, we can all agree that our nation’s immigration system is broken,” he says.

No, we don‘t “all agree.” The system is not broken, Mr. Goodlatte. Your will, and that of your colleagues to enforce our existing laws is obviously what is broken.

Though initially posted several years ago, “Lingo” retains its popularity.  Check it out.  It will assist you in deciphering both Goodlatte and Boehner’s amnesty jargon. The two men might live and work across the country from us, but Arizonans are border state residents and know double talk when it’s lobbed our way. The frequent doses we get from Sens. McCain and Flake keep us on our toes.

Debunking the DREAMer myth

February 15, 2014

Ann Coulter has done it again.

Asking the question, “Did I move? Coulter addresses the lunacy driving the House Republicans’ “Standards for Immigration Reform,” and zones in on what she correctly describes as “this fat, honking nonsense: One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.”

Ann Coulter’s commentary is stunning in its wisdom. After you read this column, consider sending the link to your family and friends. It’s guaranteed to make them think and view the inane arguments for legalizing illegals through a clearer lens. She also uses the more accurate figure of 30 million rather than the 10-11 million glibly tossed around for the past decade by amnesty proponents.

Did I move? is posted in the conservative publication Human Events, where Ann Coulter serves as legal correspondent.

Treat yourself to her stellar columns, on a wide range of topics, which are archived here.

These two are particular favorites relating to the subject of illegal immigration:

GOP crafts plan to wreck the country , lose voters.

Hispanicked GOP elite: They’ll respect us in the morning.

GOP amnesty ‘standards’ based on fallacies, unenforceable provisions

January 31, 2014

GOP Congress conspires to sell out America

Congressional Republicans emerged from their secretive Maryland policy retreat on Thursday to reveal their list ofstandards*— previously palmed off as “principles” — for a de facto amnesty scheme masquerading as ‘enforcement first.’

The bottom line is the get-tough language regarding illegal aliens meeting certain standards and requirements is unenforceable, inviting even more fraud from our invaders. They begin by telling Americans who know better that “our nation’s immigration system is broken and our laws are not being enforced.” The truth is there is no will to enforce the law since business interests are enamored with low wage, foreign laborers. American voters can’t compete with the deep-pocketed lobbyists for the Chambers of Commerce who have the ability to persuade office holders in ways none of the rest of us do.

The document asserts “There will be no special path to citizenship for individuals who broke our nation’s immigration laws.” Addressing the injustice to legally applying immigrants it says, “that would be unfair to those immigrants who have played by the rules and harmful to promoting the rule of law.” The sham document patently neglects the fact that all illegals “broke our nation’s immigration laws.”

Then it rolls out the red carpet with these devious words, “Rather, these persons could live legally and without fear in the U.S., but only if they were willing to admit their culpability, pass rigorous background checks, pay significant fines and back taxes, develop proficiency in English and American civics, and be able to support themselves and their families (without access to public benefits). Criminal aliens, gang members, and sex offenders and those who do not meet the above requirements will not be eligible for this program.”

How these provisions would be verified or enforced is never explicitly addressed because there is no actual means to do so. These words are nothing short of massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people by those whom we put in cushy D.C. offices to represent us. Instead they are representing the interests of foreign nationals.

Saying there will be no “special” path to citizenship, they never rule out eventual citizenship, since in the end, that’s what this pretense is all about. It actually mirrors the Senate plan in that regard.

House Republicans also gift U.S. citizenship to the demanding, so-called DREAMers, those who profess they were brought here as children, another claim that is unverifiable, since applicants for this scam on America can be up to 35 years old.  They have to “meet certain eligibility standards, and serve honorably in our military or attain a college degree.” Authenticating such claims or when they actually arrived, is an impossibility.

Then come the toothless but fierce sounding warnings and threats regarding massive increases in border security and enforcement and, whoa…..the harsh admonishment of “a zero tolerance policy” for those who enter the country illegally or overstay a visa. Hear that noise? That’s the sound of illegals and their chain migration relatives quaking in their boots.

The GOP tricksters also call for a “federal employment verification system” as part of the standards, an “entry-exit visa tracking system” and an increase in the number of high-skilled workers allowed in the United States. Never mind the high-skilled American workers who remain or under-or-unemployed in this still struggling economy— some working more than one menial job to stay afloat.

Aware that their constituents are furious that the “no amnesty” pledge they campaigned on is sliceable baloney, GOP House shamen have opted to pull a magical sleight of hand, passing amnesty bills in a “piecemeal” fashion using the old magician’s maneuver of misdirection.

They will tell us our immigration system is broken. It is not.  What is broken is our trust.

*H/T Heritage’s The Foundry

GOP constructs its own irrelevancy

January 24, 2014

The trendy fallacy promoted by political pundits is that the absence of amnesty on the Republican platter equates to a starvation death of the GOP.

Although it’s not difficult to understand the various Chambers of Commerce push for low wage, unskilled labor via amnesty, the idea of Republican politicians working to create at least 20 million more Democrat voters is effectively a sure-fire suicide plan.

Those paying attention have noticed the “A’ word “has all but disappeared from the debate.  It‘s been replaced with other less provocative terms such as “earned legalization,” favored by Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) or “the need to come out of the shadows and reintegrate into society.” These voguish slogans take the onus off of the illegals who disregard our sovereign borders and disrespect our laws, while accessing our benefits and habitually engaging in more criminal activity once they arrive.  Some of these often serious offenders have been departed numerous times.

Illegals previously released from custody have subsequently been charged with tens of thousands of other crimes, including murders, sex crimes and thousands of drunk-driving offenses, drug-crimes and felonies, according to a report from the  Congressional Research Service. Still the Obama administration refused to deport them. The Daily Caller reports an August 2012 non-partisan Congressional Research Service report stated the “decision not to deport some arrested illegal immigrants enabled a crime wave.”

The Republican amnesty-maneuver proponents claim their plan includes a fine, payment of back taxes, learning English and civics, a criminal background check and proof of employment. They are mum when it comes to actual enforcement provisions of any of those contrivances, akin to the DREAM Act which enables amnesty for those up to age 30, brought to the U.S. as young children.  Who determines the veracity of illegals claiming such status?  Counting on illegal invaders to become honest brokers is nothing short of self-delusional folly.

Yet the legislation in the works with House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) driving the scheme  — assisted by Paul Ryan — is expected to make it across the finish line. Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA.) has zeroed in on pushing what has become known as DREAM Act Light — legalizing those who claim they were innocents brought here by their parents. Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.), has regional interests that move him toward supporting this travesty. Agricultural interests in his district are eager for more low wage laborers.

The bills initially offer a “piecemeal” approach rather than a path to full citizenship. The rest of the pieces will eventually fall into place, joining the outdated concept of birthright citizenship and chain migration, which other nations are abandoning. Meanwhile the United States will be even more vulnerable as incentives to bypass our legal immigration process are created — while disingenuously hanging the Republican party out to dry.

Nearly a year ago Ann Coulter got it right with this incisive commentary titled, “Hispanicked GOP elite: They‘ll respect us in the morning.”

Coulter was right then.  She’s even more correct in retrospect.

GOP prioritizes amnesty, ignores American citizens

January 20, 2014

Recent Gallup polling indicates an overwhelming majority of Americans do not think immigration reform/amnesty is even close to a top priority for 2014. Only three percent of Americans think the issue is a priority requiring attention.

Amnesty lags well behind other issues such as jobs, the economy, heath care, dissatisfaction with Washington politicians, the debt and deficit, lack of money, ethics and moral issues, poverty, education and foreign aid.

Yet despite the fact that the majority of Americans oppose Congress or Barack Obama prioritizing amnesty issues, House Speaker John Boehner and House GOP leadership are giving the issues precedence.

Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte, and Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, and others are currently drafting piecemeal immigration “principles” that will ultimately recommend granting legal status to upward of 30 million illegal aliens in America, and massively increasing U.S. levels of legal immigration. These competitors for fewer jobs in a still soured economy are exactly what American citizens do not need.

Immigration issues only fit into the priorities of voters when they are viewed through the lens of how economically devastating amnesty and a subsequent massive increase in legal immigration would be to American workers —- issues that negatively affect jobs and the economy, which Gallup lists as two top priorities. 

On January 8, 16 House Republicans — led by Congressman Mo Brooks (Ala.) sent a letter to Obama, regarding the displacement of American workers if amnesty proposals succeed. Read the scathing letter on The Blaze.

Signers included Reps. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI), Lou Barletta (R-PA), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Walter Jones (R-NC), Phil Gingrey (R-GA), Michele Bachmann (R-MN), John Fleming (R-LA), Steve King (R-IA), Ted Yoho (R-FL), Joe Wilson (R-SC), Steve Stockman (R-TX), Lamar Smith (R-TX), Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Mike Rogers (R-AL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC).

 Disappointingly, not a single Republican member from the border state of Arizona saw fit to sign on. Their contact information is here if you’d like to ask why.

“Rapidly expanding unskilled immigration – at a time when factory work and blue-collar jobs are disappearing – would represent the final economic blow for millions of workers who have been struggling to gain an economic foothold,” the members wrote. “Yet, despite this jobs crisis for American workers, the White House continues to advocate that CEOs and business executives seek lower cost labor. The White House has entertained a parade of high-powered business executives to discuss immigration policy, all while shutting out the concerns of everyday wage-earners who overwhelmingly oppose these measures. You even released an economic report saying that the ‘hospitality and leisure industry’ needs ‘legislation that would legalize workers in the U.S. and facilitate the lawful employment of future foreign-born workers.’”

Read this shocking report in the Washington Examiner written by Byron York, detailing how American workers are being laid off by companies demanding “immigration reform” and the importation of cheap labor.

NumbersUSA cites the immigration plan outlined outlined by the New York Times as a horrible deal for the American people. The proposal would hand out millions of lifetime work permits, completely ignoring the needs of 20 million unemployed and underemployed Americans, and the terrible social cost of their joblessness. There appears to be no offsetting in the scheme; meaning the huge amnesty is not counterbalanced by cuts to other categories of immigration.

Border Patrol agents vilified as killers by AZ Republic

December 16, 2013

Sunday’s edition of the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) newspaper has outdone itself in demonizing law enforcement as it elevates criminals with Hispanic surnames.  The latest in the agendized news coverage is a series referred to as an “investigative report.” Hustling with front page coverage that meanders for three additional full pages, it begins with the saga of Antonio Elena Rodriguez whose image, the daily tells its dwindling readers, is on posters, murals and graffiti plastered on walls in the Mexican border town of Nogales, Sonora. He was shot by border agents as he was with a pack of thugs hurling deadly rocks at them. His family contends he was merely walking to the store.

The República article titled, “Wall of silence surrounds killings by border agents,” contends similar victims dot the landscape of border towns. In this saga, the border agents are the heavies. No notice is given to those who have been killed in the line of duty. Click on this link and check the officers who “have lost their lives serving and protecting the citizens of this great nation,” going back to 1919. Many are Hispanic. The complete history of Theodore Newton and George Azrak, BP agents who were abducted and executed by drug dealers, can be read here.

During Christmas week in 2007, Seeing Red AZ wrote that George W. Bush’s White House spokesman shut down questions from a reporter inquiring about a year-end pardon for imprisoned BP agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

December 2008, just before he left office, we noted that as president, George W. Bush pardoned or commuted sentences of 32 drug dealers, 12 thieves, seven embezzlers, an arsonist, an armed bank robber and eight Thanksgiving turkeys, among many others – but U.S. Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean remained in prison for Christmas — serving disproportionately harsh 11- and 12-year prison sentences, respectively, for shooting at a fleeing illegal alien drug dealer smuggling nearly 750 pounds of marijuana across the border.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton gave the smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, full immunity from prosecution for agreeing to serve as the government’s star witness and testify against the border agents.

Grant Woods, who began his erstwhile political career as Chief of Staff for John McCain is a former AZ Attorney General and dedicated RINO, who is invariably on the wrong side of issues. Woods prosecuted U.S. Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett charging him with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of an illegal alien during a border altercation. Corbett, who said he acted in self-defense, was tried twice, with both cases resulting in a hung jury as Woods did not prove the case. Debbie Schlussel got it right as she wrote about the “doctrine of prosecuting border agents.”

As to charges in the death of Arizona Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, we turn to Breitbart News.  Relying on much emanating from the Periódico de la República de Arizona regarding that horrific murder—- committed with a weapon from the Obama Justice Department’s botched AZ gun-running scheme known as “Operation Fast and Furious” —- qualifies as a fool’s errand.

Don’t mess with Texas: A model to copy

December 9, 2013

Obama administration unwilling to secure U.S. border; Texas acts

The state of Texas has effectively taken border control into its own hands, bringing illegal immigration, smuggling and human trafficking to a standstill in the Rio Grande River section of the U.S./Mexico border.

In this interview with Breitbart News, Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst told reporter Brandon Darby “The border issue is just about dollars and cents. This proves Texas can do the job the federal government has refused to do —- to invest in the border and shut it down from illegal activities that are hurting Texans and other Americans.”  Dewhurst added, “Texas will protect our own citizens and other Americans from the criminal gangs that are destabilizing our state and our nation.”

Acquaint yourself with Dewhurst’s efficient three-week operation with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), which he called “the tip of the spear.”

“For six or seven years, I’ve been calling on our congressional delegation in D.C., [telling them] we need to at least double, if not triple, the size of our Border Patrol,” said the Lt. Governor. “The federal government is not providing the resources. I’ve grown convinced over the last year that this administration has no intention of securing the border.”

“This is just unacceptable,” he said. “We have a problem and everyone knows it except for the Obama administration and people in high levels of Border Patrol.  Organized crime groups in Texas are contracting with Mexican cartels to be their enforcers. The cartels’ presence are in all of our major cities. Seven of the eight Mexican cartels operating in Texas are using our state as a staging area for their operations across the U.S.”

The fix is costly. Among its expenditures, Texas has purchased a high-altitude spotter plane that can see six miles into Mexico at night, six new DPS helicopters that can also see at night, and six armored gunboats to patrol the Rio Grande River.

As fellow border-state Arizonans know all too well, the rate of criminality is massive and the invasion’s accompanying component of uneducated and impoverished illegals has reached critical proportions — with the high costs of providing health care, education and the impact on our criminal justice system being passed on to citizen taxpayers. The U.S./Mexico border region stretches approximately 2,000 miles and includes the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

In November 2012 we wrote about the staggering unemployment rates in Yuma, Arizona (now even higher at 31.9% in 2013) and El Centro, California (25.2% in 2013) — both abutting the Mexican border. Both communities topped the nation’s highest unemployment list. U.S. counties that border Mexico have an average poverty rate that is twice as high as the national average. The figures shown here are four years old and in many areas, the poverty rates have substantially escalated since this report was issued.

Unless we want to live in Mexico Norte, Arizona would do well to pay attention to Texas.

Readying for amnesty DHS hires radical lawyers

December 8, 2013

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich has written a disturbing exposé regarding the radical Obama comrades brought on as new hires to oversee and manage immigration litigation as amnesty is front-burnered by the administration and its enthusiasts in the U.S. House and Senate.

We urge you to read “Department of Homeland Security Stacked With Pro-Amnesty Attorneys Ahead of Illegal Immigration Fight.”

Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams writing for  PJ Media has also done a masterful job researching the pro-amnesty and pro-asylum backgrounds of the new hires. In a country where normalcy reigned, these people would be revealed as reprehensible infiltrators intending to bring harm to the United States and criminally charged.

Michelle Malkin has written extensively about Thomas Perez, radical assistant attorney general for Obama’s DOJ Civil Rights Division and now Obama’s Secretary of Labor. (Senate confirmation vote here.)

Arizonans will remember that it was Perez who spearheaded the lawsuit against our state over our immigration enforcement measures and launched a three-year DOJ witch-hunt against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The vengeful investigation against Arpaio, the nation’s most outspoken local law enforcement official against illegal alien crime, was dropped without charges* by the DOJ in August of 2012. Malkin wrote that Perez was leading similar witch-hunts against police departments across the country based on leftwing junk science theories about racial “disparate impacts.”

To get a flavor of why Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is so admired, read his strong response to Perez’ intending-to-intimidate press conference December 15, 2011.

As expected, senate shamnesty gangsters John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham & Co. have folded like lawn chairs on Obamamnesty. Keep your eyes on our AZ House members and any attempts to sign on to what is being referred to as “piecemeal legislation,” but is in fact incremental steps toward full-blown amnesty. Rewarding criminality and demands with the great gift of American citizenship should not be on any of their agendas.

*letter via AZ Republic

Wild mob of illegals brazenly enters U.S.

November 29, 2013

Abysmal lack of security on dangerously sieve-like southern border 

The appalling situation on our nation’s southern border is worsening as illegal aliens armed with rocks and water bottles are now brazenly attacking U. S. Border Patrol agents. (Video second frame down in this link.)

Although the mob of approximately 150 illegals were ordered to stop, they ignored the warnings and unrelentingly pelted the officers, while continuing to walk across the border into the United States. Even with reinforcements, agents were outnumbered, dodging the rocks and other projectiles.

Katie Pavlich, News Editor at Townhall has written that as talks of amnesty have once again increased, illegal crossings have doubled — making the border less secure and the work of Border Patrol Agents more difficult. Illegal immigration has steadily increased in Arizona.

An agent speaking to Townhall said, “We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple, since amnesty talk started happening.” The agent requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. “A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons. This is a direct danger to our communities.”

Meanwhile we read that cities across the United States from Tucson to Chicago, Chattanooga to Dayton are inexplicably and irrationally implementing plans to lure illegal workers and passing laws benefiting foreign nationals who have illegally invaded our nation.

Though the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has sued Arizona to keep our state from enforcing SB1070, the federal government has “done nothing to hold these local communities and states accountable for policies that impede immigration enforcement,” says Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

No disrespect intended, Mr. Mehlman, but we’d classify that as an understatement.


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