AZ higher education: As nearly free as possible?

April 22, 2014

MCCCD tuition has skyrocketed nearly 60 percent in 10 years

These are the words contained in Article 11 Section 6 of the Constitution of the state of Arizona: Section 6. Admission of students of both sexes to state educational institutions; tuition; common school system:

The university and all other state educational institutions shall be open to students of both sexes, and the instruction furnished shall be as nearly free as possible. The legislature shall provide for a system of common schools by which a free school shall be established and maintained in every school district for at least six months in each year, which school shall be open to all pupils between the ages of six and twenty-one years.

Tennessee’s Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is actually putting this concept into action. His proposal to provide free community college to every high school graduate starting in fall 2015, passed the House of Representatives with an overwhelming endorsement of 87 – 8 votes this past week. The state Senate had previously passed the measure known as “The Tennessee Promise.”

The plan, funded by $300 million from the state’s lottery fund, will defray the estimated annual $34 million cost. The aim of the program is boosting college graduation rates to build a more educated and skilled workforce.

Locally, the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board will vote this evening on the second tuition increase in two years —- the seventh hike in 10 years. The latest proposal is an increase of $5 per credit, or 6 percent increase to $86 per credit next year. Last year, tuition increased in the system’s 10 colleges from $76 to $81 per credit.

But the district isn’t simply content with tuition increases. It is also proposing an increase in the county property tax for the second time in two years, to be voted on in May. If approved, the dual increases would generate an additional $25.6 million for the district. Since only about 28 percent of students who began in 2007 earned a degree or occupational certificate within six years, they might consider concentrating on doing a better job retaining and actually educating students.

For the first time in memory, the Arizona Board of Regents has recently offered undergraduate students attending U of A and NAU a guaranteed tuition rate for four years.  This rate does not include fees which could still escalate costs of attendance.

According to the daily, although ASU tuition for in-state, undergraduates won’t officially go up, the university will add a $150-per-student fee to fund athletics, bringing annual tuition and fees to $10,157 a year. ASU is not participating in the guaranteed tuition plan. Graduate and out-of-state students will face higher increases at ASU. Graduate students at the school will pay 4.3 percent more, an increase to $11,283 a year, in tuition and fees.

Last March we wrote ASU’s Crow backs lower tuition for illegals — again. If you’re interested in how the astronomically paid ASU President Michael Crow dismisses Arizona students, who are being squeezed to benefit foreign nationals here illegally, it’s worth reading. 

Fla. loss signals future Dem defeats, worries McCain

March 13, 2014

McCain’s, Clinton’s, Jimmy Kimmel appear at ASU in attempt to soothe AZ Dem anxiety

The increasingly fanatical leftwing Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) gives an imitation of flexing its editorial muscle —- renown as decidedly flaccid —- as it goes about dispensing advice to Republicans. This is not the first time the dying newspaper has disingenuously offered the GOP its wisdom.

Feigning concern, Wednesday’s edition uses its sole editorial to instruct Republicans on the fine art of winning elections. It would be laughable if not so bizarre since all major state and Maricopa County offices and majorities in the Arizona House and Senate are held by Republicans. According to the guidance being doled out, the GOP should “solve the immigration crisis.“ (Read give the gift of amnesty to our invaders.) Second, we should “make peace with gay Americans.” (Read support same sex-marriage, though the “war” is a contrivance.) Finally we are advised by our dedicated mentor to “compete for young voters.” In the same breath, we are told that these voters “are liberal on social issues and lean more Democrat than Republican.”

What a shame the liberals missed the packed Maricopa County GOP Lincoln Day luncheon last Saturday and the impressive young people in attendanceJarrod Ogden received a standing ovation for his moving speech.

The newspaper’s dispensing of vacuous advice is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover liberal angst over Tuesday’s special election in Florida. The stunning defeat of Democrat Alex Sink by David Jolly, a lesser known Republican  —- who won despite being vastly outspent —- has produced Democrat shockwaves. Though this was a safe district for Obama in both previous presidential elections, disgust with Obamacare and global warming alarmism didn’t carry the day.  In fact the issues sunk the Democrat ship.

Long-range implications are massive for the Democrats.  Tampa’s special CD 13 election offers a vision of what the future holds in the coming mid-terms.

Bill Clinton even waded into the Florida mix, recording this campaign auto dialer for Alex Sink. The former president’s unmistakable Arkansas twang provided no lift to her sinking campaign.

Now it’s being reported that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are hosting a three-day conference of the Clinton Global Initiative University at ASU next week. They will be joined by Hillary’s close friend John McCain who has already signaled his 2016 support for her, his wife Cindy; Democrat former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her husband Mark Kelly and comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel isn’t actually needed to dispense comic relief. The McCain’s and Clinton’s should handle that very well. One of the topics on their agenda is climate change. It was a sure-fire winner in Florida.

Maricopa County GOP ordered out of Dodge

February 16, 2014

Have the censures had repercussions?


Click letter to enlarge.

AZ Republic shills for McCain

January 17, 2014

Daily mocks aggrieved GOP PCs as “zealots” and “griping GOP faction”

When well over a thousand elected precinct committeemen of a political party assemble for a yearly county-wide mandatory meeting, it’s noteworthy. When the gathering of the officials are Republicans from Arizona’s most populous county — Maricopa — which includes Phoenix within its borders, that would ordinarily insure news coverage. But when the assemblage voted by a hefty 1,150 – 351 on a formal resolution to censure Arizona’s Republican senior senator John McCain, the state’s reliably liberal newspaper was uncharacteristically silent.

 The censure resolution began with these words:

As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates,” the formal censure resolution reads. “Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened.”

The meeting which included the extraordinary reproach of McCain was held on Saturday, Jan. 11. At long last, on Thursday Jan. 16, the newspaper’s editors were finally able to pull their jaws from the ground and address this stunning rebuke of their favorite “maverick.” Since far too much time had elapsed for the issue to be addressed as a news item, they resorted to the editorial page in an attempt to wallop the elected committeemen, identified by the newspaper as “zealots,” and a  “griping GOP faction.” The editorialist goes to the mat with the term “practitioners of blasphemy politics,” in an attempt to give cover to McCain, described as “put to the stake” by [his] own.

Such a verbal assault of dedicated party activists, who put their values to work on behalf of countless candidates and issues, is contemptible. However, it irrefutably identifies who the adamant McCain supporters are.

Know this. They are not mainstream conservative Republicans.

John McCain subject of censure vote by GOP leadership & Update

January 8, 2014

Among the 13 Resolutions to be voted on at the at the Jan. 11, 2014 Mandatory Meeting of Maricopa County Republican Precinct Committeemen in Phoenix is the following Resolution To Censure Sen. John McCain.

“As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare…”

RESOLUTION #8:   Senator John McCain Censured by Arizona’s Republican Leadership — As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

Whereas Senator McCain has amassed a long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, liberal nominees, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment; and

Whereas this record has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States; and

Whereas Senator McCain has campaigned as a conservative and made promises during his re-election campaigns, such as the needed and welcomed promise to secure our borders and finish the border fence, only to quickly flip-flop on those promises; and

Whereas McCain has abandoned our values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party, therefore

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican Committee censures Senator McCain for his continued disservice to our State and Nation, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.

The other Resolutions can be viewed here on the Maricopa County Republican Committee News Briefs and Updates. Two proposed by-law changes are also up for consideration. They can be viewed on the same link.

Six Maricopa County Republican Committeemen have announced their candidacy for five member-at-large positions to be elected at the Jan. 11 meeting.  A five-member team consisting of Dan Schultz (LD18), Joe Hobbs (LD19), Andy Costanzo (LD27), Gary Johnson (LD18) and Ray Sweeney (LD2) are running as a slate. Candidate Mike Richardson (LD18) is running separatelyThe candidates pledge, statements and bios can be read here.

If you are an elected precinct committeeman in MaricopaCounty, make sure you attend this important meeting.  Information including location, time, agenda and map here.


This censure also made the Daily Caller’s ‘most read list’ this morning. Read Group of Arizona Republicans to censure John McCain for siding with ‘liberal Democrats

AZ Fed judge rules for illegal invaders, binds law enforcement

September 30, 2013

More absurdity from the federal courts

In a farcical interpretation of the law, U.S. District Judge Robert Broomfield has prohibited Maricopa County from enforcing a state law that permits illegal aliens who paid coyote/transporters to smuggle them into the U.S. to be charged under Arizona’s human smuggling law as criminal co-conspirators.

Broomfield’s 60-page ruling (view here) said Maricopa County’s interpretation of the 2005 state law cannot be enforced by either Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and his office’s prosecutors, since Broomfield  claims it conflicts with federal law — which Broomfield said supersedes Arizona‘s law. Missing from his ruling is the fact that the Obama Department of Justice treats this crime of invasion as a lesser civil issue.

Peter Schey, a lawyer representing the Hispanic activists who brought the legal challenge, was quoted as stating the ruling “will hopefully bring to an end a mean-spirited and short-sighted policy that has severely harmed a large number of immigrants during the past several years in an entirely unconstitutional manner.”

Hispanic advocacy groups deceptively refer to themselves “immigrant rights advocates.”   The Court appointed Schey, President of the liberal Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and Carlos Holguin, General Counsel of the group, as lead counsel.

According to news reports, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is reviewing Broomfield’s ruling.

Seventy-five percent of the approximately 2,000 foreign nationals charged as co-conspirators in MaricopaCounty were facing counts of conspiring to illegally sneak themselves into the country. The going rate paid to those they conspire with in this criminal activity varies between $2,000 – $6,000 per illegal.

This is not rocket science. By paying to be illegally transported into the United States, these illegal aliens are engaging in advancing criminal activity as co-conspirators.

In 2008, SRAZ reported the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of an illegal alien prosecuted as a co-conspirator under the state’s human-smuggling law. The court found that the law’s wording was “clear and unambiguous” — illegals can be convicted for conspiracy to smuggle themselves into the country.

Makes sense to us.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio arms deputies with AR-15 rifles

August 9, 2013

Responding to increasing violence on our streets

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced he is providing each of his office’s deputies with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

In making his announcement, Arpaio took note of recent tragedies affecting the Sheriff’s Office. “Last year, two of our deputies died under violent circumstances, and this year a deputy was shot several times but survived,” he said.  “Therefore, I want all my deputies to be armed with the greatest firepower available 24 hours a day.”

Deputies have been ordered to carry a weapon at all times, on-duty and off-duty.

Every deputy armed with the new weapons has undergone extensive training, qualifying them to carry these weapons as part of their day-to-day arsenal.

“Should any off-duty deputy come across a crime being committed, it is the policy of this office for that deputy to take the appropriate action to resolve the situation,” said Arpaio. Acknowledging the move could  appear controversial to some, Arpaio stated, “I have extreme confidence in the training and professionalism of the men and women deputies in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

The Maricopa County Sheriff‘s Office purchased 400 of the semi-automatic rifles.

“The monies which allowed us to make this significant weapon buy come wholly from our RICO fund,” said Arpaio. “That is money seized in drug raids and human smuggling operations; as a result, taxpayers are not footing the bill.”

Read Sheriff Arpaio’s full statement here.

Brewer’s turncoats undermine Republican message

July 18, 2013


To all Arizona County and LD Republican Committee Chairmen -

In the [linked letter] below is the front page article of the July 15 Arizona Capitol Times. I want to express my appreciation to those courageous and principled County and LD Republican Committees who have already conducted votes of “censure” and/or “no confidence.”
Read Chairman LaFaro’s letter here.


The two issues critical to the survival of the Republican Party and the United States are defeat of both Obamacare and the illegal immigration amnesty bill. Governor Brewer might likely call it, “migrant rights.”   In fact, Governor Brewer strongly supports Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and takes a weak position in opposing Amnesty thus confusing the Republican message in the public’s eye.  

She has stated, “It is time we put differences aside and unite for the good of the party.”   By her unprecedented use of the Democrat Party playbook to get her way, she has made it unequivocally clear that we precinct committeemen are not her allies but rather, she has treated us as her opponents.

Calling themselves Republicans, but voting with the Democrats on vital conservative issues, has been the hallmark of McCain Republicans for decades.  The point here is that even when “Republicans” have the majority in the legislature, the moderates destroy this working majority.  Invariably, after liberal Republicans betray Platform Republicans, the call is raised by these liberals as Brewer is doing now, that we must unite to elect Republicans. 

I say, no more!!   It is not the Republican PCs who are destroying Party unity.  The PCs insist that our representatives follow our Platform, the Constitution, and the law.  It is Brewer and her “turncoats” who have destroyed Republican unity by actually passing liberal, big government legislation that is contrary to our Platform and Constitution.  These “turncoats” even disregarded their own Senate and House rules in bullying their Democrat bill through the legislature in a tyrannical manner.

Governor Brewer manifests concern that Republicans need to work together to focus on, in her own words, “the key issues that face our state, including the economy, quality education and public safety.”  Ironically, she has attacked those very issues through her support of Medicaid expansion and by going “soft” on the illegal alien invasion.  She has, in fact, made these conditions worse.  

The Democrats are unified behind their liberal platform.  Much as our colonial forefathers were undermined by British sympathizing “turncoats,” our Platform Republicans have been undermined by “Brewer’s Turncoats” who sympathize and vote with the Democrats.

If these “turncoats” are not defeated, we can expect the same results the next time conservative Republicans stand up to defend the Platform.  Voting for the same representatives and expecting different results is insanity.  (Witness the re-election of McCain and Flake and expecting them to actually stand by their election promises to secure the border.)  Maricopa County Republican Chairman, AJ LaFaro, and the PCs obviously do not suffer from this insanity and they have my full support and encouragement. 

Rob Haney

Immediate past MCRC Chairman

MC GOP chair A.J. LaFaro maintains fidelity to campaign promises

July 17, 2013

…and gives AZ Republic’s editorial board members heartburn

Feigning interest in Arizona’s Republican party and the outcome of its elections, Robert Leger, the leftwing Arizona Republic’s opinions editor, condescendingly offers Republicans counsel in this ‘Quick Hit:’  titled, A. J. LaFaro could deliver seats —-for Democrats.

Democrats must love A. J. LaFaro. The volatile chair of the Maricopa County Republican Party shows no interest in healing a fractured party, preferring to drive the ideologically impure out. He labels the GOP legislators who supported Gov. Jan Brewer’s plan to expand Medicaid as “Arizona’s 15 most wanted,” vowing to defeat them in what would be divisive primaries. The bloodbaths could increase the possibilities of Dems picking up a few seats — if they can suppress their own petty jealousies.”

It’s actually Leger who doesn’t get it. Conservative grassroots activists, who elected LaFaro as Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee at their intra-party meeting this past January, got exactly what they were looking for as a successor to the exceedingly popular and much admired Rob Haney. LaFaro and his entire team of conservative, Constitutional Platform Republicans won decisive victories.

Straightforward and honest, Chairman LaFaro has not disappointed us.

In this pre-election post we documented that the daily newspaper was supportive of LaFaro’s opponent. How much of a surprise is it that Ledger expresses concern about what he declares to be our “fractured party.” When those who run with R’s after their names repeatedly vote with the most liberal Democrats, the party not only has the right, but the obligation to call them out.

For his efforts, we abundantly thank Maricopa County GOP Chairman A. J. LaFaro.

GOP LDs slam Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion

March 26, 2013

Attempts to sell ObamaCare scheme to AZ Republicans falls on deaf ears

Monday night Legislative Districts 20 and 30 joined Maricopa County GOP LDs 1, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, and 27, Pima County Republican LDs 2, 3 ,4, 9, 10, 11, 14, the Coconino Republican Executive Committee, along with the Pinal, Cochise and the Cochise County Republican Committees —  in passing resolutions in opposition to the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion (AHCCCS) in support of ObamaCare. Pinal County Republicans passed their resolution back in February.

The fact that the entire Democrat caucus supports this outrageous and economically unsustainable government overreach tells “the rest of the story.”

The resolutions can be read here, courtesy of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Check out their informative “Briefs,” posted daily by Communications Director Frosty Taylor.

Are any of these poor excuses for Republicans pretending to represent you? Give them a call, drop them a line. Since we pay their salaries, they should be all too happy to hear from us.

Senate supporters:

LD16   Rich Crandall  (602) 926-3020

LD18   John McComish  (602) 926-5898

LD28   Adam Driggs  (602) 926-3016

House supporters:

LD1   Karen Fann  (602) 926-5874

LD8   Frank Pratt  (602) 926-5761

LD9   Ethan Orr  (602) 926-3235

LD17 Thomas Forese  (602-926-5168

LD17 JD Mesnard  602) 926-4481

LD18 Jeff Dial  (602) 926-5550

LD18 Bob Robson  (602) 926-5549

Appeared with Brewer in support of this expansion:  

LD1  Steve Pierce  (602) 926-5584

LD15 Heather Carter  (602) 926-5503

LD16 Doug Coleman  (602) 926-3160

LD20 Paul Boyer  (602) 926-4173

LD25 Bob Worsley  (602) 926-5760

LD28 Kate Brophy-McGee  (602) 926-4486


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