Montgomery’s conflict of interest undergirds legal filing

July 29, 2014

The Arizona Daily Independent reports on the blatant conflict of interest exhibited by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery as he engages in campaigning for Attorney General Tom Horne’s challenger, Mark Brnovich  —- even as he uses the vast power of his office to personally target Horne.

According to the news account, sources are reporting that based on Montgomery’s relationship with Brnovich, a request for a restraining order will be filed by attorneys for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Although a video featuring a sincerely enthusiastic Montgomery has been removed from Brnovich’s campaign website, a statement of support remains on the candidate’s homepage.  

Given that Montgomery, who has become a close McCain and Kyl ally, was instrumental in recruiting Brnovich to challenge conservative Attorney General Tom Horne, his actions rise past the level of unseemliness.

Read more about the perspective temporary restraining order, permanent injunction pleading here.

Visit Tom Horne’s campaign website. Be sure to check out his impressive achievements while in office. Arizonans need this good man to continue his work on our behalf.

McCain condones sleazy tactics in Miss. Senate runoff

July 2, 2014

McCain approves fishy scheme of Republicrats encouraging Dems to upend GOP primaries

One week after traveling to Mississippi to aid fellow career politician Thad Cochran,76,  helping him overcome conservative challenger Chris McDaniel, Republicrat Sen. John McCain engaged in some Monday morning quarterbacking  regarding strengths he saw in Cochran’s approach to campaigning.  According to the McCain venerating daily.

McCain dismissed criticism over the smear campaign and race baiting tactics establishment Republicans used to encourage black Democrats to crossover and reregister as Republicans or Independents to vote for 6-termer  Cochran. In a squeaker of an election, Cochran beat McDaniel by 50.9 percent to 49.1 percent.

McCain was full of sarcasm as  he  zinged, “There are some people complaining that African-American voters voted. [But] I thought one of the major priorities of the Republican Party was to get all minority and ethnic voters out to vote for Republicans.” He described Cochran’s “get-out-the-vote campaign” as “excellent,” then talked about how he will face similar circumstances in Arizona and needs to work equally as hard if he runs again. “The key is you’d better pay attention, you’d better work hard, you’d better organize.” He added, “And you’d better understand that there’s a strong anti-Washington/anti-incumbency sentiment out there, which is justified and you’ve got your work cut out for you.” 

McDaniel accurately described  McCain, saying ” he is the perfect example of an establishment Republican. McCain voted to fund ObamaCare, and he won’t rest until he finds a way to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. His liberal stances might work in Arizona, but he does not line up with Mississippi.”

After being censured repeatedly by elected Republican leaders from around the state of Arizona, it no longer takes much to disabuse Arizona conservatives of the notion that John McCain actually represents them. We know better.

There is an ideological war within the ranks of the Republicans Party. It is exemplified by the  “moderate” GOP establishment’s ire at being unable to control the growing Constitutional conservative base.

In order to pull off the Cochran victory, his campaign recruited and relied on Democrats to win the runoff —- which was held under the state’s open primary format in which even those voters not registered as Republicans could cast ballots.

Rev. Stevie Fieldler, a black Democrat pastor who brought hundreds to the polls for a promise of payment, exposes an alleged massive voter fraud, including a vote-buying operation by the Cochran campaign. “They said they needed black votes,” said Fielder on the phone. Watch the Got News video here.

True The Vote, a leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the outcome of the bitter Mississippi GOP Senate primary, saying that investigators should take more time to determine whether election laws have been broken and whether illegal ballots were cast. Read the True the Vote lawsuit here.

Beyond despicable is the involvement of former RNC Chairman and two-term Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in these deceptive tactics. Barbour is now making $millions at his influential D.C. lobbying firm. He and several of his family members were the driving force behind Thad Cochran’s unsavory re-election campaign.

It’s no surprise that these shady tactics meet with John McCain’s approval. They define him.

Why is AZ AG Tom Horne under attack?

May 30, 2014

The answer is simple. Because Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne is an effective, conservative leader. You’ve seen and heard the assaults and blatant distortions. You’ve also seen this nefarious campaign strategy used against other conservatives by the liberal media and establishment cronies who are pushing their own hand-selected and acquiescent candidate —- lacking an actual track record.

Read the truthTake action. This August 26, 2014 primary race is crucial to Arizona conservatives who understand the importance of retaining the Attorney General’s Office and the active leadership of Tom Horne.

Read Attorney General Horne’s impressive bio and his list of achievements.

Matt Salmon: When “Fish becomes Fowl….”

May 22, 2014

U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon disappoints in new role as McMachine’s mouthpiece

Elected to the U.S. House in 1994, as part of the first GOP majority in forty years, Rep. Matt Salmon seemed to understand the danger of open borders and amnesty. 

To his credit, at the time, he voted against the sundry legislative initiatives that sought to blur the borders between the United States and Mexico.

He voluntarily term-limited himself, and left Congress after six years of service — a practice his successor, the perpetually smirking and self photographing Jeff Flake pledged to observe —-  only to arrogantly joke at the end of six years, “I lied.”

Now, Flake-like reversals stain the Salmon record in Matt’s second “tour of duty” in the House. He and fellow Arizona Congressmen Paul Gosar and David Schweikert penned a mealy-mouthed missive to The Arizona Republic, chock full of poll tested bromides while keeping the door open to “Immigration Reform” —- more correctly known as amnesty.

And most recently, Salmon has become a McCain Machine Mouthpiece, calling for incumbent Attorney General Tom Horne to withdraw from the AG’s race this year, so that the hand-picked McMachine candidate —  Mark Brnovich can advance, and in turn advance the establishment‘s open borders agenda.

Rep. Salmon would do well to remember a couple of things. First, that the McMachine of McCain, Kyl and Flake —- all opposed his return to the House by backing Kirk Adams in the 2012 GOP Primary; and second, the story Matt has often shared on the stump concerning his days at Mesa High.

Salmon recounts that time as if he is nominating himself for a teenage version of “Profiles In Courage.” He says that he drew the ire of his high school sweetheart’s father by backing Ronald Reagan over President Gerald Ford in 1976, but did so because Gov. Reagan was the true conservative in the race.

Attorney General Tom Horne’s distinguished public service record is clearly conservative, and decidedly anti-amnesty. The hard fact is, those are the actual issues that render Horne unpalatable to the local leftwing media and the establishment elites.

For Salmon to transmogrify into a parrot and repeat the McMachine talking points warrants real concern, and it is he who should be concerned. After all, it is most confusing and unappealing when a Salmon starts to “flounder.”

Why the effort to hobble AZ AG Tom Horne?

May 13, 2014

United scheme to destroy conservative AG has nefarious roots

It’s no secret that the leftist daily newspaper is in high destruction mode, cheerleading attempts to undermine and defeat Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne. We’ve witnessed such efforts on numerous occasions as conservatives have been in the crosshairs of the editorial board.

In a glowing 2006 endorsement of a liberal Democrat challenger, it editorially referred to the conservative incumbent congressman as a “bully.” When vile campaign ads showed the congressman in the target of a gun sight, the newspaper uncharacteristically went mute.

The daily’s clear mission is to elect more liberals. Tom Horne doesn’t fit that paradigm. He was even vilified for his opposition to a racist, La Raza endorsed anti-American studies program in the Tucson Unified School District when he was state Education Superintendent.  

The newspaper relentlessly pushed the election scheme known as “Top 2,” intended to gut political parties, skew the primary elective process and specifically put the skids to conservatives, by permitting voters to vote for any primary election candidate, regardless of party affiliation and allowing two leading finishers to advance to the general election. The top two could be two of the same party.  The lefties at the AZ República were hoping both would be Democrats, thereby removing political choices.

On a nearly daily basis, the newspaper has hammered popular conservatives such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Senate President Russell Pearce. The established mode of attack is for the crew of reporters, editorialists, columnists and the editorial cartoonist to work in unison attempting to replace those dreaded Republicans with their preferred extremist liberals. Recently, dedicated leftist Linda Valdez urged Independents to pull Republican ballots to upend the upcoming elections. The Arizona Republic is a Gannett newspaper.  The mega-media company also owns the local NBC affiliate Channel 12, which acts as an echo chamber.

What obviously galls the daily is the fact that Republicans hold every state office. The Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer,  Superintendent of Public Instruction, all five members of the Corporation Commission and even the Mine Inspector are Republicans.

In Maricopa County, the County Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer, Clerk of the Court, Recorder, Assessor and School Superintendent and all but a single County Supervisor are Republicans.

The state legislature is routinely ripped by the newspaper. These numbers might explain why:

Senate members: 17 Republicans, 13 Democrats

House of Representatives: 36 Republicans, 24 Democrats

With these facts as background, it comes as no surprise that the focus is now on Attorney General Tom Horne.  Recently picked to lead the charge is a self-absorbed young woman with a troubled past named Sarah Beattie,  closely aligned with the establishment Republicrats. Her pro-bono lawyer —-  an extreme leftwing ideologue, who worked with Randy Parraz to unseat Russell Pearce —-  characterizes her as “a profile of courage,” saying; “she’s frightened, scared.…”


Strutting in skimpy attire, Beattie promotes herself as a foreign policy wonk, oddly advocating for Joe Biden’s ill-advised plan to partition Iraq. 

You decide. This is Sarah Beattie. So is this. To use her own words, “unbelievable.”

AZ Republic Newspeak: “Pro-life” = “anti-abortion”

May 5, 2014

The hard-left Arizona República is in high gear prepping for the upcoming elections from its increasingly radical perch. The entire crew —- from editorial staff, reporters and columnists, to the readily obliging editorial cartoonist —- is marching in lockstep to elect their favored liberal candidates. They’ll even cozy up to weak Republicrats in the Primary in order to get their desired liberals elected in the General.

Having seen them in action for years, we know the drill and are keen to expose it.

Today we focus on the newspaper’s flimsy “Fact Check” as it relates to Republican gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs. The topic is “Where GOP candidates stand on abortion issues.”

Riggs, a former California congressman, is pro-life, which he affirmed by saying he was the only candidate running for governor with a proven pro-life voting record. While other candidates hold pro-life views, it turns out Secretary of State Ken Bennett and state Sen. Al Melvin have actually cast pro-life votes while serving in the state legislature, so Riggs conceded that he meant to say ”federal voting record.”

Far more interesting than the misspeak, however, is the turn of phrase the newspaper used in the full-page article attempting to castigate him. The words “pro-life” must gum up the works on the failing newspaper’s keyboards. Instead, “anti-abortion” is repeatedly used —- to forward the left’s death-to-innocents agenda.

To accomplish its goal of promoting abortion, no distortion is too excessive. The skewing of language is an old propaganda technique. George Orwell’s book titled “1984” described a Ministry of Truth that obliterated history and altered words to adapt to governmental edicts in a language called Newspeak. The slogan: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” was inscribed on currency, cigarette wrappers, stamps, ubiquitous banners — to hammer the message.

In describing the Newspeak formalized at Associated Press, we’ve previously referenced Orwell’s book, in which protagonist Winston Smith was employed as a clerk in the government’s Ministry of Truth Records Department. His job was to rewrite historical documents to align with the constantly changing current political deception. Newspeak, a “reduced” language became the tool to limit free thought and concepts posing a threat to the totalitarian regime.  Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct was classified as “thought crime,” “crime think,” or “doublethink.”

Smith’s work included manipulating facts, revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs to remove “unpersons,” the term used to describe people who had fallen out of favor with the party.

We conservatives are “unpersons” to the MSM liberals. But we still have a voice. We need to continue to use it.

AZ Republic gives Mormon bashing a thumbs up

April 30, 2014

Arizona’s daily newspaper, known to many as the AZ Repulsive, lives up to its name with the glowing review of “The Book of Mormon,” described as a “cheerfully profane musical.”

Though the newspaper calls the Tony Award winning theater production a “controversial hit,” it goes on to extol the content. 

Most often the term “controversial” is reserved for legislation or politicians the liberals at the daily abhor, but it was actually hauled out for this effusive review of the offensive play, referred to as “critically acclaimed.”

 Readers are told that the executive director of ASU Gammage, which is owned and operated by Arizona State University, claims, “We’ve been fielding hundreds and hundreds of requests for the show, so we’re very fortunate that it will be here.” Others want to know, “Why did it take so long?” and speculate the unexplained delay “has fueled rampant rumors that Gammage avoided scheduling the show because of its controversial content —- perhaps bowing to political pressure from influential members of the local Mormon community.”

If such pressure did exist, let’s hope it also came from segments of the faith-based community beyond the LDS Church.

According to the review, “The plot involves two missionaries from Salt Lake City sent to preach in war-torn Uganda. Woefully unprepared to face the violence and poverty there, they suffer a crisis of faith.

Satirical musical numbers include “You and Me (But Mostly Me),” a duet sung by chipper go-getter Elder Price and geeky companion Elder Cunningham, and “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream,” which features a giant dancing Starbucks cup (a reference to the Mormon prohibition on drinking coffee).

There’s also a spoof of “Hakuna Matata,” the don’t-worry-be-happy anthem from Disney’s “The Lion King,” that is, from nearly any religious perspective, wildly blasphemous. Without question, much of the content is offensive to many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” says the newspaper report.

In fact, the so-called “spoof” is filled with “F-U God” references. 

Would a musical defaming Islam receive the same praise from the leftist newspaper? Would Muslim male characters portrayed as effeminate geeks receive rave reviews and awards? Though the Obama administration fabricated the underlying reason, tragic events at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya and death threats against author Salman Rushdie, who dared write a book critical of  Mohammad, provide the unambiguous answer.

This is the opening number. Side-splittingly funny, huh? At the conclusion, comes this raucous introduction from Neil Patrick Harris: “Welcome everyone to the 66th annual Tony Awards, or as we like to call it, Fifty Shades of Gay.”

And this is the measured response from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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