Bloomberg’s $50 million attack on 2nd Amendment

April 17, 2014

Anti-gun leftist, feds & even your doctor want your weapons

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not letting any grass grow under his resoled loafers now that he’s unemployed. Instead he‘s refocusing his efforts at restricting guns in America, and pledging at least $50 million to accomplish his goal.

Bloomberg, reputedly worth over $31 billion dollars —- ranking 10th on Forbes’ list of America’s Richest People —- has unsuccessfully tried in the past to wage a national campaign against guns. Now the Second Amendment restrictionist is launching a new gun control organization, ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ that he hopes can rival the mega status of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Bloomberg’s bottom line is expansion of background checks to prevent increasing numbers of law-abiding citizens from owning guns. He’s working hand-in-glove with the Obama administration which is stealthily at work creating the infrastructure for a universal gun registry. In budget proposals known as “Program Increases” for the FBI, Attorney General Eric Holder says: “This program enhancement will double the capacity of the existing NICS —- National Instant Check System.  These expansions are vital in ensuring that the NICS system can support a Universal Background Check requirement, which is expected to double gross NICS transactions.” Gun Owners of America‘s alert continues here.

Everytown’s mission statement, claims the effort is “a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities.”

Then comes the tirade:

Speaking of the NRA, Bloomberg bizarrely rants: “They say, ‘We don’t care. We’re going to go after you, If you don’t vote with us we’re going to go after your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids. And we’re never going to stop.’ We’ve got to make them afraid of us,” Bloomberg bellowed.

And if you think mature adult gun owners are safe from this lunacy, think again.

Health care attorney Marshall Kapp, director of the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law at Florida State University Medical School is of the opinion that doctors who treat older patients should routinely ask whether they have access to guns. He defends speaking with family members about confiscating weapons, saying “the physician’s right to engage in firearm-related inquiries could actually be characterized as a legally enforceable obligation.”

“If families are unwilling to cooperate, doctors may need to turn to the law for help,” Kapp said. “Failure to address firearm safety for seniors can be considered a form of neglect that should be reported to the Adult Protective Services agency since it arguably constitutes elder mistreatment.”

Kapp’s shocking report, “Geriatric Patients, Firearms, and Physicians,” was published September 2013 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Senator tries to disarm 41 sheriffs at Okla. Capitol

March 17, 2014

Armed sheriffs given a choice: ‘Disarm or there’s the door.’  “So we all packed up and left.”

Just as they do every year, a contingent of elected county sheriffs gathered at Oklahoma’s state capitol in Tulsa for a meet and greet with lawmakers and to lobby on behalf of law enforcement issues. This time, however, they were met with a stunning request. The sheriffs were asked to check in their side arms after an unidentified state senator complained. So they left, according to Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert.

“Everybody in that building knew who we were,” Colbert told Tulsa’s Channel 8 News (watch video). All of the sheriffs were told to remove their weapons.

“One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building,” he said.

The choice came down to removing their weapons or removing themselves. “So we all packed up and left,” Sheriff Colbert said.  “We’re the people who protect these people.” Although several senators later apologized to Colbert, the sheriff is still astonished by the incident.

“If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re OK in that building, I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something.  Pretty sad day for me,” he said. In actuality, it’s a sad day for us all —- when those who are elected to enact laws so obviously have disdain for the Second Amendment of our U. S. Constitution. 

The situation in Oklahoma should alarm citizens across the United States. When armed officers can no longer assume they are beyond the reach of the liberal gun control agendawe are all vulnerable.

Last year in Washington State, a city council meeting on gun rights experienced a similar incident. After speaking for several minutes, a military veteran was interrupted and asked to disarm by a lone city councilman. After his request was voted down 2-4, the councilman stormed out of the room.

*H/T Alex Jones’ Infowars

Illegal invader shootout with AZ farmer

March 2, 2014

The high cost of “cheap” labor 

This close call occurred in Queen Creek, located in the southeast part of the Greater Phoenix area. Most significantly, this area is over 100 miles from the Mexican border. 

Dem swagger embodies intolerance, unipartisanship

January 22, 2014


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Calls Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment Americans “extremists” and tells them to leave New York.

“Their problem is not me and the Democrats Their problem is themselves. Who are they?” the governor asked. “Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”  Watch.


President Barack Obama: Threatens to continue circumventing Congress by issuing executive orders bypassing the legislative body, to carry out his pledge to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.” he boasted. “And I can  use that pen to sign executive orders.”  Watch.

Jeff Flake: AZ Republic admits McCain protégé loses support

January 4, 2014


Despite 30 % approval rating, Flake’s deceptive actions earn compliments from McCain

In a front page assessment of Jeff Flake’s first year in the U.S. Senate, the daily newspaper is forced to acknowledge that Arizona’s junior senator’s “moderate path over the past 12 months, has enraged his supporters and surprised his critics but also left him in the middle of an uncomfortable crossfire between the right and the left.”

The article, complete with a large photo of the bottle-blonde streaked Flake, pensively holding his chin while a blurred specter of mentor John McCain peers from the background over his left shoulder, hits the mark. Flake’s trademark smirk is gone.

Reporter Dan Nowicki earns an A+ for his forthright review of Flake’s numerous blunders, which Nowicki refers to as Flake’s “less-than-graceful debut in Capitol Hill’s upper chamber.” His low approval ratings are also included in the review.

The Flake/McCain duo recently incurred the ire of Center for Arizona Policy’s President Cathi Herrod over their duplicity in voting  for S. 815 the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), when their pre-election answers to the faith and family-based group’s questionnaire didn’t match the reality of their senate vote. Sen. Dan Coats (R-Indiana) was the single principled member to speak for religious freedom and against the bill.

An end-of-year survey conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research Inc., sharply illustrated Flake has lost favor among Arizona voters — as have McCain and his on-again, off-again chum, Barack Obama.  In the poll of 600 “likely” Arizona voters, well over half — 57 percent disapproved of the job Flake was doing as senator — while only 30 percent approved. McCain fared even worse with 58 percent disapproving of his performance on the job he has held for decades.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, a former 2012 Flake high dollar supporter, did an about-face, as it ran ads criticizing GOP lawmakers who opposed using the appropriations process to cut funding for Obamacare.  Flake was hammered in the worst possible way — by being compared to McCain. (Watch the linked ad.)

Flake fell from grace in the eyes of a mammoth, nationally respected, conservative organization, Family Research Council.  In 2010 the group called Flake’s vote to pass Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,  ahuge disappointment,”* noting Flake’s “weakness” in being swayed from the GOP and voting “aye” on the stand-alone repeal. Chastisement this strong from a group that previously touted “celebrating Jeff’s 100% record on our last scorecard,” is not insignificant.

Last April, we exposed Jeff Flake as Sen. Vacillator for his unconscionable waffling on universal background checks. The Arizona Republic called him a “coward” for his change of heart.

It’s happened before, as we pointed out inOops — Jeff Flake’s crown slips as he sinks to mere McPolitician,” when, as an unwavering amnesty-supporting congressman, Flake did an about-face to win conservative votes for the senate seat he so blatantly coveted. At the time, editorialist Doug MacEachern called Flake’s change of heart on legalizing millions of illegal aliens “jarring.”  Imagine our surprise as the Republic declared the vacillating Flake to be a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman” — for emulating John McCain’s border fickleness during his own 2010 senatorial campaign.

Arizona’s two coreless senators will do or say whatever it takes to stay in Washington, D.C.  They represent nothing else….certainly not Arizona voters.  Seeing Red AZ has dedicated a category to each of them. One is called McStench and the other Jeff the Flake. As you scroll through, you’ll notice the articles often overlap, as do the two men.

Add another disappointment. During Jeff Flake’s 2012 senate race, the Family Research Council removed its harsh criticism of him.

AZ “Guns Save Lives” censorship case heard today

December 3, 2013

This morning, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013, at 9:30 a.m., the Arizona Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the case Korwin v. Cotton — a three-year legal battle more often referred to as the ‘Bus Shelter Ads case.’ The First Amendment free speech aspect of this legal matter has brought together two usually divergent groups, the Goldwater Institute and the ACLU/AZ, which filed an Amicus Curiae brief.

Alan Korwin is a widely read author and recognized expert on America’s gun laws. Debbie Cotton is the director of the Phoenix Public Transit Department who claimed the ads didn’t promote a commercial transaction as required by city policy

This decision could have wide-ranging implications for free speech in Arizona, as well as whether advertisers should be limited in what issues they are able to address on city property.

In this FOX 10 News report Korwin explains how his bus bench signs that read “Guns Save Lives,” advertising his company’s website were taken down at 50 Valley sites by the City of Phoenix. Ultimately, the city allowed altered ads stating “Guns Stop Crime.”

Background on this important case, all of the legal documents and the timeline can be seen here on the Goldwater Institute’s website.

The Appellate Court’s Case Information is available here.

Colo. voters speak: Dems call it “voter suppression”

September 16, 2013

Elections are the means of giving voice to the voting citizens. We might not always like the results, but they are accepted as the outcome of a fair and legal process.  Unless you are a liberal Democrat.  Then the results that don’t play out in the desired manner are derided as bogus.

Case in point?  The results of last Tuesday’s recall election in Colorado. Former Colorado Sen. Angela Giron, a Democrat who was ousted in a historic election for her pro-gun control votes. Her anti-Second Amendment cohort Sen. John Morse was also removed. The duo are the first senators in Colorado history to be recalled.

Here is Giron on CNN blaming her defeat on “voter suppression” — in her predominantly Democrat district. Giron, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and even Obama’s former top advisor David Axelrod can’t bring themselves to admit trampling on Second Amendment rights doesn’t fly with American citizens — regardless of their affiliation.

 Giron: “What this story really is about, it’s about voter suppression. When Colorado has voted by mail — 70 percent of Coloradoans vote by mail — and we didn’t have access to that mail ballot, I mean, I…”

Host: “Forgive me, but I’m going to cut you off right there because if we talk voter suppression, I’ve read reports about a lack of popularity on your behalf, let’s just not go there. Let’s get to the meat of the story, which is this gun control stance…”

Both Colorado senators held their seats in deep blue territory. In 2012, Obama won Giron’s district by 19% and carried Morse’s district by 21%. The anti-gun effort was bankrolled by billionaire New York City Democrat Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Colorado’s last legislative session was defined as “one of the most liberal ever” by Joe Hanel of the Durango Herald. Democrats veered hard left on gun control and virtually every other policy issue dominating the left-wing agenda. But the election results show that in the end, radicalism doesn’t play well — even with the left.

Score a big win for Constitutional rights.

McCain’s Enzi endorsement a plus for Liz Cheney

July 23, 2013

Republican Liz Cheney is a fortunate U.S. Senate candidate. John McCain has stepped forward and endorsed her opponent in the 2014 Wyoming race.

The Daily Caller recently interviewed her on a variety of issues. The articulate and dynamic Liz Cheney, possessing a strong background in national security and foreign policy, presented as an impressive conservative — part of a “new generation,” as the 46-year-old attorney and mother of five refers to herself. 

McCain’s endorsement of Cheney’s opponent, incumbent Mike Enzi, 69, translates to a plus for her as the campaign moves forward. “Maverick” McCain is the conservative base’s most loathed Republican. He works closely with Chuck Schumer and other liberals pushing amnesty for upward of 25 million illegals,  just as he‘s done in the past with Ted Kennedy. His most intense collaborative bondings have formed with Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Russ Feingold and John Kerry. He’s not above striking deals with radical Harry Reid as he did days ago to approve seven of Obama’s federal judicial nominees. McCain has mocked conservative favorites Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as “wacko birds,” while repeatedly aligning with Barack Obama.

Once again exposing his liberal core, McCain now wants to repeal the “stand your ground laws.” In fact, the disconnected McCain has said that he was “confident” Arizona legislators would reconsider the law “because it (the ability to defend yourself) is a very controversial legislation.”  McCain was unable to coherently express exactly what is controversial about self-defense in the face of imminent threat. Even if he was able to make a point, he’d be laughed out of the Arizona legislative chambers with such a suggestion.

Mike Enzi, who touts himself as a defender of Second Amendment freedoms, must be overjoyed having McCain in his corner.

Liz Cheney foretold the truth in 2008 when she said, “If McCain is the nominee it will be sad day for the Republican Party.”

That precise prediction alone should win over a lot of Wyoming conservatives.

Where are the Hispanics?

July 17, 2013

Holder derides self defense laws

As many black Americans raise their voices in threatening rage after being incited by the media over the outcome of the trial in the Zimmerman case, conservative pundit Laura Ingraham asks the appropriate questions as it relates to Hispanic George Zimmerman:

“Where is La Raza on all of this?” Ingraham inquires. “Where are any of the Hispanic organizations? Where’s Univision?”

And Tuesday, Eric Holder, an activist masquerading as U.S. Attorney General, addressed the NAACP convention in Orlando, weighing in on the need for a national review of “stand-your-ground” laws. Before an audience that demands selective prosecution — the group is at the forefront of  the effort to pressure the Justice Department to bring federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman — Holder confirmed that his department is reviewing that possibility, citing his personal concerns about the case. He also assailed the right to self defense the “stand-your-ground” laws protect.

“Separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods,” Holder asserted.

Holder’s bizarre comments were a reference to laws, in Florida and other states, which allow people to use deadly force if they think their life is being threatened. According to the jury’s instructions, Zimmerman had “no duty to retreat and had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force” if he reasonably feared for his life or great bodily harm. Arizona‘s law can be read here.

There is great significance in Holder’s appearance before the group.  As Breitbart points out, the NAACP has claimed credit for inciting the prosecution of George Zimmerman.

NewsMax provides the full text of Holder’s speech.

Self promoter Jeff Flake churns out “survival” video

June 5, 2013

This time as Jeff Flake goes publicity-hounding, he takes two of his sons along and (mostly) keeps his shirt on. Last time? Not at all. Flake’s 2009 egocentric photos of his survivalist adventure on a remote, uninhabited isle were worthy of the ridicule they received since he made book on the fact that he traveled bare-bones, sans even food and matches, but brought along his trusty tripod and camera to catalogue his bare-chested crab catching. The ego-trip was timed in anticipation of his senate race.

After taking flak from the local newspaper, and other outlets, he has given another ‘exclusive’ to the far-left and more appreciative Washington Post.

After the first trip, the AZ Republic’s Dan Nowicki wrote, “In the light of the romantic scandal involving South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Flake is assuring his constituents that his ‘Robinson Crusoe’ adventure is not a cover story for any Argentina-style monkey business.” Quoting Flake, “I did tell (my wife) Cheryl, ‘That island is uninhabited, I promise,’ ” Flake said. “No one can accuse me of giving in to any kind of vices there, unless you call eating fish and coconuts a vice.”

Cheryl Flake need not worry. Surely she has read Ovid’s account of Narcissus, who also found joy near water?


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