Obama regime reconfigures invasion as “a humanitarian crisis” needing $billions

July 9, 2014

Just when you think Barack Obama might have exhausted his ideas on how to bring the United States of America to its knees, he has pulled yet another Marxist scheme from his endless bag of tricks.

Now he is requesting a nearly $4 billion taxpayer-funded bailout to resettle the reported 52,000 “immigrant children” flooding our borders.  The words “humanitarian crisis” with or without the word “urgent,“ are glibly tossed around as he is now characterizes the onslaught as “refugees” fleeing political turbulence in Central America.

This is a “crisis” contrived by Obama.

We are told the money is needed to set up new detention facilities, conduct more aerial surveillance, hire more immigration judges and Border Patrol agents to respond to the contrived assault of 52,000 children on the U.S.

Let’s not forget that the Obama regime has spent years saying the border has never been more secure than it is now. We’ve heard that mantra from Obama and previously from former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano in her role as chief of Homeland Security as well as during her time in our state. Infamous for inaction as she ridiculed fence construction, Napolitano continually stated, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder. That’s the way the border works.”

Wake up, America! Under the Obama regime, we are experiencing a brand of previously unknown political turbulence ourselves. The wall we were promised has never materialized. In fact, we were told it would pose a risk to our invaders. The National Guard units dispatched to provide security to our homeland were hastily withdrawn. The $20 million highly touted technology failed. Obama’s deceitful cheap talk and costly “solutions” are fraudulent.

In the worst economy since the Great Depression, the man who considers our Constitution an annoyance and himself an emperor, now tries to convince us to pony up more money to guarantee Third World status for ourselves.

As a border state, Arizona is on the front lines in this battle. Violent drug cartels have now taken over the illegal alien transporting business. Patriots in California have blocked the buses dumping illegals in their towns. The recent Independence Day observances should energize us to stand up against oppression from an overreaching government. That’s exactly what the yearly celebrations commemorate.

Listen as Obama —- the elected leader of the United States, sworn to uphold our Constitution and protect American citizens —- boldly mocks security efforts and spews lies regarding the border.


Phoenix City Council hides increa$e$ behind blather

June 20, 2014


The illustrious Phoenix City Council has voted to give Phoenix residents a soaking of gigantic proportions. In a maneuver sure to harm businesses in the downtown area and cut into the pockets of cash strapped ASU students, the council raised parking rates from $1.50 an hour to an astounding $4.00! Along with the astronomical increase, free weekend and after 5:00 pm parking will be a thing of the past.

The City of Phoenix under the leadership of a leftist Napolitano crony and Obama canoodler, views us as reliable taxable and fee paying golden egg laying geese, so it makes sense they want us to stay healthy. The officials who have spent us into a $38 million deficit,  say the increases will encourage us to bike or walk. If the idea of a 10-mile hike to and from work in 110 degree heat doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always the aromatic option of riding mass transit such as the transient friendly light rail or the bus.

Not only don’t the council members avail themselves of public transportation, they cordially conceal their nearly party line votes to raise the parking rates.  Republican Thelda Williams voted with Democrats Daniel Valenzuela, Michael Nowakowski, Laura Pastor and Kate Gallego. These Republicans who voted against the measure,  Sal DiCiccio, Bill Gates and Jim Waring, clearly prefer congeniality to irate exposure.

Although they go mute on revealing this crucial information, those in opposition  are  eager to ply constituents with emailed advice on beating the heat, and newsy information about the Top City of Phoenix retirees. One even shares his hopes for a USA soccer team victory over Ghana at the World Cup. Another has the raw nerve to attempt to persuade residents to “Dump the Pump” and buy a $20 7-day transit pass since “gas is currently $3.52 a gallon.”

Always thinking of ways to accommodate us geese, the city has reconfigured many of its meters to accept credit cards and adjust rates upward for higher demand times and events.

Flap your wings and honk if you appreciate your council member. Then lay another golden egg.

Videos of gun sales: Coming soon to a store near you?

May 28, 2014

Will Greg Stanton attempt to emulate Rahm Emanuel?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is promoting a troubling ordinance that will ban gun stores in “99.5 percent” of the city and require videotaping of all gun sales at the stores that are allowed to exist, according to Breitbart News.

The ordinance will also require the few gun stores that exist to perform “quarterly audits of their gun sales and allow police to inspect their records.”

This stringent ordinance comes in response to a “federal judge’s ruling in January that Chicago’s longtime ban on gun stores was unconstitutional.” Chicago was given “six months to approve store restrictions short of a ban,” reports CBS Chicago.

Emanuel’s ordinance would also “require gun stores to submit a safety plan outlining exterior lighting, surveillance cameras and alarm systems, as well as storage of guns and ammunition.” Store employees would “undergo fingerprinting, background checks and training on identifying potential gun traffickers.”

Emanuel and Second Amendment restrictionist Barack Obama have a longtime relationship. Prior to returning to Chicago to run for mayor in 2011, the radical liberal Emanuel served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.

Barack Obama also has a friend in the mayor’s office in Phoenix. Obama called his congratulations to Greg Stanton on the eve of his 2011 election.  They firmed up their friendship at the National Mayor’s Conference in Washington D.C. in 2012, as Democrats Greg Stanton, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Mesa’s Republican Mayor Scott Smith —- now a candidate for Arizona governor —- were among a handful of the over 250 mayors in attendance who “were pulled aside to meet with the president in a more intimate setting.”

Leftist Stanton has aspirations that far exceed a stint as Phoenix mayor. Keep a watchful eye on him. Arizona isn’t Illinois but Second Amendment supporters can’t afford to take anything for granted.

It was not that long ago that government bureaucrats in the City of Phoenix had attempted to censor firearms expert and author Alan Korwin’s ability to post bus signs for his gun training business —- after he had contracted for them with the city. Korwin, represented by the Goldwater Institute, took his case to the state Court of Appeals earlier this month, and was victorious.

Obama surrenders Internet to “global community”

March 14, 2014

With today’s historic announcement, Lawrence E. Strickling,  Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information acknowledges the United States has agreed to cede control of the authoritative root zone file, which contains all names and addresses of all top-level domain names.

To support and enhance the multi-stakeholder model of Internet policymaking and governance, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) today announces its intent to transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multi-stakeholder community.  As the first step, NTIA is asking the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to convene global stakeholders to develop a proposal to transition the current role played by NTIA in the coordination of the Internet’s domain name system (DNS).  Read the rest of the administration’s press release.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA.) tweeted, “What is the global internet community that Obama wants to turn the internet over to? This risks foreign dictatorships defining the internet.”

‘Ya think?

Talking Obamacare with liberal loyalist Gillibrand

November 18, 2013

Bobs and weaves, admits the lie

Appearing Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” New York Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand admitted that Democrats knew full well that Americans would lose their health insurance plans through the implementation of Obamacare.

When asked by guest host Martha Raddatz whether Democrats were misled by President Obama about whether Americans would be able to keep their individual insurance plans, Gillibrand answered: “He should’ve just been specific. No, we all knew.” (Video clip)

Gillibrand admitted the redistributive underpinning of Obamacare was the point of the program; so anyone claiming ignorance is not telling the truth.

This is directly from the show’s transcript:

RADDATZ:  Let me ask you this, I want to go back to this implementation, because we can’t quite go forward yet. Did you feel misled by Obama?

GILLIBRAND:  He should have just been more specific, because the point is if you’re offered by a terrible health care plan that the minute you get sick, you’re going to have to go into bankruptcy, those plans should never be offered.

RADDATZ:  So, were you misled?

GILLIBRAND:  He should have just been specific. No, we all knew, the whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy.

RADDATZ: But we’re talking about leadership here and trust. What does this all say about President Obama’s leadership these past few weeks? He fell on his sword but he’s missed that sword a couple of times.

GILLIBRAND:  Well, no one is more disappointed in the implementation issues than President Obama and he has taken full responsibility for the mistakes and the lack of getting this system up and running when it was supposed to be up and running.

Liberal loyalists speak the indignantly righteous language of Obamese. There are no translation services.

Hon. Russell Pearce’s letter illuminates solar power issue

November 2, 2013

Dear Conservative Friends:

I’m writing you today about a critical issue facing our state.

You may have heard or seen some stories recently about the future of solar power in the State of Arizona. A group pretending to be conservative Republicans and speaking for conservative Republicans statewide have been trying to stop the Arizona Corporation Commission from reforming solar “net metering.”

Net metering is a technical term for a rule that forces utility companies to pay solar customers for excess power their solar panels produce at a higher rate than the market dictates. Another major problem is that net metering forces homeowners that don’t use rooftop solar to pay for those that do. Even worse, this benefits California solar companies, like SolarCity, by forcing you to subsidize their profits.

This is unfair.

The group, led by Barry Goldwater, Jr., is trying to convince Arizona residents that subsidizing solar companies at the expense of non-solar customers is a good idea. The real money behind this scheme are the same California solar companies that are currently under investigation by the federal government and are being sued in a class-action lawsuit in that same state.

And who are the biggest cheerleaders behind this solar net metering scam? Barack Obama and the ultra-liberal Sierra Club. That’s right. Barack Obama’s advocacy group, Organizing for America, and the Sierra Club have come out in full support of this net metering scheme.

What self-respecting “Republican” would ally himself with the likes of Obama and the Sierra Club? If you like what Obama did for healthcare you will love what these folks will do for Arizona taxpayers.

The Arizona Corporation Commission will soon decide this issue. It is critical for us as conservatives to let the all-Republican Arizona Corporation Commission know we are opposed to Barry Goldwater, Jr.’s scheme to line the pockets of corrupt California companies at the expense of Arizona ratepayers and to reform net metering now.

The real conservative position is this: if you want solar panels on your rooftop, go ahead. But don’t make your neighbor pay for it!

What Barry Goldwater, Jr. and his allies support will increase your utility rates. No doubt about it. Instead of trying to compete in the marketplace, these solar companies are looking for a handout!

Please join me today in urging the Arizona Corporation Commission to fix net metering so that it’s fair for all Arizonans!

Remember, the Arizona Corporation Commission will be voting on this issue in the next couple of weeks. Please email the five elected Republican Commissioners and tell them to stand up for fairness and oppose the Obama/Sierra Club/Goldwater scheme by reforming net metering now. I have included the Commissioner’s names and email addresses below.

Let’s make sure our voice as true conservative Republicans is made loud and clear.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. Together we can protect Arizona ratepayers and their pocketbooks from these California companies’ schemes!


Senator Russell Pearce

Contact the Arizona Corporation Commission today! Time is running out!

(email addresses follow names)

Commissioner Brenda Burns

Commissioner Bob Burns

Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith

Commissioner Gary Pierce

Chairman Bob Stump

Laura Ingraham is the bear in Matt Salmon’s stream

October 29, 2013

In this scathing piece, Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ CD-5) is exposed as an amnesty waffler who did little other than waver, evade and reverse himself  in his discussion with syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham. He is described as “revealing his naiveté to both the political realities facing the House, and the market realities which confront struggling American workers.”

Read “Laura grills Salmon on his support for going to conference on immigration reform.”

It’s a stretch to believe that Salmon is naive regarding congressional machinations. Before being elected to represent the East Valley district in 2012, he previously served as U.S. Representative from 1995 to 2001 He knows the drill.

Listen as Ingraham opens with a brief June discussion with Marco Rubio and then moves to this interview (audio) with Matt Salmon. Ingraham begins by warning Salmon he is in a “cliché free zone” — meaning no “system is broken,” “people need to come out of the shadows,” “we can’t deport 12 million people.”

Despite the still too high American unemployment, Salmon continues to push for H-1B guest workers, “I’d like to get something done,” he tells Ingraham. When questioned about whether it would be reckless to flood the labor market with additional workers given the already exorbitant rate of unemployment, Salmon was flippant, saying. “There are so many people in our country who would rather sit on public assistance than work.” Ingraham pointedly asked Salmon whether he was calling  American people lazy. Salmon dodged, trying to reconfigure the comment. But Ingraham continued to press him on the issue, highlighting the flaws in his argument and explaining how such assertions, especially when expressed by politicians who are supposed to be advocates of the people, serve only to threaten the well-being of hardworking Americans.

Currently American citizens with college degrees in fields requiring specific technological skills are seeking work in record numbers. More educated young adults than ever before are still living with their parents.  Why would Matt Salmon think it necessary to import foreign competition?

HHS’s Sebelius to U.S. taxpayers: I don’t work for you

October 25, 2013

Watch and listen to Her Arrogance, Kathleen Sebelius:

A group of 33 Congressional Republicans signed onto this letter to President Obama, requesting that he call for the resignation of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Her ineptness has made signing up for the required health coverage mandated by the federal implementation of Obamacare impossible for millions of Americans. The White House has released few numbers, saying that  there have been 20 million visits to the website and half a million applications submitted. Time magazine’s conclusions are likely more accurate.

To date the best estimate of the setup costs of the inadequately tested and flaw-plagued system is nearly $500 million.

“The scope of the problem is so great that, were this a private company or military command, the CEO or general would have been fired,” the members of congress wrote. “We are, therefore, calling on you to hold Secretary Sebelius accountable for the fiasco that is HealthCare.gov and ask for her resignation.”

Obamacare scandal: tax $$ fund H-1B visa workers, offshore jobs

October 1, 2013

Technical glitches hamper Obamacare enrollment

The problem-plagued government takeover of American’s health care doesn’t officially take effect until Jan. 1, though mandatory compliance will be in full force March 31 as new federal requirements compel all Americans to carry health insurance or face fines.

Yet those trying to sign up on Healthcare.gov were instead met with error messages including one warning the “system is down” and another claiming too many people are flooding the site.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius pleaded with reporters to “cut [her] some slack,” as she weakly acknowledged there “would probably be some site issues.” in the coming days and weeks as Obamacare moves forward.

Sebelius skirted the issue that many of the “consumer guides” or “navigators” hired to help people sign up for coverage aren’t even certified to do so. That might be due to the fact that English is not their native language. In this 2-page report, Computerworld recently exposed the massive outsourcing  of these jobs to offshore companies, such as Infosys, a major Indian technology conglomerate, which received 5,600 approvals last year.  Infosys recently announced that it had won a $49.5 million contract to develop a health benefit exchange for the District of Columbia. Washington Business Journal reports the award has the potential worth of $86 million to Infosys’ subsidiary Infosys Ltd.

Cognizant Technology Solutions, based in Teaneck, N.J., but with worldwide operations,  conducts a major share of its work overseas. It has been one of the largest users of H-1B visas, getting more than 9,000 approvals last year, according to government records. A $71.4 million IT contract was awarded to Cognizant, which ranks in the top seven for procuring H-1B visa workers.

Illinois’ Democrat Gov. Patrick Quinn circumvented a three-year procurement process on up to $190 million in no-bid IT contracts, allowing Medicaid Management Information System to outsource state jobs to India.

Adam Andrzejewski, who heads Open the Books Project, a group urging transparency in public spending, reports that visa workers will be used in multiple states including the Illinois Medicaid systems project. He pointed to the state’s high unemployment as one reason why using such workers is flawed policy. The staggering Illinois statewide unemployment rate is 9.2%, the second highest in the U.S.

As full-time employment continue to elude American workers — rates worsened by skittish businesses uncertain of the ramifications of Obamacare — the outrage over the fed’s outsourcing of jobs as it overreaches into our personal healthcare decisions, should be palpable.

Even the left-of-center Huffington Post acknowledges the dire situation.

Unprincipled McCain admits amnesty deception to unionists

July 31, 2013

Border surge?  What surge?

John McMaverick, the driving force behind the Gang of 8, partnered with Democrats and squish Republicans to push an amnesty bill through the Senate. In his zeal to advance it, he even voted for an amendment that would spend $46 billion on new border security measures, while doubling the size of the Border Patrol. Now he says that “could be adjusted.”

Arizona conservatives know that believing anything this man says is folly. He lies as easily as honest men speak the truth. McCain now admits the plan was simply a subterfuge intended to secure Republican votes.

“I’ll give you a little straight talk,” the forked-tongued one told attendees at an AFL-CIO immigration forum on Tuesday. “We don’t need 20,000 additional border patrol agents,” calling a path to citizenship “a fundamental element.” Singling out border security parts as an example, he said, “The rest of it could be adjusted.”

“I voted for it so friends of mine would have comfort that we are securing the border,” McCain cunningly admitted. “But the real securing of the border is with technology as opposed to individuals.”

More double talk from the master of the maneuver. We’ve been led down that path before.

McCain told the unionists there is a “good chance of convincing” House Republicans that allowing illegal aliens to earn their citizenship is the right thing to do. The question remains, why would unions be aligned with a proposal to bring in millions of workers to compete against their own members in a still struggling labor market?

As the amnesty monstrosity moves through congress, GOP members are being strong-armed by the establishment elite representing pro-amnesty business interests seeking low wage labor. They are led by the chambers of commerce which represent large donors and long-time amnesty aficionado Karl Rove, who is intent on decimating conservative activists — over whom he has no control.

On the opposite side of the divide are the vocal home district voters and grassroots Republican precinct committeemen who oppose rewarding lawbreakers and believe that citizenship is achieved through a legal process open to those who view America as “the shining city on a hill,” as Ronald Reagan so eloquently stated it. Actual immigrants choose to become acclimated Americans and regard this great nation as their home rather than a place to exploit and overtake. America welcomes educated, legal immigrants who contribute to our economy and desire to become part of the fabric of our country.

Spewing deception, McCain told the union leaders, “Every poll I have seen and I have seen hundreds, shows well over 70% of the American people support a path to citizenship. They support a path to citizenship because they realize this is an issue of 11 million people (more accurate numbers under link) who are living shadows, who are deprived of their rights and can’t live normal lives and are not going back to where they came from.”

Even McCain’s blanket amnesty isn’t good enough for Hispanic advocacy groups expressing outrage at even the liberal Senate bill. They fictitiously call U.S. efforts at border security “border militarization.”

Michelle Malkin describes  how illegal aliens are treated in Mexico Then watch this telling interview:


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