AZ AG Tom Horne: Tonight 7pm Russell Pearce Show

April 12, 2014

The Russell Pearce show, Arizona’s most reliable conservative radio talk show, hosts Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

Tune in to KKNT 960 AM ‘The Patriot’ or Listen Live this evening from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

Harry Reid lurking in BLM land grab of Bundy Ranch

April 12, 2014

Corrupt Democrat Sen. Harry Reid is exposed as working with the Chinese government to take land from the American family of ranchers who have worked on this Nevada site for over 140 years.

Alex Jones’ InfoWars has the very important and sordid story complete with documents, updates and videos. This government corruption affects us all. Read about it. 

Knowledge is power.

GOP elites backdoor amnesty, left uses intimidation

April 11, 2014

ACLU employs strong-arm tactics, bullying, deluge of subpoenas, in attempt to silence AZ conservatives

Far leftist New York Sen. Chuck Schumer —- the fellow amnesty gangster of John McCain and his deferential underling Jeff Flake —- was quoted this week saying that he thinks Congress still has a chance to pass “immigration reform” before the end of 2014. “Most Republicans, they’re in the vote-no, pray-yes caucus, they want it to pass as long as they don’t have to vote for it. I still think we have a chance to pass it this year.”

These words send a strong signal that conservatives must remain vigilant of our own Arizona Four. Polling shows that 83% of Americans are disgusted with Congress. This arrogant back-of-the-hand is among the reasons. It’s time we face the harsh reality that what we are being told at district meetings and town halls is quite different from what they are actually hoping for, and likely will vote to pass —- after Election Day. When constituent hoodwinking is on the horizon, Schumer’s words hold relevance.

Look at the facts:  The Texas Tribune reports that onetime Republican National Committee chair and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is colluding with Democrats on what is now cunningly called “Immigration Reform.”  We know it by its more honest moniker “Amnesty.”

Jeb Bush tells us that illegals invading the United States come out of an “act of love.” His bizarre remarks are contained in this Washington Post article.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, reveals the  lengths to which pro-amnesty groups such as the deep-pocketed ACLU will go in order to silence conservative voices. He describes intimidation techniques in Arizona related to SB1070: “Vast arrays of individuals and organizations have been subpoenaed by the ACLU. Ordered to produce “all communications” related to immigration and other hot-button topics such as voter IDs for a nine-year period are more than 20 current and former members of the Arizona state Legislature, public-interest groups such as the Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA and the American Legislative Exchange Council, nine police associations, including the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police and the Arizona Highway Patrol Association, political groups such as the Arizona state Republican Party, the Arizona African-American Republican Club, the Arizona Republican Assembly.”

Fitton also describes the efforts to end a racially biased ethnic-studies program in the Tucson Unified School District. In 2011, Tom Horne, our Arizona Attorney General, was then Superintendent of Public Instruction. Horne appropriately found the Raza (Race) Studies Program to be in violation of statutes prohibiting the promotion of ethnic resentment. In public comments during the case, a former member of the Arizona Board of Regents noted that the Race Studies textbooks were “classical showpieces of Marxist-oriented indoctrination. They are about political oppression, incessant deprecation of anything not Chicano — including the U.S. Constitution, capitalism, and anything European.” Students were taught that “they are oppressed” and “principally not American.” Horne was successful in removing the racist, anti-American program that called for the American Southwest to be reclaimed by Mexico.

Fitton discloses retaliation and harassment were the actual motive for the massive deluge of ACLU subpoenas. Simply holding views different from the leftist ACLU and its clients placed targets on the backs of Americans and their First Amendment and privacy rights.

We recently posted “Reading between the amnesty lines,” which bares the Congressional double-talk on amnesty. 

Taxing problems for AZ CD1 candidate Gary Kiehne

April 10, 2014

Gary Kiehne, an honest to goodness ropin’ cowboy from rural Arizona, is running for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District.  At first glance he appears to be the real deal, but according to Wednesday’s Yellow Sheet (subscription only), Kiehne has a problem or two.

It seems Kiehne, a reputed multi-millionaire, has not paid his 2013 property tax on a Casa Grande mobile home. Also, this public document available from the Pinal County Assessor’s office indicates he is claiming more than one primary residence, defined in Arizona as Legal Class 3.


Kiehne also lists a home in Eagar as his primary residence, according to the Apache County Assessor’s website.


State law precludes claiming two separate properties as primary residences, unless a close relative is residing in one of the homes. Arizona gives a tax break on primary residences. Unlawfully claiming more than a single primary residence is gaming the system for an undeserved tax credit.

Wage inequality: Dem’s latest great divide

April 9, 2014

First it was the minimum wage that anti-capitalist Barack Obama claimed needed to be hiked. Never mind that raising the pay for entry level jobs meant fewer jobs for the mostly young people seeking them —- thereby thrusting them out of the workforce. Government contractors are now obligated to follow this mandate, and fast food restaurants responded by closing on military bases.

Then came the impoverished Congress. Democrat James Moran (VA) contends that “the American people should know that members of Congress are underpaid,” and he plans to highlight that injustice by introducing an amendment to a bill that funds member’s $174,000 salaries and enviable benefits packages. “Our pay has been frozen for three years and we’re planning on freezing it a fourth year. A lot of members can’t even afford to live decently in Washington,” Moran whined. He’s further upset by the fact that since Republicans took control, the House has been working a 120+ day a year schedule.  Not bad pay for working a third of a year.

Women, it turns out, are also victimized and underpaid. But Obama has boasted he can correct any wrongs he perceives by bypassing the underpaid Congress and enacting executive orders. His latest focus, the Paycheck Fairness Act, applies executive actions to the workforce at large.

Few would be surprised to learn that hypocrisy reigns at the White House. Hot Air reports that critics immediately demanded to know what Obama planned to do about his own gender-pay gap, as women in the administration only earn 91 cents for every dollar earned by men. 

This NRCC Memo calls the Act a “desperate political ploy,” correctly assessing, “It will make it nearly impossible for employers to tie compensation to work quality, productivity and experience, reduce flexibility in the workplace and make it far easier to file frivolous lawsuits that line the pockets of trial lawyers.”

Yet here in the City Of Phoenix, Democrat mayor Greg Stanton, is fixated on the same issue of gender “income inequality,” regardless of the misrepresentations in his Obama-like pitch. Stanton and councilwoman Kate Gallego have announced their intention to create an equal-pay ordinance that includes enforcement of this policy for contractors dealing with the city.

Astute citizens are keenly aware of intentional divisions, the goal of which is fomenting classes of victimhood in America. This concept is fundamental to the far -left mindset. Democrats are only too happy to churn the victimization brew and let those so “afflicted” know the answer to their problems comes through expanded government, thereby relieving people of their need to take personal responsibility.  In tandem, every misbehavior from overindulgence in food, drink, use of illicit drugs, gambling  or even shopping (shopaholics) is now labeled a disease, requiring others to pay to support those who claim they are incapacitated —-  by their own excesses.

No wonder our border is a floodgate.

Pullen for state treasurer: Qualifications galore

April 8, 2014

Managing AZ’s $ multi billion investment portfolio requires a pro

No right thinking conservative would ever accuse former Tempe mayor Hugh Hallman —- a marginal Republican, at best —- of being a conservative. So it’s no surprise his list of endorsers is rife with similar Republicrats, with John McCain leading the charge of cohorts. There are a few head scratchers tucked in among the left-of-center brigade of lobbyists and political operatives, but in the main it’s a list no candidate seeking conservative support would proudly proclaim —- even given Hallman’s colossal egotistical disconnect. 

Associates of questionable stripes do not an elected official make. Actual experience related to the office being sought —- in this case the crucial office of state treasurer —- is where the rubber meets the road. Selecting the right person for the position of Arizona’s chief banker and investment officer has never been more important than in these shaky financial times.

Measure Hallman’s list of prominent McRINOs against Pullen’s list of prominent conservative endorsers —- among them Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Senate President Russell Pearce, and former Maricopa County Republican Chairmen Rob Haney and Tom Husband.

Randy Pullen is a CPA, a businessman with an MBA in finance, and former partner with the international accounting firm Deloitte & Touche. He served ably as the Treasurer of the Republican National Committee and currently is Treasurer of the Arizona Housing Finance Authority. Pullen is founder and President of WageWatch, Inc., a premier internet based compensation and benefit survey firm serving Fortune 1,000 companies. WageWatch has over 5,000 subscribing companies representing over 1.5 million employees nationwide.

Pullen’s credentials for the job are solid.

Under Pullen’s leadership during his two terms as Republican state chairman, Arizona made unprecedented strides, with election victories in 2010 resulting in super majorities in both the Senate and House and winning every statewide office.

There is no question Pullen is the most qualified candidate for state treasurer.

Last November we wrote about a would-be “Kingmaker” (be sure to read the link to Robert Robb’s excellent exposé) who was rumored to be busying himself reconfiguring Arizona’s Republican officeholders into a faint McShadow of themselves. Now as a headliner on Hallman’s list, the buzz about Bill Montgomery has grown legs.

Kwasman revs up Sedona

April 7, 2014

Congressional District One candidates Gary Kiehne, Adam Kwasman and Andy Tobin were the invited guests at a fundraising dinner Saturday evening.  The packed house event was held at the Sedona Hilton and jointly hosted by the Mingus Mountain Republican Club and Verde Valley Republican Women.

Two of the candidates, Gary Kiehne and state Rep. Adam Kwasman showed up. Tobin sent a half-baked surrogate to address the crowd on his behalf.

Watch this impressive short clip of Adam Kwasman’s presentation.



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