Put a fork in McCain—he’s done


We have yet to see a statement from the McCain camp on the failed amnesty bill. It’s clear Arizona’s senior senator has suffered irreversible damage to his Presidential aspirations. Sinking quickly, even before the collapse of his much touted legislation, John McCain was encountering serious trouble raising the much needed dollars to finance his presidential bid, with polling and first quarter filing figures verging on disastrous.

Onetime McCain loyalists are wisely casting their sights in the direction of other candidates. Even an undeclared entrant, such as former Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson, is polling better than our erstwhile Arizona media magnet. When a former office holder who has yet to announce is outpacing a current senator and two-time presidential candidate, the writing, as they say, is on the wall.

Aside from his hot temper, arrogant manner, age (he’ll be 71 in August) and ongoing health issues, McCain has been less than forthright since his days as a carpetbagging congressman. Barely escaping with his own political skin after questionable associations with convicted financier, Charlie Keating, McCain’s reversal of position placed him in the forefront of “campaign finance reform.” Such efforts further exacerbated internal rifts in the GOP base, since opponents argue the measure violates First Amendment rights, infringing upon free speech. His renowned penchant for “bipartisan” alliances with liberals such as Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Russ Feingold (D -WI). has further inflamed conservatives.

As leader of the so-called Gang of 14, he drew criticism for his deal-making regarding judicial filibusters. Support of embryonic stem cell research and his repeated votes to block drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which would lessen American dependence on foreign oil, antagonized party regulars. Although his steadfast support of the Iraq war has earned him praise from those who see this action as an integral part of the war on terror, he inexplicably desired to reduce reliable border security as it relates to the national defense of the United States, by promoting an unsavory plan granting citizenship to those who flagrantly and illegally enter our country. Add to this his vicious dismissal of mostly Republican evangelical Christians and calling Revs. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, “:forces of evil,” he enflamed rather than endeared himself to the very people he needs to court. .

John McCain has a history as a flawed man of contradictions.. In these perilous times, we are in dire need of consistency and dedication of purpose–to this great nation—rather than one’s self..

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