Gov. Napolitano’s intricate side-step

It will be interesting to see how Janet Napolitano handles the state legislature’s employer sanctions bill awaiting her signature. She obviously preferred the federal “solution,” which failed miserably earlier this week. This places her in the uncomfortable position of having to explain whatever she does to disparate constituencies expecting action.

On one hand, she declared last year’s bill too lenient, and vetoed it. But Arizona’s citizens have been vocal in their desire to have action taken on securing our porous southern border. Napolitano is also aware of the need to placate the business community, obviously not keen on the employee verification aspect.

This woman is a stoic player, not wanting to veer too far into an abyss that might cause her harm when she runs for the senate seat currently held by McCain. Her options pack her into a tight box, since a much tougher, and likely to pass, citizen’s initiative looms on the horizon.

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