“Super-size me!”


Marion “Mac” Magruder is getting a lot of face time these days. Last evening, he was interviewed on FOX News Channel 10 and today, there he was on CNN’s Lou Dobbs.

He is reacting to the new state employer sanctions law which he says could put him out of business. You might recall Magruder as the Paradise Valley businessman who ran for first vice chair alongside former Gov. Fife Symington, who campaigned for the chairmanship of GOP District 11. The duo, neither of whom attended district meetings, ran unsuccessfully as surrogates for the McCain/Kyl faction, in a well orchestrated effort to wrest control from the conservative leadership of Rob Haney. Haney was reelected by a wide margin.These days, Magruder, who owns 38 McDonald’s franchises, sounds more like a Democrat, as he complains about the effects of the law, which makes Arizona the first in the nation to pass a statewide employer sanctions measure.

“My business, now today, is probably worth about half of what it was yesterday. Why would anybody come here and buy my business with this hanging over their head?” asked Magruder.“All of our employees are documented,” he maintained. “They have driver’s licenses, they own homes and have families, they are documented…..but who really knows?”

Still, Magruder disingenuously contends there aren’t enough legal workers to go around.The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and some business owners oppose the bill, saying it will have dire consequences for the state. The law, which goes into effect January 1, 2008, only imposes sanctions against those who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

McCain…Kyl…Magruder. Hmm?  Wonder if that trail of dots has any connection to the amnesty bill advocacy of McCain and Kyl, and the employer sanction opposition of Magruder? Since Magruder certifies all of his employees are legal, he should have nothing to worry about.

14 Responses to “Super-size me!”

  1. Hillbilly Jethro says:

    Chamber of Commerce…Glenn Hamer…Matt Salmon…Jessica Pacheco…John Kyl….John McCain….Mac Magruder…Fife Symington…Jeff Flake…..

    Will the Illegal Alien circle be broken? By and by Lord, by and by.

    From an old Appalachian Mountain Gospel hymn…Lord Send in the Defenders of Sovereignty We Pray

  2. Ellie Mae says:

    Fife sang bass, Mac sang tenor. John and Jon would join right in there. In the barrio in the sky Lord, in the barrio in the sky.

  3. Tim says:

    If Magruder uses the federal verification system, he CANNOT get in trouble. That’s the law. Use the system and if the employee checks out, you CANNOT get in trouble if the employee later turns out to not be here legally. Magruder just doesn’t want to pay enough to attract legal workers.

  4. a confused young man says:

    I just don’t get this whole debate, if they are documented what is the problem!? Hire them and pay them a legal wage. What is he worried about? And if they are illegal wouldn’t he want them reported and deported? Where are the patriots? Where are the statesmen? Where have all the men of integrity gone? Why will these “business men” cut corners and violate laws that go unenforced but if anyone “steals” from them or embezzles a little cash they are sure quick to file law suits and press charges to enforce certain laws!

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  6. Steve says:

    Can anyone tell me how to find out which McDonalds restaurants (and any other businesses) Magruder owns so I make sure NEVER to patronize them? He thinks his business is losing value now? Wait until we boycott his restaurants!

    I think it’s about time they started enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books and penalizing supporters of the sea of trash that is flowing across the border every day. I don’t have a problem with immigration, just do it legaly and be a productive part of society. Pay taxes like the rest of us!

  7. Joe says:

    If Magruder, Colangelo and Wake Up AZ think that I, along with many other Arizonans, don’t know the consequences of this new law, they are mistaken. We know exactly what will happen if employers knowingly hire illegal aliens. They are breaking this law and will suffer the shutdown of their businesses! It is as simple as that. Will this loss of business hurt many people? You bet it will, must notably the business owner who will lose the most, financially speaking. Therefore, the answer to all of this is – Business Owners out there beware: get with the program and ensure that the correct hiring policies are in effect in your respective businesses. Start paying worthwhile wages and raise your prices if you must. Arizonans are ready for this and want these illegals to stop coming to this state and getting a free pass because you decide to look the other way and hire them. The time has come for the business community to step up and do the right thing. Now. The majority of Arizona is behind this law.

  8. Shawn Nealon says:

    So this is what a brain tumor feels like…. So does this guy want to be able to hire people running from the law for other things as well? What part of ILLEGAL is he not getting? I too would like a list of businesses owned by this man, so I know where NOT to spend my money…

  9. Captain Truth says:

    Correction to your article… Mr. Magruder does NOT own 38 McDonald’s franchise locations. He owns less than 15. Please don’t ruin other owners’ business by making almost 30% of the Phoenix McDonald’s locations in the target of Magruder-haters. In reality, he owns less than 10%.

    Information on which ones he owns can be found up-to-date and very easily with some moderate internet research. Stop asking for lists of restaurants and look it up yourself. Geez.

  10. seeingredaz says:

    The 38 franchises are statewide and have been noted in other sites and publications. The number was not picked out of thin air.

    Seeing Red AZ has never solicited information regarding locations of Magruder’s fast food locations. One reader asked and another reader supplied locations. They are posted under another column on this topic.

  11. Asus says:

    The law would only give penalties to buisiness who
    knowingly violate. Who will determine this?. It’s in the
    best financial interest of a company to hire illegals.
    If a buisiness is fined, they will not stop. They will
    recover from the loss instantly.Get the proof, go through
    legal channels, if that don’t work take away their prized
    possessions as a community, by force.Private meetings.
    Everyone participates. Nobody talks.
    The government, & corporate america are to blame.
    They blame the consumer but who reaps the rewards?
    The autorities do as they are told by these entities.
    They cannot arrest everybody in a community.
    If they try, then thay support big buisiness.
    They do not care about the wellfare of you, themseves,
    or this country. “Take them out as well”
    Do it!

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  14. Poor Baby says:

    According to The Rockefeller Commission, the U.S. population in 1972 was already higher than it should have been at 200 million. Now at 300 million, not counting the 40 million illegals the Census Bureau overlooked, it’s nice to know that guys like Marion are still willing to destroy our home through over-population rather than give up the additional profits they make by not employing their fellow countrymen.

    I know, Marion, U.S. workers aren’t as good as foreign imports. They’re spoiled. They expect more money. They expect a living wage to accommodate the increased financial demands of living in the United States. They don’t think they should have to live 20 to an apartment or eat their pets during lean times. Yeah Marion, American workers are spoiled losers.

    I’ve got an idea Marion. It’s a WIN-WIN situation. You move all your restaurants to MEXICO and you can employ all the Mexicans you want. What’s in it for US. We won’t have to spend our time trying to figure out how to keep traitors from selling us out because they were stupid enough to adopt an unethical business model.

    You need to read the Pledge of Allegiance, Marion. All pack animals pledge allegiance to each other. There’s a reason for it. So INVADERS WON’T OVERRUN AND KILL THEM!!!!!

    Prairie Dogs Do It
    Wolves Do It,
    Even Antelope and Frogs Do It
    Let’s Do It
    Let’s Pledge Allegiance To Our Fellow Countrymen

    the One’s Who Have Our Back, they’re called United States Citzens.