Hall of Shame: AZ Republican business owners seek to oust Republican legislators


Personal profit trumps national security and rule of law

In an above-the-fold article titled, Business elite fight hiring law, today’s Arizona Republic lauds the affluent notables mounting a “counterattack” against the employer sanctions law, which was signed by the governor July 2, 2007. Claiming implementation would “devastate” the economy, the mega-wealthy business owners have joined forces in the formation of a coalition, “Wake Up Arizona!”

Marion “Mac” Magruder, statewide McDonald’s franchiser

Jim Click, Tucson auto dealer

Jerry Colangelo, former CEO of the Phoenix Suns

Steve Hilton, Meritage Homes CEO

Daniel Hendon, Danny’s Family Car Washes

This deplorable contingent, soon to be joined by the left-of-center Arizona Chamber of Commerce, has announced plans to target Republican state lawmakers who were instrumental in guiding the tough new employer sanctions law to passage. The group has announced plans to form a political action committee (PAC) with the aim of unseating Rep. Russell Pearce (R – Dist.18) and House Speaker Jim Weiers (R Dist. 10), along with other patriotic Republicans, in the upcoming election cycle.

Don Goldwater, former gubernatorial candidate, now leading the Legal Arizona Worker’s Act, responded to the scheme. “The voter, I think, knows exactly what’s going on with businesses who are trying scare tactics,” he said. Goldwater pointed to the safeguards legitimate businesses have in using a federal database to confirm the legality of new hires. The operative word is “knowingly,” as in knowingly hiring those in this country illegally.

Before affixing their signatures to the Declaration of Independence, the Founders included this memorable line:

–And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Those brave and patriotic men must be rolling in their graves at the thought that personal profiteering trumps national interests with these business “leaders.

For shame!

10 Responses to Hall of Shame: AZ Republican business owners seek to oust Republican legislators

  1. Nancy Bennett says:

    The last few times I visited MacDonald’s with my grandchildren, I asked myself, “Why am I supporting this company that obviously hires hordes of illegal immigrants? How do I know which of these people have brought known and unknown diseases from south of the border? How does this franchise owner get away with such blatant anti-legal behavior?”

    Now I am motivated to act. Here is my opportunity to teach my grandchildren the concept of BOYCOTT.

    Thanks again to the District 11 stalwarts who will, with our help, keep these people at bay. So sorry Jerry Colangelo has aligned himself with them.

  2. wayne says:

    I applaud the actions of these men. If we are to solve this problem Congress will have to work together to do so on a federal level. When we as a state jump in we bring in very unsavory elements and react with only fear.
    Stop the insanity and insist on the Feds doing what needs to be done by reforming our immigration laws.

  3. Ellie Mae says:

    Wayne, back in da hil contry where i hail from, we don’t git a lot of book learin. But we do learn a lot of cummin sence from exparence. 20 yars of fedrl gumermint werkin twogether wit nutin to show four it is enuff fer me. God bless Repersentve Pearce end dat good looken charmr Don Goldwater. u no, I thnk your coment jist might b 1 of dem red fish that misdereck us. U don’t even belive it youself. Bet you one of dem Philadelfa lawers. Pa gittin his shotgun now.

  4. Jethro says:

    Ellie Mae,

    you’re a girl aftr my own heart. If you can get your mind off Don Goldwater, I would like to take you out. We won’t b goin to a low class macgruder bergers place either. We will be boycotton em. It will be Subways for us! They speak English there and food is better for you. No Diamond Backs or Phoenix Suns either. And if you take my hand in marriage, we won’t be stayin at any of them Hilton motels either. What are those rich folk thinkin of anyway…Just sellin out our country for a few more Confederate dolllars in their pocket.

  5. Ellie Mae says:


    I hav herd Don Goldwater talk about the evils of ellegal alayins, Amnesty and Mac Magruders stay in dem Hilton motels, and you ain’t no Don Goldwater. You don’t even hav dreamy blue eyes. Shove off.

  6. Bill says:

    Are you talking about Congressional wonders such as Arizona’s two charming senators Jon McCain and Jon Kyl, teaming with none other than Teddy “Chappaquiddick’ Kennedy on the so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform scam against America?

    All upstanding guys who put low-wage workers and amnesty for illegals above American workers and the rule of law. How about protecting our national borders as we are sitting ducks for terrorists using the open borders to enter our nation?

    I am a lifelong Republican who is so disgusted with the current state of affairs, I could gag. I voted for George W. Bush twice and have gotten more flimflam from him as he falls into line with the North American Union. I originally thought this was the latest in conspiracy theories until I’ve heard Vicente Fox being interviewed on Larry King and talking about the Amero that will “eventually” be put into use as was the European Euro, when the Western European nations lost their currency and a good portion of their national sovereignty. That is what the transcontinental highway will facilitate between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    What a shame when we can’t trust our own elected officials to look out for America’s best interests. They are too busy figuring out how to get re-elected. Next time they will do it without my assistance.

  7. xxmikeo1 says:

    I assure you these men aren’t interested in anyone except themselves and most of all the “Greenbacks inside their pocketbooks. This is the reason they wish to get rid of good law abiding reperesentatives across the State of Arizona.

    They only wish to see thier profits grow at the taxpayer expense. They pay low wages and the illegals often depend on public assistance for other income to live.

  8. Thomas J. Setter says:

    We need E-verify and legal workers only.
    We should Boycott these businesses.
    Enough of these Hypocrites who are greedy.
    Obey our laws or move out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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