Mexico processing confidential driver’s information

California’s foolishness should not be imitated by Arizona officials

Amid growing concerns over the lack of national security at our nation’s borders and Homeland Security warnings of increased terror threats, California’s Orange County Superior Court has begun outsourcing the processing of traffic tickets to Mexico.

With identity theft a growing problem for American citizens, the personal information of thousands of drivers being sent to Mexico, is causing a firestorm of complaints. The County Board of Supervisors confirmed that complete driver and vehicle information that was included on the traffic citations was being sent to the Cal Coast office in Nogales, including driver’s license numbers, driver’s addresses, vehicle license plate numbers, and vehicle identifications.

Cal Coast, one of the Southwest’s largest data entry services, has data processing offices in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Nogales.

Language difficulties of the processors further compromised the transactions.

One Response to Mexico processing confidential driver’s information

  1. Fed Up Sam says:

    What a swell idea! This outsourcing and giving access to personal information of American citizens will enable our hardworking neighbors across the border to get the information they need BEFORE they arrive here in violation of our law.

    What an assist for identity thieves! They must wonder why they didn’t think of this themselves.

    Are we Americans nuts?