GOP: Reports of demise are greatly exaggerated


Mark Twain’s wisdom applies to Republic’s lead editorial

In Sunday’s lead editorial, the Arizona Republic gleefully tolls the death knell of the local and national Republican party. Finally, the paper has abandoned all pretense of journalistic evenhandedness.

Their predictions of the GOP demise, as Mark Twain said when he read his own obituary in a local newspaper, “are exaggerated.”

To give credibility to their dire forecast, they cite polling done by The Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC and PBS KAET-TV’s Bruce Merrill. They even quote Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services. Curiously missing? Any data from conservative sources.

Taking full advantage of editorial privilege, they position against the Iraq war and talk of “scandals“ plaguing Republicans, as though such occurrences are foreign to Democrat administrations. The editorial also blames McCain’s presidential campaign woes on the “free fall” of the party. The use of the word “sulfurous” in reference to border security proponents, conjures up images of America-hating dictator, Hugo Chávez’s description of President Bush.

Apparently McCain‘s unpopular views on immigration, his alliances with liberals such as Ted Kennedy, his shepherding of the disastrous campaign finance “reform” and legendary temper, have nothing to do with his massive staff defections and lackluster fundraising. The editorial implausibility refers to McCain as a “steadfast warrior-servant of his nation.” McCain served honorably in Vietnam, f or which he has won praise. Since then, the “warrior-servant” has served himself. Let’s not confuse the issues.

Although they play fast and loose with language themselves, they tackle comments made by state Rep. Russell Pearce (R- Dist.18). When Pearce called elected officials who support amnesty in our post 9/11 world, “traitors,” he joined scores of others, who view the act of granting citizenship to those in our country in violation of our laws as betrayal. Our elected officials, it should be remembered, have sworn to uphold the law.

It’s difficult to take on those who buy ink by the barrel. Thank God for blogs.

2 Responses to GOP: Reports of demise are greatly exaggerated

  1. ron says:

    Interesting response to the bird cage liner. I read the ed on Sunday – must be a slow news day to have to dig this deeep for an editorial

  2. ken says:

    Gee how many time do you think the words, “the Republican Party is dead” were spoke during FDR(spit) reign? Or after the fall of Richard Nixon. Lest the Democrates forget, Jimmy Carter(spit) barely won the election against Ford. Republican party dead? Nope. -Ken