ASU’s Michael Crow subverts intent of law

Citizen students take a back seat to “migrants”

In a front page article in this morning’s Republic, ASU helps migrants find tuition, we are treated to the news that Arizona State University, under the leadership of President Michael Crow, is aiding as many as 200 illegal aliens with tuition. These students have received a total disbursement of $1.8 million, to skirt the intent of Prop. 300, a voter-approved law that requires such students pay higher, out-of-state tuition rates. Crow says the funds are solicited from private donors, although he declined to name them.

He announced the scholarship program to a large gathering at the Hispanic luncheon of Valle del Sol, Inc., receiving warm applause.

It’s enough to have us Seeing Red AZ.


2 Responses to ASU’s Michael Crow subverts intent of law

  1. Paul says:

    Private donations? ASU is a public institution. Any funds donated should go to that end. Crow thinks he is fooling us all as the overpaid King of Arizona.

  2. Kent says:

    We’re paying full rate for our US citizen daughter who was born in this state.

    I find this “scholarship program” for illegals infuriating! Tells a lot of what Crow thinks of us. What crap!

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