Phoenix: outrageous status as Sanctuary City raising public fury

Mayor Gordon’s policies decried following another officer death

The daily paper is finally responding to public outcry regarding “Sanctuary City” policies of Mayor Gordon. Under the policy, long condoned by Gordon, officers are prohibited from alerting federal immigration officials regarding their encounters with illegal aliens in this country in violation of our laws. These encounters include not only traffic stops, but misdemeanor arrests. Illegals who are crime victims are also exempt from such reporting.

The current and senseless policy, allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) only to be alerted when the criminal activity involves drop houses or vehicle smuggling.

The Mayor’s office is reported to have been inundated with calls from angry citizens since the death of officer Nick Erfle earlier this week. The callers are urging abolishment of the horrendous procedures which put citizens and our police officers at grave risk.

Finally there is movement on this absurdity. The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the union representing officers, opposes the policy, putting the rank and file officers at odds with Police Chief Jack Harris and the mayor. Since it is the officers who are at risk, their concerns must be recognized.

“It is my position . . . that the job of the Phoenix police is not routine immigration enforcement,” Harris said.

Mark Spencer, president of the Police Law Enforcement Association representing the officers, counters that illogical thinking, saying ”I think the policy needs to be looked at hard. They are frustrated. Here the police officers are handcuffed from accessing federal tools to deal with illegal immigration.”

And still the newspaper is unable to put the word “illegal” to print. Their headline on today’s article reads: Police migrant policies decried


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