That GOP Big Tent : Who says Republicans are straitlaced?

Naked politics

Legislative District 6  precinct committeeman,  nudist ranch  owner, state finance committee member and high-dollar GOP donor, Horst Kraus, is a longtime and dedicated Republican activist.

The daily paper gives him more coverage than he usually gives himself in  this article.

7 Responses to That GOP Big Tent : Who says Republicans are straitlaced?

  1. Horst Kraus says:

    You know what? If the GOP decides to reopen wide the Big Tent in President Reagan’s spirit we’ll have a real good chance to keep the White House and maybe, just maybe get some of those seats in the House and the Senate back, and on the State levels also.
    When this happens, I will say: “It was well worth every hour I worked and every dime I spend”.
    Yours truly
    Horst Kraus

  2. Claremont Clem says:

    Keep up the work for the party, Horst. This post about you sounded complimentary to me. It acknowledged your labors in the GOP vineyards. But since the Republic article was titled, “Naked Politics”, and focused on your nudist ranch as well as your politics, there was nothing I could see that was wrong in mentioning the ranch in the above post. We join you in wanting to win back some of those lost seats. We all need to get out there and wok for that.

  3. Ben F. says:


    You just can’t get past the truth that the Party Platform that you hate so much, and is supported by the mainstream of the Party (conservatives), was instituted under the direction of President Ronald Reagan.

    I know that you don’t like that and prefer the revisionist theory that the Party has taken a right turn lately, but you and your buddies in the MSM cannot change the facts by merely continuing to spout your perfidious punditry.

    The conservative leaders in the Party are merely remaining constant while the country is veering left and people like you who do not believe in the core principles of the Party infiltrate it and try to undermine what has been in place since the convention just prior to Ronald Reagan first election as President – at HIS direction.

    The Rockefeller top-down interests lost control of the Party forty years ago to the conservative supporters of Goldwater and Reagan. If you are looking for the centrally controlled politically correct party, check out the registration opportunities on Central Avenue.

    For you to espouse that somehow you are in sync with Reagan is laughable. You have regularly attempted to connect yourself with The Great Communicator when you really oppose his core values.

  4. Keen Observer says:

    Watch it Ben F. Horst is going to connect you with the Nazis and Hitler if you keep it up. I understand that at the last Leg Dist 6 meeting Horst accused a PC who moved a one sentence motion to oppose the city of Phoenix’s sanctuary city policy of being Nazi like for trying to ram through the motion without allowing proper time for consideration. Such a tolerant individual is that Horst Kraus. Do something he opposes and you remind him of the Nazis. Come to think of it, that is the same tactic liberals use to quiet their opposition. Congrats to Kraus, he fits the mold. Probably learned it from his idol John McCain.

  5. Watchful says:

    Ben F. and Keen Observer are right on! Kraus wouldn’t support the Republican platform if his life depended on it. The platform has always had a pro-life plank. His hero Ronald Reagan was pro-life.

    If you read the linked Republic article in this post, it’s clear that the people who eagerly take his money, like Jon Kyl, don’t want to discuss him. It’s a good thing he’s giving money to McCain. No one else is.

  6. Ben F. says:

    Horst’s definition of “Big Tent” is everyone should do whatever they want, anytime, anywhere. Taking his basic philosophy, everything EXCEPT moral, traditional Founding Father core values are acceptable.

    I do not understand why people feel that they must live here and try to make our country like where they came from, when there are dozens of countries available that already support their values. It seems that it just makes it uncomfortable for everyone, including himself. Of course, on the other side, this is the only country that would allow his continual rantings. Maybe he should try Australia – nope, John Howard would tell him to get along or leave. John Howard demonstrates values that cannot be bought by money or position- unlike our Jon-Johns.

    While different in application, the attitude is similar to the illegals who want to change America to look and function politicallly and socially like their home country – which they left because it sucks, yet they have retained citizenship there.

  7. Leslie says:

    I’m nude every morning when I shower. But I believe in decorum and modesty rather than showing my private parts to acquaintances and or strangers. Such flagrant behavior is exhibitionism…no matter the loud protestations to the contrary. Giving large sums of money to political parties or candidates doesn’t mainstream public nudity. This guy is obviously trying to buy respectability.