Jeff Flake: touting appearance on 60 Minutes

September 26, 2007


He’s no Jimmy Stewart regardless of Morley Safer’s wet kiss

CD 6 Congressman, Jeff Flake, known to many as the most appropriately named person in those hallowed halls for his irresponsibility on border security, has sent out an unusual mailer.

Oh, sure—he’s asking for money. That’s a given. Especially with a viable challenger in  Rep. Russell Pearce  (R – Dist. 18), who most certainly taps into citizen frustration on this highly-charged issue.

The reason his mailer was worth more than the walk from the mailbox to the trash, was the full-color photo showing Flake engaged in a warm chat with none other than ancient liberal interviewer, Morley Safer.* Safer remains somewhat obscured on the appropriate and shadowy left side of the picture. Flake is fairly glowing on the right, bathed in luster, as he strikes a casual pose while sunlight glimmers off his very blond tresses.

And below the carefully photoshopped photo is this quote from Morley Safer:

“Jeff Flake’s story is a familiar one, immortalized 67 years ago in the film “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” starring Jimmy Stewart, who portrayed a young idealist who runs up against the real Washington world of fat cats, special interests and rotten apples.”

Betch’a a military guy like Jimmy Stewart* would have voted for securing the border by building a wall and wouldn’t have fallen for normalizing relations with Communist Fidel Castro’s Cuba, which the U.S. State Department identifies as a  state sponsor of terrorism. It would be difficult to imagine Jimmy Stewart–either in real life or as his Mr. Smith character, partnering with liberal congressional colleague, Democrat Luis Gutierrez, in pushing the “Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act” or  STRIVE Act, granting tuition and other benefits while extending amnesty for illegal aliens living in our country in violation of our national sovereignty and rule of law.

Flake has made exposing “earmarks” his calling card. In truth, all the watchfulness over out-of-control spending won’t amount to the worth one of his single glimmering head hairs if we don’t secure our borders and protect American citizens from an onslaught of illegal aliens with no regard for our history, culture, language or laws.

Our porous border remains an open portal for terrorists. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell’s office has  revealed  that during fiscal 2006, there were 14 Iraqi nationals caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally, while so far in 2007, that number is 16. Can you tell us how many entered successfully, Mr. Flake?

” I don’t think history has any reason to be kind to him.”

*“ Morley Safer, CBS 60 Minutes correspondent, recalling President Ronald Reagan on CNN’s Larry King Live, June 14.

* Stewart was the first movie star to enter the service for World War II, joining a year before Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was initially refused entry into the Air Force because he weighed 5 pounds less than the required 148 pounds, but he talked the recruitment officer into ignoring the test. He eventually became a Colonel, and earned the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Croix de Guerre and 7 battle stars. In 1959, he served in the Air Force Reserve, before retiring as a brigadier general. He was a conservative Republican and a hawk on the Vietnam War


Looking for your ideal presidential candidate?

September 26, 2007

Take the quiz and find where you match-up with the contenders

WQAD-TV Channel 8, a Moline, Illinois television station, is seeing a flurry of activity after providing a way to select your most compatible choice for president.

Their fascinating Select-A-Candidate Quiz uses responses on specific topics from all the presidential hopefuls and directs voters towards the candidate that most closely matches their own views on the issues.

The results of this 11 question quiz may surprise you.

William F. Buckley: Ahead of his time

September 26, 2007

WFB on Ahmadinejad, 45 years ago

National Review Online’s Noah Pollak writes: “The definitive statement on the controversy at Columbia was made, I think, actually 45 years ago. In 1962 William F. Buckley delivered a speech to the Yale Political Union attempting to persuade the Union to disinvite Gus Hall, the secretary of the Communist Party of the United States, from speaking at the university.”

Treat yourself to the concise excerpts of Buckley’s brilliant observations which can be found here.

Arizona Supreme Court refuses to hear abortion case

September 25, 2007

Electric abortions? Let’s hope that’s a typo.

KTAR-Radio reports the Arizona Supreme Court is letting stand a lower court’s ruling that Maricopa County cannot enforce a jail policy barring the transporting of inmates for electric (do you think they might mean “elective?” ) abortions without a court order.

The Jan. 23 Court of Appeals ruling said the policy was an “exaggerated response” to the requirements of running a jail and violates the privacy rights inmates under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit challenging Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s policy and won in trial court. Arpaio later appealed.

SOS: Former midshipman and football quarterback attempts rescue

September 25, 2007


Sinking ship sent a lifeline

CBS reports that Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Roger Staubach, has emailed a  fundraising message  on behalf of fellow U. S. Naval Academy alum, Señor John McCain’s sinking  presidential campaign ship. His plea is laced with football metaphors. We prefer naval jargon.

Staubach, now a Dallas real estate executive with Staubach Company, is to be commended for valiantly attempting the rescue. We hope he also has plenty of oxygen in tow and remembers best practice CPR techniques..

Taking a page from Phoenix City Council?

September 25, 2007

This looks like a job for the state legislature 

The  Tribune  notes that several East Valley cities are considering a ban on text messaging while driving.

This issue should be tackled by the legislature rather than as a piecemeal, city-by-city mélange, with different restrictions affecting drivers as they travel through various jurisdictions.

Free Speech gets a workout from leaders who disallow it back home

September 25, 2007


United Nations: long a forum for hurling insults at U.S., Presidents

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s anti-American bluster at the United Nations has become de rigueur. There is a long history of vicious assaults directed at the United States and our Presidents by world dictators and international thugs, given a platform at the United Nations.

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev:  Removed his shoe, hammering it on the desk. He arrogantly and repeatedly disrupted the General Assembly by pounding his fists and shouting in Russian.

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:  Called President Kennedy “illiterate and ignorant” and rambled about American “aggression” in a torturous four-hour speech. Castro further used the podium to declare then-Republican nominee Richard Nixon lacked brains. Cuban foreign minister Roberto Robaina in 1996 maligned President Clinton, stating, “We are facing a King Kong escaped from its cage, destroying and smashing without orientation or control.”

Ugandan Madman Idi Amin:  Known as the Butcher of Uganda for his brutal reign, spoke at the U.N. and urged the United States “to rid their society of the Zionists” and called for the “extinction of Israel as a state.” Uganda was nevertheless appointed to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua:  The twice elected socialist and former imprisoned bank robber, denounced President Ronald Reagan, and demeaned his Hollywood background by calling him “Rambo,” adding, ‘”Rambo only exists in the movies.”

Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat:  Defiantly wore a holster during his address to the United Nations. As world leaders gathered for the U.N.‘s 50th anniversary in 1995, Mayor Giuliani ordered the terrorist Palestinian leader removed from a commemorative concert at Lincoln Center. Arafat sat though the first two movements of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony before departing.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:  Called President Bush “the devil” during his speech last year, saying he could still smell the scent of sulfur since George Bush had previously stood at the same podium. Chavez also called Bush “an alcoholic” and “a sick man.”

White House spokesman, Tony Fratto said, “This is a country where people can come and speak their minds. It’s something that we’re proud of, giving people whose ideas and beliefs we find abhorrent if not dangerous.”  “It would be wonderful if some of the countries that take advantage of that here, allowed it for their own citizens there.”

The American taxpayer foots the bill for this incendiary free speech. providing 22 percent of the funding to maintain an organization that is rife with America-haters, voting against us whenever the opportunity permits.