Feisty Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, targets judge


Charges citizen-approved Proposition 100 being thwarted

Charging that a senior trial court judge has ignored the law denying bail to illegal aliens, (The daily paper insists on calling such lawbreakers “migrants.”)   Maricopa County Attorney  Andrew Thomas, has demanded that Judge Timothy Ryan remove himself from cases involving his office. Ryan is the assistant presiding criminal judge.

Thomas has sought outside legal counsel to move forward with his claim, stating that Ryan has repeatedly exhibited bias against enforcing the provisions of voter approved Proposition 100.  Passed last year by an overwhelming 78 percent of Arizona voters, the measure denies bond to illegals charged with serious felonies.

Earlier this week, the Arizona Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, upheld  the Proposition’s constitutionality.

“Proposition 100 was intended to thwart criminals from fleeing justice and accountability in Arizona courtrooms,” Thomas said, regarding the appellate court decision. “This reform is essential if we are to prevent criminal offenders from coming and going as they please across our southern border.”

A hearing is scheduled on the motion today.

8 Responses to Feisty Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, targets judge

  1. Mr. Conservative says:

    Yeah!!! Nice to see that Mr. Thomas has the guts to take on an out of control judge who refuses to follow the laws that have been written and voted in by all of us… Thank you, Andy Thomas!!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Keep up the good fight, sir. We appreciate your efforts.

  3. John says:

    And leave Russ Jones alone. For the life of me I can’t figure out what that man is supposed to have done that is worth wasting the resources of your office and tarnish, if not outright destroy, the lifetime reputation of an otherwise distinguished servant.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    Jones has been a mighty strange obsession of his. Makes no sense to me either.

  5. Frankly speaking says:

    Thomas is not sitting still for judicial excesses. Ryan has shown his biases and absolutely should recuse himself from all of the cases involving criminal conduct by illegals. By the same token, I don’t beleive he should be asked to remove himself from ALL cases prosecuted by the county attorney.

    Thomas is a straight shooter and has our support and gratitude. We’d like to see him continue what he is doing. Can you imagine what would be going on in this regard if one of his liberal opponents had won the election for this office?

  6. gary mayo says:

    judge ryan has no business being a judge if he will not follow az law

  7. asdfasdf says:

    I’m holding my Republican Primary ballot in my hand, got it in the mail early today, googled “Thomas, Andrew”, i’ll now fill in the blank space now next to his name.

    By the way, why am I voting for a “county attorney”? I thought a Republican form of government is minimalist voter involvement as opposed to a direct democracy. *sigh*

  8. Stanford says:

    What’s the “sigh’ about?
    Am I to assume you would rather have your vote taken from you and given to the Board of Supervisors to appoint the county office holders? That’s what they want, you know. They gussy it up and call it “Home Rule.” It’s nothing of the sort. Would you want to trust Mary Rose Wilcox to vote in your stead? I sure wouldn’t.