Didn’t receive this? You must be a Republican


Sometime Republican, Maria Baier, sends out mailer targeting Democrats

Republican for Janet, Maria Baier, is a candidate in the District 3 City Council runoff election.  Also running in that race is Jon Altmann.   

An actual Republican, Altmann, is not likely to be seen in a cozy photograph with Arizona’s very liberal Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano.

“Maria has my full support and confidence and will hit the ground running as the next Councilmember from District 3,” says Napolitano.

Napolitano joins Democrat Mayor Phil “Sanctuary City” Gordon in endorsing Baier.

18 Responses to Didn’t receive this? You must be a Republican

  1. Jay Bird says:

    Maria Baier is a real opportunist. The fact that she campaigns with Napolitano and send it only to Democrats and then has our esteemed GOPers suckered into her camp, tells me all I need to know about all of them. Back where I come from, we call this Class A Hypocrisy. I’m glad to know there is a real Republican in this runoff. This is very good information. Thanks. That old line about a picture being worth a thousand words, applies here.

  2. Mr. Conservative says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t want to have my picture taken with J’Nap!!!

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  4. Maggie says:

    What’s with these turncoat Republicans? Why don’t they simply run as Democrats?
    Check out the web pages for legislative candidate Frank Schmuck, supposedly running as a Republican, in District 20. He also crowingly advertises his association with Napolitano amidst his endless photos.

    This wise move will no doubt win him tons of GOP support.

  5. Macbeth says:

    Schmuck? I couldn’t even find a webpage for the guy. But I do live in Dist. 20. If this is the way he wants to appeal to me, he’s lost me before the campaign gets underway. In our household, we vote for proud Republicans.

  6. John says:

    These RINOs make me sick. I wouldn’t vote for any Republican who pulls such two-timing maneuvers. I’d have a lot more respect for these people if they ran as the Democrats they are.

    There’s no problem with people registering with the party of their choice and supporting the candidates they think will do the best job. That’s the American way. What I do have a problem with is two-timing, doubling dealing and being untrustworthy.

    I’m a PC. I would NEVER lift a finger to help a candidate who acts in such an unprincipled way. Baier and Schmuck are not going to win over the Republicans they need to win. Baier is helped by the unions, her brother the fire chief, and counts on a low voter turnout. Schmuck is just rowing against the tide in a rickety boat. What Republican would support this guy?

  7. Ajo Joe says:

    Look how happy Maria is to be photographed with her heroine.
    And check out her body language, head tilted toward JNo and big broad smile.

  8. John says:

    word on the street is that Altmann has been pulling the same kind of gimmick, with phone calls touting his moderate credentials to independents and democrats, and his conservative credentials to R’s. Notice his endorsement from former Democratic Congressman Sam Coppersmith? Pot calling the kettle a kitchen tool.

  9. Kent says:

    John–I have no independent knowledge regarding your comments, but Coppersmith, (although many of us find him deplorable), is a has-been. The governor and mayor are well known leftists who are current office holders. Coppersmith served only one term as a liberal congressman before he was given the boot by AZ voters.

  10. Maggie says:

    This gal is the Republican being supported by Kyl, McCain, Shadegg and other elected GOP officials? Shame on them! What in the world are they thinking of? I don’t care if she was their children’s babysitter or the next-door neighbor. Vote for her if you choose, but don’t insult Republican voters and party workers. Who in the h**l can we trust?

    I’m getting very fed up with this.

  11. jessica says:

    Talk about ironic…The reason Altman has Sam Coppersmith’s endorsement is because he was a registered DEMOCRAT. He only switched parties so he could run in this republican district! Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  12. Jon Altmann says:

    GETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Let me cite some history. I was a Republican Party PC in the old Dist. 24 under Marv Weide. I have walked nominating petitions for Jane Dee Hull when she was running for the legislature a long time ago. I was stuffing envelopes for some fellow named Paul Fannin when he ran for U.S. Senate – and I have worked for Jack Williams’ campaign, too. I have a Barry Goldwater figure doll – I don’t think it gets much more hardcore than that.
    I have also worked for some other historic Republican candidates doing some of their grunt work, including John Conlan and Ernie Garfield.
    Sam Coppersmith is my friend and has represented my business interests for several years. He never once asked me to back a cause, a party or even a zebra. I think it is absolutely great when a Republican (me) can get a Democrat (Sam) to back me. Is that not what it is all about – getting votes?
    If someone is going to make a hit about me having a good lawyer who happens to be of another party, am I also a target because I am a Catholic and went to the same church with big name Republicans (by the way, I am in the same parish as Rob Haney)? Don’t tag with this guilt by association trick. And don’t attack my friends.
    You will not find on my contributor’s list a score of folks who make four-digit contributions to the DNC – but you will on my opponents – but she may not want you to know that.
    But it is more than that – whether it is Rob Haney or Sam Coppersmith, I have supporters who believe in my integrity.
    The Phoenix City Council elections have been non-partisan since about 1948 – and a key craftsman of that was – Barry Goldwater. So, are we going to take a hit a Barry, the father of conservative thought, too?
    I have served in the U.S. Navy – in the Intelligence Community – for 22 years. I don’t think you’ll find any liberals and probably not too many of another party in those ranks. In my military community, we did count among our ranks a Republican U.S. Congressman as one of our intelligence reserve officers.
    I served this Nation in positions of high trust with some of most sensitive information. I am proud of that work. It was not a Democrat or Republican uniform I was wearing, I was wearing the cloth of our Nation.
    Here’s the bottom line – I am a fiscal conservatve. If I am elected and someone calls my City Council office, the question will be “How can I help” not “what is your party affiliation.” I am all about trying to find ways to cut the property tax, find ways to be smarter with the public’s money and keep the use of those monies to the essentials and the will of the people. I will not be looking to bend the “will of the people” into some PR statement that justifies more spending.
    And a last minute hit on a conservative website seems like the desparate attempt by others to do what? Not be confident that almost a quarter of million dollars of campaign donations is not buying the exposure needed to win?
    At age 11, it was a really big deal for me that my Dad introduced me to Barry Goldwater. My Dad was a life-long Republican, a member of the Trunk and Tusk Club, and retired as a Federal executive who had a reputation for saving the taxpayer’s money. I am proud to say I am cut from the same cloth. I know my up-bringing.

  13. Horst Kraus says:

    Up front my disclaimer; I do not live or vote in Phoenix and I have no horse in this race.
    You must have missed that the Phoenix City Council election is a non-partisan election. If I were to run let’s say for the “Cleanest Plumber of New River” annual award, I too would be proud to garner the endorsement of the AZ Governor and the Mayor of Phoenix even though I am a republican and a fiscal conservative.
    Did you know that there are voters who take their clues from the observed demeanor of the supporters of the candidates or their opponents as the case may be?
    From view point you have given Maria Baier a significant advantage. Thank you very much. Just for what it’s worth, regurgitating the RINO word it is actually out of vogue now.

  14. Sideliner says:

    Non-partisan is a joke of course. Phil Gordon is an out-in-front liberal Democrat, and the city council members do nothing to conceal their affiliations. The AZ Republic even asked each one of the candidates which party they belonged to when doing the article on the individual candidates prior to the election.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors, hype and make-believe. if you believe they are all non-partisan, you must be in a dream world.

  15. Chuck says:

    Chuck Says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 6:10 pm
    The photo of Frank Schmuck and Napolitano was taken when he was inducted into the AZ Veterans Hall of Fame – the highest honor that can be presented by Arizona and the Governor to a military veteran. Check out http://www.AVHOF.org.

    Frank Schmuck is a life long Republican. He has a name people remember and he has incredible ability to do good for our community and State. Just look at what he did with rubberized asphalt. The day he was inducted to the AZ Veterans Hall of Fame the audience of more than 500 people gave him a standing ovation. He has principles and ethics. Why do you think Romley endorsed him? http://www.TeamSchmuck.com

    As for his name it means one thing in Yiddish and in German it means “jewel” or “jewelry.” Maybe its time we get off the looks and the pictures and put a real Schmuck into office. Frank Schmuck’s got my vote because he puts “service before self!”

  16. Jeff Richards says:

    “…..Horst Kraus testified on behalf of a previously convicted child molester in a case involving a young boy at his nudist camp during a trial in October 2000. As a witness for the defense, Kraus testified to the good character of the defendant and the “untruthfulness” of the victim. The defendant, Owen Thompson, is now serving two life sentences for dangerous crimes against children at Shangri-La Ranch.

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