Fannin confirmed as ambassador to Dominican Republic

Bob Fannin has finally been confirmed as ambassador to the Dominican Republic. This exotic gig will likely suit him better than that pesky job of chairing the state GOP..

His confirmation merits a press release, commending Fannin on his “great patience,” from the office of Sen. Jon Kyl.


3 Responses to Fannin confirmed as ambassador to Dominican Republic

  1. Sideliner says:

    Athough he put a chunk of his own change in the GOP coffers, he was devisive. Hope he has a good time drinking rum under a palm tree and soaking up the ocean breezes.

  2. Mr. Conservative says:

    I’m sure Fannin will “enjoy” his new job…

  3. Jane says:

    Just read that they are being inundated with torrential and dangerous storms in the Dominican Republic. Bob Fannin might be inclined to boogie on outta there,. The beaches don’t appear so blissful just now.