Let’s play the game of Fish-wrap Speak


It’s a whole new language

The headline in today’s edition of the Daily Fish-wrapper reads: Migrants, stolen cars found at AJ shop.

Translation: Illegal aliens are entrepreneurally engaging in an unlawful chop-shop business. They are not migrants, nor were they merely found beside stolen cars in Apache Junction. They were actively engaging in criminal activity.

The body of the article then hauls out a new descriptive phrase: undocumented immigrant workers.

Translation: These are criminals who entered the United States in violation of our law. They are not migrating swallows returning to Capistrano. They are not undocumented, as you will read in the next paragraph. “Workers?” Odd term to use to describe criminals engaged in the felonious pursuits of auto chop-shops.

More from the Fish-wrapper: Documents were also seized, including vehicle-registration titles, which police believe may have been altered, fictitious or used in the remanufacturing or selling of the stolen cars and parts.

C’mon Mr. de Uriarte,* let’s drop the “undocumented” pretenses once and for all. These criminals have plenty of documents. They are forged, counterfeit or stolen from law-abiding citizens.

Isn’t it finally time to cancel your subscription to this deceitful publication?

*Richard de Uriarte is the editorial page editor of the Daily Fish-wrapper.

2 Responses to Let’s play the game of Fish-wrap Speak

  1. Mr. Conservative says:

    Did anyone happen to see my Dodge Ram 1500 Quadcab? I’m sure it’s too late, it was stolen a year ago… it’s in Mexico or somewhere futher to the south.

    Nice to see you can count on the paper to avoid using the term “illegal”… and they wonder why there are fewer and fewer people who subscribe…

  2. Sideliner says:

    The Republic finds it impossible to use the correct ternimology to describe illegal aliens. Do you really think the paper could be reliable in describing illegals who are committing criminal acts? (I mean the consecutive ones, after the inital act of breaking and entering our home/country.)