Presidential candidates last quarter financial filings

October 29, 2007

Some interesting information is contained in these reports.

This is recommended reading for inveterate politicos.


Extra! extra! Get your regurgitated news from Arizona’s largest daily paper

October 29, 2007

Monday morning edition becomes journalistic parody

When the daily Fish-wrapper determined that its “busy readers” needed a condensed Monday morning version, the decision did not merit rave reviews. For a time, the Valley & State section disappeared entirely and Sports was expanded. Arizona Living became a clone of Simple Living magazine, with articles from that publication used as space filler between Britney Spears updates and the comics.

Although Valley & State has returned to the anorexic Monday paper, it is chock full of repeat articles from previous editions. An outstanding example of this reporting rerun is the article on today’s front page of Valley regarding a missing physician who had his license revoked after three patients died following liposuction surgeries. The exact article was in a previous edition.

Another repeat today, using a different headline and pushing one of their chosen city council candidates, is tagged with this admission: A version of this story may have appeared in your community Republic.

May have?  Did they think we didn’t notice? This pathetic effort at news reporting qualifies the entire newspaper as the Comics.

Michael Medved’s open letter to Congressman Ron Paul

October 29, 2007

Similar concerns have been raised by others

Syndicated columnist and radio talk show host, Michael Medved, posts an open letter to presidential candidate, Ron Paul, on

Edward Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters wrote an interesting analysis earlier this year.

Wonder if Medved receives a reply?

Oh, those gals!

October 28, 2007

City council candidates in Districts 3 and 7 have “issues”

Although the daily Fish-wrapper previously endorsed Laura Pastor in the District 7 City Council runoff, they are left with egg on their face as they expose her lack of credentials for her position with the Maricopa Community College system. Her congressman father, Rep. Ed Pastor, funneled millions of taxpayer monies in the form of grants to the college district, and that she was hired at $16,000 over the maximum salary for the position.

Three rivals for that post had superior qualifications to Laura Pastor’s, but they lacked one critically important component in their job search: None of them had a congressman father to bring in out-of-state, high-dollar donors and pave the way with federal grants to the schools totaling millions of dollars.

It took a court order for Maricopa Community Colleges to release the resumes of the better qualified candidates for the “outreach” position gifted to Laura Pastor. That information is available here.

District 3 candidate, Maria Baier, is a lobbyist who is also well-connected by family ties. She is the sister of Phoenix Fire Chief, Bob Khan, which would pose ethical problems on votes for issues dealing with the Phoenix Fire Department—unless she disqualified herself from all votes involving department issues—which she has not indicated she would do. Like Pastor, she is endorsed by liberal Phoenix Mayor Phil “Sanctuary City” Gordon, and has the nod from Democrat Gov. Napolitano.

Baier, notable for her presence on the Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) list, has been generously repaid by the governor as seen here.

Fannin confirmed as ambassador to Dominican Republic

October 28, 2007

Bob Fannin has finally been confirmed as ambassador to the Dominican Republic. This exotic gig will likely suit him better than that pesky job of chairing the state GOP..

His confirmation merits a press release, commending Fannin on his “great patience,” from the office of Sen. Jon Kyl.

Mark Anderson opens exploratory campaign

October 27, 2007

Lengthy letter misses the boat; raises questions

Republicans are receiving a five-page, singled-spaced letter from Dist. 18 State Rep. Mark Anderson. announcing the formation of his exploratory congressional campaign in District 5, and seeking donations.

 Right out of the chute, Anderson uses his website to take a shot at his legislative seat-mate, Rep. Russell Pearce, citing Le Templar’s blog in the East Valley Tribune:

“He’s (Anderson) considered less ideological and less inflammatory than his two colleagues from legislative District 18, Rep. Russell Pearce and Sen. Karen Johnson.

Additionally, Anderson provocatively refers to the U.S. mission in Iraq as an “invasion.”

It should be noted that Conservative Republican. Rep. Russell Pearce has also formed a congressional exploratory campaign, mounting a challenge to open border advocate Rep. Jeff Flake.

Anderson, a Republican candidate hyping fiscally conservative policies, would be more credible by frugally limiting his mailing to a page or two. More trash cans than people have the time to spend on something this lengthy and tedious. How many people will actually read five single-spaced typewritten pages to conclusion? During a scan of the letter the word “illegal” jumped out a couple of times. However, it was referring to congressional corruption and misconduct. Anderson is keen on the need to “restore civility,” but not a word about securing America’s  border.

Mr. Anderson, was that an oversight?  National security is also AWOL on Anderson’s web pages.. Makes one wonder where he would place national sovereignty and citizen safety on his list of priorities?

He writes about Nero fiddling while Rome burned. That imagery could have provided a great segue to a discussion of the border.  Instead we got a recitation of out-of-state crooked congressmen.  

No one is keen on such slimy slicksters, but what about that sieve-like border, Mr. Anderson?

“Bully” A word liberals adore

October 27, 2007

 Flung around like manure on an alfalfa crop

The Phoenix District 3 City Council runoff election between John Altmann and Maria Baier is becoming fever-pitched.  

Baier has taken to whining about being called a lobbyist (she is) and being exposed for touting her numerous endorsements from the Liberal hierarchy (which she has). Although she claims GOP credentials, she has been endorsed by every high ranking elected Democrat from Governor Janet Napolitano to Phoenix Mayor Phil “Sanctuary City” Gordon. Her mailings boasting these illustrious endorsers were  directed to Democrat residents.

Is there any wonder she is seen as suspect by Republicans?

In crying foul, Baier, who was prominently listed as a Republican for Janet, calls Republican candidate Altmann a “bully.”

This term has recently become fashionable when smearing Republicans. The daily Fish-wrapper first hoisted the slur against GOP Congressman J.D. Hayworth when they endorsed Democrat Harry Mitchell. The fact that Mitchell ran ads showing Hayworth in the crosshairs of a gunsight apparently didn’t phase the editors.

Now they run a headline declaring, Altmann mailing angers Baier. The headline should more accurately read, District 3 voters angered at being duped.