Oh, Goody! Mr. Comprehensive Immigration Reform could get leadership post

Will this give him more clout to sell us out?

The New York Times reports that Sen. Trent Lott (R- MS) is retiring and Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl is practicing his best forward dash, as the game of musical chairs for senate whip begins.

9 Responses to Oh, Goody! Mr. Comprehensive Immigration Reform could get leadership post

  1. Sideliner says:

    Kyl is as slick as they come. He can look you in the eye and tell you the sun is shining when standing in a torrential downpour. He has a reasonable manner and a crisp demeanor and takes people in. I was certainly one of them when I voted for his border BS based on the campaign ads with AZ sheriffs all claiming that he was THE enforcement guy. It didn’t take two minutes before he was shoving his “Comprehensive Immigration” garbage down our throats.

    I wonder how he responds to the news that Mexican drug cartels were involved in the tunnel entries of Islamic terrorists who intended to stage a bloodbath at Fort Huachuca in southern AZ.

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  3. Keen Observer says:

    Sideliner is correct. I used to think the world of Kyl. Now I know him to be one first-class confidence man. The load of horse-pucky he gave us during the amnesty legislation battle has soured me forever on the guy. His support for McCain for president places him among the elites of enablers of all time. He, above all others, well knows what McCain represents to the base, and he is telling us that this man is the best the Republican Party has to offer for president. With your help Senator Kyl, McCain has almost single handedly destroyed the Republican Party. Congratulations. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kyl was selected as whip. The base cries out for change of direction and responsiveness from the Republican leadership. What do we get? Senator Kyl, the king of misleading and false liberal talking points for amnesty. Do we still have only 12 million illegal aliens Senator? What a crock!

  4. Fooled Twice says:

    Kyl has put himself in the not to be trusted catagory. Many of us who were previous supporters have had our fill of his duplicity. He has one outstanidng quality that I can see–he has the remarkable ability to stay cool and unruffled as he does his double-talk. A consumate liar.

  5. Jana says:

    The so-called moderate republicans all seem to be thrilled with the thought of Jon Kyl as senate whip. Apparently anyone with an “R” after their name is spectacular—even if they have shown themselves to be betrayers.

    The liberals, incuding many of the democrat blogs, like the idea, also. That tells the whole story.

    We can trust Kyl as far as we can throw the federal court building.

  6. Jay Bird says:

    Right before our eyes, Jon Kyl has morphed into John McCain. He is untrustworthy and Arizonans know that better than his cohorts in Washington’s hallowed halls.
    Kyk has perfected the fine art of simultaneously smiling and stabbing. After his Amnesty scam, he will never get our vote again. Rumor has it that is not on the horizon, but a lot can change in five years. If he does run, it will be with two less votes from this household.

  7. DMan says:

    Hey, this is interesting. I live in Denver and regularly read this cool blog on this Denver Post link.
    http://www.politicswest.com/local_and_western_politics It has really surprised me that you Arizonans are so angry with McCain and Kyl. Most of us would have thought these guys enjoyed a statewide love fest out there.

    Compliments on that glorious Sedona Mountain scene that graces this site. Brings a smile to my face whenever I visit your site. We’ve vacationed there and thought it was great. Hope to get back soon.

  8. seeingredaz says:

    Thanks for checking in with Seeing Red AZ. And, we appreciate seeing the link to this site on Politics West. We hope you return to visit Sedona and some of the other magnificent spots around this state of diverse landscapes. We have it all, from snow skiing, to boating and sand dunes to densely forested areas. Our cactus-rich deserts, sunsets and mountain trails are unparalleled. There have been occasions when the hottest and coldest temperatures recorded on a single day in the contiguous states have both been in Arizona.

    As you know from reading this site, our political spectrum runs the gamut, but our views veer right.