As illegals self-deport, they heap scorn

The American Dream Goes to Mexico

“The United States is not the wonderful country that it was. The people are hypocritical and don’t value our sweat.”

Santiago Crespo, 28, of Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, in Central Mexico.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Crespo and his three buddies, all traveling from Denver, where they worked picking crops, planned to drive 14 hours straight to their hometown. None planned on returning to the U.S. next year.

“The employers are asking for Social Security numbers, proof of ID, stuff they know we don’t have,” Crespo said. “I could get some fake papers, but when you don’t feel welcome anymore, why return to a place where they close the door on you?”

He said he had worked in Denver for 10 years and saved enough money to open his own grocery store, and even buy a tractor so he can cultivate a four-acre plot.

Crespo was bringing gifts, including two bikes and a TV, to his wife and two kids.

So at age 28, Santiago Crespo owns a grocery store, a tractor and gifts any family would greet with smiles?  Not a bad haul from the “hypocrites,” whose home he entered uninvited.

4 Responses to As illegals self-deport, they heap scorn

  1. Conservative Gal says:

    Americans are hypocrites?
    (I wish you could hear me screaming this!!)

    This thief sneaks into our county, sends remittances home to Mexico, becomes an entrepreneur and won’t return because we are “hypocites?” We might be fools to allow such activity, but he is a criminal with more nerve than I can imagine.

    Our own government, including President Bush, AZ Sens. Kyl and McCain, and their cohort Teddy Kennedyhave put us in this fix. Infuriating!


  2. Jay Bird says:

    Adios, Santiago.

  3. Mr. Conservative says:

    Ain’t life a bi*&h!! Comes into this country illegally and look at what he leaves with… I’d say this alone shots a huge hole through the “America is a racist country” B.S.

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