Approaching December: the nuttiness begins anew

The “C” word and the potentially offended

Gov. Janet Napolitano doesn’t want to offend non-Christians, so she has decided to call the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Arizona State Capitol Tower a “holiday tree.”

And, exactly what “holiday” would that be, Governor? Certainly the other major world religions don’t celebrate with pine trees festooned with tinsel, colored glass balls and lights.

When she was Attorney General, Napolitano put out a memo listing what she considered “acceptable seasonal decorations.“ These included snowflakes, icicles, garland, poinsettia plants and wrapped presents. Santa, not even a religious symbol, was banned, of course.

What foolishness.

Now word comes from the American Family Association, regarding Kohl’s Department stores.  Last year, thousands of customers asked Kohl’s to include “Christmas” in their in-store promotions and advertising. The company gave its assurance they would. But this year, Kohl’s has ignored that pledge. The word Christmas is not even visible on their home page.

Macy’s, refusing to allow clerks to wish customers a “Merry Christmas!” a couple of years ago, rescinded that instruction last year, after being inundated with customer complaints.

Last year Lowe’s home improvement stores captured the prize with their ridiculous “family trees” which looked a whole lot like Christmas trees to casual observers.

Odd that concerns over “offending non-Christians” on Christmas have taken on such proportion. Are the other religions equally concerned with offending Christians as they celebrate their holidays?

 Non-Christians are well aware of Christmas. They also have their own meaningful holidays to celebrate. This time of year should be filled with sharing joyous good tidings and less anticipation of imagined offenses.

One Response to Approaching December: the nuttiness begins anew

  1. Marla B. says:

    Don’t you know? Everyone wants to be a victim? If you didn’t know you were one, the ACLU will remind you.

    Sadly, Christmas has become so commercialized, it has taken on all of the trappings of a secular holdiay.