Lincoln Strategy Group replaces the name Sproul

Wise move

In what is likely to be the year’s most savvy business decision, the newly formed Lincoln Strategy Group replaces the name Sproul & Associates, as several Arizona political consulting and lobbying groups join forces. Nathan Sproul is teaming up with Jessica Pacheco, lobbyist for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, instrumental in opposing the Employer Sanctions law.

In recent months, Pacheco’s husband, Andrew, has devoted his efforts to chairing an initiative to sack the Employer Sanctions law. His group has the misleading name of Stop Illegal Hiring, but is crafted to protect the interests of the business community, which hires illegal aliens at substandard wages while maximizing their own profits.

As the Political Insider puts it: “That effort is led in collaboration with—you guessed it!—Nathan Sproul.”

Andrew Pacheco was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2004 election for Maricopa County Attorney.

“I think our goal is to leave the biggest public policy footprint of any firm in the Southwest,” Sproul told The Insider.

Sproul has already left quite a footprint, with his largely unsuccessful efforts on what should have been winning issues.


15 Responses to Lincoln Strategy Group replaces the name Sproul

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    This sounds like quite a collaboration. Sproul is well-known as a less than forthright guy. The Pacheco’s are what they are, which is clearly a duo with an enormous agenda of promoting pro-illegal alien hires for the business community.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    For more information on Sproul, read this shocking expose. Read it through to the conclusion, if you want your toes to curl!

    Included in their October 2004, press release, the real America Votes, said:
    The group, run by longtime Republican operative Nathan Sproul, has been exposed for its unethical and potentially illegal tactics in Oregon, Nevada, and West Virginia. It also reportedly has been active in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Florida, under the names “America Votes”, “Project America Votes” and “Voters Outreach of America.”

    Surprised the guys at Seeing Red AZ didn’t locate this. Want to bring me onboard doing your research? I might be too expensive for you!

  3. Villanova says:

    I read in the Political Insider link that the name Lincoln Strategy Group is in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. Poor Honest Abe must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of a flim-flammer like Sproul trying to give himself cover by using the honorable name “Lincoln.”

  4. Jay Bird says:

    Give Sproul a break with this Lincoln name change. He’s been Sproul long enough to know that that moniker doesn’t play well with honesty seekers.

  5. John says:

    Rebranding. Its been around for years. It is why S**t was repackaged as Manure, then again to Compost. At the end of the day, when you’re spending your own money, nobody likes the idea of paying for S**t!

  6. Jay Bird says:

    My point exactly, John. Lincoln is still Sproul, not unlike your manure example.

    The use of Lincoln’s name brings to mind Charlie Keating’s Lincoln Savings and Loan, whose failure in 1989 cost taxpayers $3.4 billion. Keating, friend and benefactor of John McCain, pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud and admitted taking nearly $1 million from a company that was financially insolvent.

    So much for hiding behind an “honest” man’s name.

    As for your excellent reminder about “rebranding” look how well greasy food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken did when America became health conscious. They changed their name to the initials KFC. Still the same garbage, but much more palatable with the word ‘fried” removed.

  7. Kent says:

    Wonder if Sproul has thought of using Lincoln as his last name. Nathan Lincoln has a nice ring to it. He could add the “S” as his middle initial the same way President Harry S. Truman did. Truman pulled that initial out of thin air, since he had no middle name. Sproul can actually lay claim to that “S.”

  8. Ray says:

    Unfortunately, he is a prime example of the corrupting influence of power and money.

  9. Not again says:

    Sproul led the “No Taxpayer Money for Politicians” effort to end the ridiculous “Clean” Elections law in 2004. That was another good issue that should have won until he screwed with the single subject rule. Has he ever had a successful issue campaign?

  10. Anne says:

    What’s up with this guy? Doesn’t anybody like him? I’m fairly new to AZ and have never heard of him.

  11. John Q. Public says:

    Nathan Sproul is known for selling out his fomerly good name for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.
    You can read about him by Googling his name.

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  14. gopflame says:

    Ajo Joe,
    Please look at who Sarah Leonard is before you take her statements as gospel. I know facts are such stubborn things.

    Sarah Leonard is a sophomore majoring in history at Columbia College of Columbia University. She is from Natick, MA, and was active in Massachusetts state politics before attending Columbia. She has worked on media issues for the New York State Democratic Party. At Columbia, she is a fellow in the Roosevelt Institution, a Lead Activist on the College Democrats’ Activist Council, and an executive board member of the Columbia University College Democrats.

    Far from fair and balanced huh?

  15. […] Actually the Arizona Republic got that wrong. In late 2007 Sproul decided to change the name of his company to a name that carried a more positive connotation. He dumped the named Sproul and re-christened his firm with the presidential and more ethical sounding Lincoln Strategy Group. […]