From Don Goldwater to his cousin Barry Goldwater, Jr.


An open letter:

Barry, stop the lies.

You publicly stated that you attended a recent rally for Legal Arizona Workers.  You have never attended any L.A.W. rally supporting Employer Sanctions or Securing Our Borders – you would have been recognized.

You publicly stated the rhetoric at these events are similar with those you have heard at a “David Duke Ku Klux Klan Rally.”  How do you know the rhetoric is similar since you have never been to a L.A.W. event, but even more important, what were YOU doing at the Ku Klux Klan Rally?

You publicly stated “I chanted deportation, deportation, deportation” and that I help to “foment hysteric and racist overtures.”  I have never chanted “deportation” and I do not use racial remarks or promote racism. “Race Baiting” is regularly used by you and your friends who promote open borders and amnesty because you have no legitimate argument in support of this position.

You continue to single out the Hispanic Community. Every country in the world is represented by illegal aliens here in Arizona. For you to continue talking only about “Latino families that have been here for 15 or 25 years” is racist.

You publicly stated that “I represent the extreme fringe area.”  What planet are you from? Since when is defending the laws of the land and the Constitution of the United States considered extreme? Have you looked at the polling data or listened to the news? Have you talked to your neighbors? Have you even looked at the results of the last 4 initiatives concerning illegal immigrants past into law in 2006. The polls (national and local), the people, the elections all point to the same conclusion. People overwhelmingly want their borders secured, employers who hire illegal aliens prosecuted and an end to all sanctuary city policies. After that is accomplished then we can fix the immigration problems.

You publicly stated “The Goldwater’s have built a reputation.”  No, our forefathers built that reputation and the rest of us have enjoyed the fruits of their efforts. You have Barry’s first name, you look like Barry, however, if you want to pretend that you are your father, good luck. On the other hand, I am proud to be “Don Goldwater” and I do not invoke my father or my uncle in order to give me personal viability.

You publicly stated that I am compromising the “conservative cause.”  If speaking out and working against those who strive to undermine the safety of our nation, our neighborhoods, our rule of law and our Constitution compromises your definition of the “conservative cause” it’s time for you to re-read the Conscience of a Conservative and re-discover what it means to be a conservative.

You publicly stated “I am trampling on the free market and killing small businesses.”  Which business died because of me? How many businesses have failed because of unfair competition by those who pay substandard wages to illegals? Since when does the term “free market” include breaking the law? Are you suggesting the Goldwater name now stand for lawlessness?

You publicly stated that “I should be ready for honest political criticism.”  I have been criticized by the President, Senators McCain and Kyl, most of the state Democrat legislators, and Republicans who are beholding to the open borders gang. I have been criticized by those who have said I have done too much and by those who have said I have not done enough. I have been told this is the definition of leadership. Unlike some, I will not compromise my integrity for the opportunity of personal gain. This was the lesson our fathers gave to us, it’s too bad you weren’t listening.

Barry stop the lying, your father would not tolerate it when you lied to him and the people of Arizona will not tolerate it now.


3 Responses to From Don Goldwater to his cousin Barry Goldwater, Jr.

  1. MacBeth says:

    This issue is causing mighty rifts in families, not unlike the Civil War. The Magruder brothers are on opposite sides of the fence on this contentious issue and now the Goldwater cousins are back at it. I’m with Don on this.

    Speaking of fences, when are we going to get it built?

  2. John says:

    I’m with Don too, but whacking at family members is in very bad taste. Someone else could have written/signed this letter.

  3. John in San Diego (raised in Scottsdale) says:

    Don makes valid points and it’s not inappropriate to publicly debate his cousin Barry, because they’re both public people — they both probably would say that their lives are an open book. Just because they have strong opinions doesn’t necessarily mean they hate each other and can’t be civil to each other at a cocktail party or family reunion. They’re both professionals, they’re both able to take politics seriously but not personally. Don’t we all have a family member or two that we often disagree with? Most of the Goldwater clan are strong-minded and opinionated and Arizona is a better place because of them.

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