Unwillingness of Salvador Reza to meet is clear display of arrogance, bad faith

Maintaining status quo provides attention he craves

The daily covers the refusal of illegal day laborer protest leader, Salvador Reza, to engage in meaningful dialogue with the owner of M.D. Pruitt’s furniture store, where Reza has been leading weekly demonstrations.  Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, whose “Sanctuary City” polices have exacerbated the problems, recently succumbed to pressures and called for mediation between the two parties.

Gordon’s policy shift allowing officers to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they encounter a criminal they suspect of being an illegal alien, has raised the ire of Reza and his band of demonstrators.

Seventy-seven percent of the 2.200 Phoenix Law Enforcement Association support the policy change.

Reza has been in the forefront of the Saturday morning protests at the furniture store for the past two months, as he leads demonstrators. Now Reza declares he will not agree to meet until Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies leave the neighborhood. Roger Sensing, owner of Pruitt’s has requested assistance from Sheriff Joe Arpaio in keeping the laborers off of his property and away from menacing his customers.

Expectations of good faith negotiations from Reza will produce little more than disappointment.

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