Arizona Capitol Times interviews AZ GOP chairman Randy Pullen


Straightforward answers include responses to Kyl interview

Note: The Capitol Times requires subscriptions in order to access their pages. Consequently, we present a couple of questions and answers from a lengthy interview, to provide a flavor of the responses given by chairman Pullen.

Capitol Times:   Sen. Jon Kyl was critical of the party’s stance on such a divisive issue (illegal immigration) under your leadership in a recent Capitol Times interview. He said, ‘When the party itself got involved in the illegal immigration issue, it seemed to me that it exceeded its role because, clearly, Republicans were divided. It’s just not a proper role for the political party to get into.’ He contends the party exists to get Republicans elected, not declare stances on issues. What is your response to that?  (Seeing Red AZ covered the Kyl interview here.)

Pullen:  My response is the party was divided: 85 percent agreed with me and 15 percent agreed with him. I’d rather be with the 85 than the 15, quite frankly.

And, quite frankly, that’s the position of the national party, too, so I guess if he has a bone to pick with me, he’s picking that with national Chairman Mike Duncan, as well as the executive committee of the RNC.

 Part of a lengthy response to a Capitol Times question about local GOP fundraising elicited this reply:

Pullen:  The one area that has been a problem has been doing events. Our events are a little bit behind what they were in prior years. Part of that has been that it’s been difficult for us to get major national speakers to come in and speak (for) us at the state-party level.

Capitol Times:  Why?

Pullen:   Well, I’m not really sure. We’ve had a number of them lined up who have later cancelled out. There’s a lot of scuttlebutt out there and rumors about what’s going on, but I can’t confirm any of it. All I can tell you is we lined up several major national, prominent speakers to come in and they cancelled. Although we did have Fred Thompson here a couple weeks ago and we had a nice luncheon for him.

Going into next year, one of my major focuses will be that we get the kind of fundraising from major events that we should as a party.

Score a solid ten for Chairman Pullen.


10 Responses to Arizona Capitol Times interviews AZ GOP chairman Randy Pullen

  1. Mr. Conservative says:

    When Romney wins the party nomination he will come here to Arizona (and he doesn’t owe a thing to Kyl or McCain, that’s why) and help our state party raise money. Mark my words.

  2. Party Insider says:

    We all know Pullen is being too polite or coy. There is no secret as to why they cancelled….because McCain or Kyl told those scheduled to come that Kyl and McCain ran the state and they didn’t want the scheduled guests coming in to raise money for the state party because the state party had opposed the policies of the two senators, particularly Comprehensive Immigration Reform. The senators want to show the grass roots activist who is the boss. They continue to demonstrate the arrogance of those who have been in power too long.

    The scheduled senators wouldn’t want Kyl & McCain visiting their state without permission, so they cancelled their visits to Az. What team players and listeners our two senators are, eh?

  3. Keen Observer says:

    Pullen punched Kyl’s ticket, that is he blew Kyl’s argument away about the party being divided over illegal immigration. This is the same duplicitous double-talk Kyl gave us during the time he was trying to ram amnesty down our throat without even a debate.

  4. Villanova says:

    Seems we’ve all heard the same drill about our delegation putting the screws to any fundraising events Pullen tries to put tpgether. Then they are able to stand back and tell their mindless minons “We told you Pullen can’t raise money.”

    I have a business associate who is active in the GOP in his state, relate that he had heard a high ranking elected official had accepted an invitation to appear at an event here, only to be told that it would be best if a “scheduling conflict” arose

    It appears these wonderful “party insiders” would rather see the AZGOP fail than see Randy Pullen emerge victorious.

  5. Ajo Joe says:

    Randy Pullen has provided very able leadership to the AZ Republican Party. He listens, is genial, and respected by the grassroots party activists. He also has the ear and respect of the National Party, which is a major plus. His only impediment is the backstabbing he has received by the hierarchy of AZ’s DC clique, who desire to control the state party. Reread that Kyl interview in the article above, to get a sense of what they are all about.

    At least Kyl was up front in his disdain for the PC’s who put him where he is. What a lesson we have learned, albeit too late!!

  6. Nettie says:

    Thank you, Randy Pullen, for representing us 85% that Kyl and McCain ignore.

  7. Ray says:

    Randy Pullen is the best! I’ve known many of his predecessors, and he is certainly at the top of the heap. This is a really decent man who cares deeply about the AZ GOP. He is actually at headquarters a good deal of the time, a rarity among state chairmen. The delegation should be ashamed for trying to undermine Pullen. Many of us will not forget this betrayal.

  8. Wanda Bundy says:

    Perhaps it is simply that many who are running are concerned that McCain “owns” the state, as he is running for President, and therefore would rather invest their initial time somewhere else.

    At any rate, the federal GOP will have to work with Arizona. We all need to work together for the common good.

  9. GilaRiverRider says:

    McCain needs to retire. Kyl needs to re-acquaint himself with 9th Grade Civics 101 … they are not Overlords to be obeyed, they are representatives of the people and therefore should do their jobs … which neither man seems to understand.

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