McCain Announces Catholic Leadership Team Featuring Pro-Life Stalwarts


Say what?

Have they forgotten McCain’s numerous votes to compel taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell and fetal research?

If this constitutes a solid pro-life record, pigs fly.


3 Responses to McCain Announces Catholic Leadership Team Featuring Pro-Life Stalwarts

  1. Villanova says:

    McCain has no core. Hasn’t anyone figured that out yet?

  2. Rob Haney says:

    Here is a prime example of the TRIANGULATION KING at work.
    McCain claims to be strongly pro-life, but are the following McCain positions examples of a strong pro-life candidate:

    Repeatedly votes to kill human embryos, with your tax $, for unethical & unproven research.
    Votes to continue funding, with your tax $, aborted baby fetus research.
    Passes Campaign Finance Reform which takes away freedom of speech from National Right to Life.
    Submits legal brief against National Right to Life in Supreme Court case ,
    Acts as Advisory Board member on Christie Todd Whitman’s PAC which advocates for abortion rights.
    Father Pavone of Priests-for-Life has commented on the McCain instigated “Gang Of 14” who stopped the Republican Senate from ending liberal filibusters of nominated federal judges, “despite all the best intentions of Senator McCain, the practical effect of the current filibusters is that those who want to be faithful to God’s laws are excluded.”
    McCain joined with Christie Todd Whitman in endorsing pro-partial birth abortion candidate Marilyn Brewer against pro-life Representative John Campbell in Calif election.
    Said if his 15 yr old daughter wanted an abortion, it would be a family decision with the final decision being made by his daughter.
    Says abortion is OK in case of rape and incest.

    And the Catholic Senators believe this is a strong pro-life candidate. I hope they carry a rent-a-priest confessor.

  3. Tom Solomon says:

    Anyone who thinks John McCain is the answer, just remember these three (3 of many) things:

    1. McCain-Feingold
    2. Gang of 14
    3. Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    I have a knot in my stomach that McCain is not the supporter of republican government nor this Republic that he claims to be!