Señor McCain’s desperation springs eternal: Send in your fifty bucks for a shot at a hot time in icy New Hampshire

This exciting message direct from the McCain campaign:

Be the lucky person who gets to spend January 8th in New Hampshire with Senator McCain and the campaign staff as we push on to victory! Every person who donates at least $50 between now and January 4th and every maxed out donor to the campaign will be eligible to win this opportunity to be a part of McCain history.

Donate at least $50 below and you will be eligible to be a part of the fun and excitement that is the New Hampshire Primary! We will contact the winner by phone on January 5th so you have time to make your travel arrangements to New Hampshire. Official Rules and Restrictions

Sounds like a ton of fun, but we’re planning on cleaning out the garage and washing the dog that day.


5 Responses to Señor McCain’s desperation springs eternal: Send in your fifty bucks for a shot at a hot time in icy New Hampshire

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Why the desperate pleas for fifty bucks? His multimillionaire wife must not have enough faith in either his abilities or his last ditch campaign effort , to sink any of her dough in it.

    “Let the ‘little people’ do it, Johnny.”

  2. Maggie says:

    i’ve worked on many campaigns. The fifty dollar donations, while seeming significant to many of the donors, are but the small change to the candidates. And I’m talking about local and state races. Can you imagine how fifty dollar donations impact on a national level, while McCain is flying in private jets and staying in high dollar hotels?

    Of course a great percentage of his costs have gone away as he was abandoned by his campaign staffers who left him several months ago when he was dragging bottom and unable to pay their salaries.

  3. Tom says:

    This is really a pretty funny post. For a campaign that is newly “surging,” McCain seems pretty desperate. We should chip in an buy him a crate of apples and a tin cup.
    Better yet, at this time of year, he might clean up selling tamales.

  4. Keen Observer says:

    The “FORKED TONGUE EXPRESS” followers have got to be the most uninformed or most gullible people on the face of the earth. Just as they are drawn to Hollywood airheads so they are attracted to the celebrity status of McCain. Fifty years ago these people would have been in our state mental institutions. Now they are out campaigning for John McCain.

  5. Candice says:

    Maybe all he wants to do is keep people involved. He certainly should be in a position to raise funds, I would think. Then again, he does turn off a lot of people. At our Thanksgiving dinner, not one person around the table supported him. We have a large family and several friends who were there. Not a scientific poll, of course, but a good indicator.

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