Conservatives need to act now, before it is too late

January 31, 2008

Mark Levin, a former senior Reagan Justice Department official, and nationally syndicated radio-talk-show host, tells it like it is. This National Review article is stunning in its explicitness.

Columnist Robert Novak outs McCain

January 31, 2008

More double talk from Mr. Straight Talk Express

Supreme Court appointments resonate with conservatives. There are likely to be several vacancies to be filled within the next administration, as aging justices leave the bench.

Justice John Paul Stevens will celebrate his 88th birthday in April. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 75 this year. Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia are in their 70’s, and Stephen Breyer and David Souter are fast approaching their seventh decade.

Although McCain repeatedly tells town meetings, ”We’re going to have justices like (conservatives) Roberts and Alito,” other comments he has made belie those words, intended to win over conservatives votes.

Novak’s column does not raise concerns platform Republicans have about McCain, but instead, confirms them.


First, the good news: Employer sanctions working!

January 31, 2008

Much to the distress of the Arizona Republic, illegals are leaving

The daily newspaper is venting over the fact that apartments catering to mostly illegal aliens are emptying as many of the renters are losing their jobs and heading home to Mexico.

This is precisely what the intent of the law was. Unhinge the carrot (jobs) from the front end of the immigration cart, and the flow will subside.

But the daily Fish-wrapper, long a proponent of illegal immigration and open borders, can barely conceal its angst as they fret over the departing “migrants.”

Focus groups say Romney won debate

January 31, 2008

 McCain fails to convince

Frank Luntz’s  post-debate focus group gives vote to Romney

Maricopa County GOP opens Sun City headquarters

January 31, 2008

Public invited to grand opening celebration

The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) invites the public to the 11 a.m., February 2 grand opening and ribbon cutting at the new MCRC Sun City office, 10050 W. Bell Road, Suite 49. The facility is on the northwest corner of Bell Road and 99th Avenue, facing 99th Avenue.

MCRC Chairman Tom Husband said, “We are very pleased to have Secretary of State Jan Brewer as our guest speaker for this historic event. State Treasurer Dean Martin also plans to attend the festivities, along with a host of other Arizona Republican officials and candidates running for election in 2008.”

Husband continued, “This is the first of two new offices we will be opening in Maricopa County. Our other new office located at 1900 E. University, Mesa, will also be ready in the immediate future.”

Office Manager Chuck Carpenter said the Sun City office will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

The volunteer staff has petitions to sign, political information and will be registering voters. For more information, Carpenter can be reached at 623-977-4532.

Romney to run “significant” ad campaign in California

January 31, 2008

 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to run a “significant” level of television ads in California and other states that vote Tuesday in essentially a national primary, aides said Thursday, signaling a willingness to aggressively try to derail Republican front-runner John McCain.

In last night’s debate, Romney stressed his conservatism, while highlighting McCain’s repeated deviations from the GOP base.

“There are a number of pieces of legislation where his views are out of the mainstream, at least in my view, of conservative Republican thought,” Romney said. “I’d also note that, if you get endorsed by The New York Times, you’re probably not a conservative.”

Read more of the AP report here.

Tax rebates turn out to be just the world-wide ticket

January 30, 2008

Stimulus package guaranteed to stimulate more illegal immigration

In a dubious effort to deal with the economic downturn, the Democrat controlled congress has passed a $146 billion “stimulus package” that would get tax rebates of between $600 – $1,200 into the hands of American workers.

Count illegal aliens among them. The legislation has no provisions barring illegal aliens from accessing these benefits. Listen to the assessment of California Republican Congressman John Campbell in the video.

The wizardry  behind this folly is to encourage consumer spending and thereby prop up America’s sagging economy.

The majority of citizen spending will send more U.S. dollars to China, since homegrown manufacturing is a thing of the past.

And the illegals? Why, they will have more in the way of remittances to send back to Mexico, propping up that corrupt and faltering economy.

What a deal!

Stupid criminals

January 30, 2008

Probably in a rush to check returns for McCain

We’re all amused by criminal acts where the perpetrators exhibit nothing short of abject stupidity. This one has to rate very near the top of that list.

KTAR reports that a van, equipped with seats to hold only two or three passengers, and filled to the brim with eleven illegal aliens, rear-ended a Department of Homeland Security SUV in the East Valley.

The hapless criminal aliens were turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

No doubt they’ll be back tomorrow.

Doing the Super Tuesday math

January 30, 2008

It ain’t over ‘til Kate Smith hits the high note

Naïve Huckabee loyalists, continuing to ballot for him, should accept the harsh reality that their votes provide an assist to the liberal Señor McCain. They are akin to the frustrated voters who cast ballots for Independent Ross Perot and ended up facilitating Bill Clinton’s 1992 ride into the White House.

The truth is, McCain cannot unite Republicans. He is a creation of the left-leaning media, desirous of fracturing the GOP base.

McCain’s senior advisor’s deceptive swipe: “Romney born on third base”

January 30, 2008

Hugh Hewitt’s Romney On the Race Ahead addresses Mitt Romney’s assessment of the Florida vote, John Weaver’s gratuitous sarcasm and Huckabee’s new role as spoiler.

Read his concise and excellent appraisal.