Tax rebates turn out to be just the world-wide ticket

Stimulus package guaranteed to stimulate more illegal immigration

In a dubious effort to deal with the economic downturn, the Democrat controlled congress has passed a $146 billion “stimulus package” that would get tax rebates of between $600 – $1,200 into the hands of American workers.

Count illegal aliens among them. The legislation has no provisions barring illegal aliens from accessing these benefits. Listen to the assessment of California Republican Congressman John Campbell in the video.

The wizardry  behind this folly is to encourage consumer spending and thereby prop up America’s sagging economy.

The majority of citizen spending will send more U.S. dollars to China, since homegrown manufacturing is a thing of the past.

And the illegals? Why, they will have more in the way of remittances to send back to Mexico, propping up that corrupt and faltering economy.

What a deal!

4 Responses to Tax rebates turn out to be just the world-wide ticket

  1. AZ Conservative Gal says:

    Don’t you wish this articulate and rational gentleman was an Arizona congressman?

  2. Seen it before says:

    I’m not an economist–far from it, but this deal reeks of insanity to me. The feds need to promote prudent spending and saving, rather than encouraging the very behavior that got us in this fix to begin with. The fall in the housing market had a lot to do with the current situation, but personal spending habits are causing irreparable personal damage. Many people have no savings or even a rudimentary retirement plan. Taking responsibility is where it’s at, guys.

  3. Gary says:

    Illegal aliens, whether paying into the system or not, do not belong here and should not benefit from this ill-conceived windfall.

    The operative word is ILLEGAL.

  4. Macbeth says:

    These rebates are going to create more problems. And giving rebates to illegals should be illegal!