Focus groups say Romney won debate

 McCain fails to convince

Frank Luntz’s  post-debate focus group gives vote to Romney

5 Responses to Focus groups say Romney won debate

  1. Ben F. says:

    This is reinforced by the CNN (not their left wing reporters, thank goodness) focus group of undecided Republicans who consistently gave Romney readings in the 90’s and McCain readings as low as 25. A slam dunk for Romney according to them.

  2. Chuck says:

    Now if only Huckster would get out of this race and stop playing the McCain spoiler. Romney is the only viable choice for conservative voters. Huckabee is showing a very unattractive side of himself. His campaign is financially destitute and he is no longer on the radar screen, but he is doing all he can with his last breathes, to stick it to Mitt Romney. If this guy is a minister, why the mean- spiritedness?

  3. Macbeth says:

    Romney was the runaway winner last night!! There was plenty of cheering in this household when he continually hit those home runs.

  4. Ben F. says:

    We have the NYT, Giuliani, Schwarzeneggar, Perry, Crist, Martinez, etc. all endorsing McCain en masse. Why this rush to endorse? Could it be that the establishment is afraid Romney is catching on?

    It is a usual political ploy to fill the headlines with this type of endorsement as a method of getting free media exposure AND overriding the real news story that Romney won the debate last night and is rising in the polls. This is Politics 101.

    Don’t be fooled by this scheme by the McCain Double Talk Express. He is a divider, not a uniter.

  5. Mr. Conservative says:

    I saw this last night… Nice to see that the “mean & nasty” McCain showed up to the debate last night… Most of us in Arizona have seen this McCain before. Compare that to the way Romney looked so “Presidential” durring the debate. Romney has class, McCain doesn’t.