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 Homeland Insecurity Secretary Chertoff has more assurances, fewer actions

 A 28-mile “virtual fence” that will use radars and surveillance cameras to try to catch people entering the country illegally has gotten final government approval.

NewsMax reports that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is scheduled to announce approval of the fence, built by the Boeing Co. and using technology the Bush administration plans to extend to other areas of the Arizona border, as well as sections of Texas. These projects could get under way as early as this summer, officials said.

 California Congressman and former GOP presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter,Sr.  has long been an advocate of securing our southern border with actual fencing, which worked so well in his southern California district. Read his reasoned points regarding the vulnerability of the United States here.

Illegal immigration is no longer an issue solely reserved for border states and communities. In the post-9/11 world, illegal immigration is a national security issue. And one of the easiest ways for terrorists to enter the United States is through our nation’s southern border. We must anticipate that the same smugglers who carry humans and contraband across the border would not hesitate, especially for the right price, to help terrorists find their way into the United States.

Consider that in 2005 alone, more than 155,000 foreign citizens from countries other than Mexico were apprehended attempting to cross our southern land border. Many of these individuals originated from countries of national security concern, including Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Yemen, and probably represent only a fraction of those who successfully entered our country without the knowledge of border security officials or the consent of our government.

 In an article printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, Hunter recently wrote: Although the authority of the secretary of Homeland Security to build a fence along the border has not been rescinded, it has been made clear that most of the new fence will be single-layered and extend no more than 370 miles. During the past year, for instance, only 77 miles of fencing has been built, of which five miles is double-layered. This lack of progress is disconcerting, particularly when considering that the Department of Homeland Security has received more than $2 billion for border infrastructure.

 It is for these reasons that I introduced the Reinstate the Secure Fence Act in the House of Representatives. My legislation restores the most substantive elements of the Secure Fence Act, requiring 700 miles of fencing be constructed within six months of the bill’s enactment.

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  1. Joe Evans says:

    What will it take for this administration to give the citizens of this country actual protection instead of lip service and blatant lies? I am disgusted with the border insecurity and having our cities and citizens put in peril with strategic hand-off policies.

    I read the entire Duncan Hunter article linked above and recommend it to all. It left me feeling quite uneasy, but far more knowledgable, We are being systematically invaded–and among the Mexicans, Central Americans, Chinese, Russians and Middle easterners are terrorists.

    If we had more than 155,000 apprehended three years ago, the numbers must be significantly increased now, Think of the ones who got through undetected. Are we the willing architects of our own demise?