Former superintendent of Creighton Elementary District runs for county post

Educator Don Covey, 69, has filed a statement of organization, announcing his plans to run for Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools.

Covey, a Republican, hopes to replace Sandra Dowling, the current and embattled county schools superintendent, who has had to cede the reins on her position amid unfavorable publicity.

4 Responses to Former superintendent of Creighton Elementary District runs for county post

  1. Mr. Conservative says:

    Anyone know anything about this man? I’d like to hear who he is & what he’s all about…

  2. Tim says:

    Did a search and found nothing on this person. He seems to be like many educational “experts” who go from one district to another, start their own consulting company, and then decide to try politics. He seems similar to Lisa Graham Keegan, Nancy Haas, and Perry Hill (who was hired by the county to run the Pappas schools for $830 a day, that is until he had a change of heart about closing the schools). Some people think they know what is best for the schools, yet they rarely have ever taught in a classroom. They’re just looking for power and money.

    He just seems like a political opportunist. He sees someone who has been attacked for years by Don Stapley, smeared in the media, and seems like an easy person to defeat. The article above is wrong about Dr. Dowling giving up the reins… the only thing she gave up was her governing board position in the county school district. She still is carrying out her elected duties.

    I think once the charges against Dr. Dowling are dropped people will realize that what has taken place these past two years been a result of Don Stapley’s hatred for Dr. Dowling.

  3. Roberta says:

    I was hired by and worked for Don Covey in the Creighton District. I found he was a person who listened, was very knowledgable, and knew what he was doing. I can’t wait to vote for him!

  4. Clarence Freestone says:

    I cannot see why in a country that is suppose to guarantee the right to own and control property, my property is taxed, and it is excessive. I keep being told that it is the domain to the County Board of Supervisors. The argument for more and more money from property tax is that we mustn’t deny or deprive our dear children. This is an empty argument when the record of educational improvements is exposed. I would pay sales tax, income tax, or whatever, but property should never be taxed, nor regulated by government. What, if anything, can the Maricopa County School Superintendent do about this miscarriage of justice that is so widely accepted?