“We are all children of God”

Some of us just choose not to obey the law

The Catholic Sun has jumped on the liberal, sob-story, illegal immigrantion bandwagon.

In describing illegal alien parishioners who are feeling the effects of Arizona’s employer sanctions law and contemplating moving out of the valley, Father Peter Liuzzi, the pastor at St. Agnes Parish said, “Laws need to respect the higher, natural law of the right to immigrate,” he said. “That’s Catholic teaching.”

Father Liuzzi appears not to respect the sovereignty of the nation in which he lives.

Abortion is legal, and presumably the priest would prefer that not be so. Yet, it is doubtful he would advocate harm to the clinics and abortionists. Laws must be respected. If we want them changed, there are legal and honorable means to work within the system to effect such changes.

His statement is stunningly unconscionable in view of the fact that all countries have borders, laws which must be obeyed and national sovereignty. Laws regarding legal immigration are central to an orderly flow of those who desire to acclimate to a new land and apply for citizenship as part of a lawful process.

President Ronald Reagan warned us, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Is this what the parish priest advocates?

Father Liuzzi knows very well that in order to visit the church’s fenced Diocesan offices in downtown Phoenix, a visitor must be buzzed through security monitors at the reception desk, where the receptionist sits behind a wall and speaks through a glass partition.. Only after registering and giving pertinent information regarding the make and license of their car, can the visitor be given access–and then only with the agreement of the person to be visited. Such security is both reasonable and appropriate in today’s world.

Does Father Liuzzi regard security measures at the Diocesan office as limiting freedom of movement? Does he have a lock on his own door?

Father Andrew McNair, writing for the National Catholic Register refutes Father Liuzzi‘s contention, “ Contrary to popular belief, the Catholic Church, as a matter of public policy, does not support open borders or illegal immigration. The solution to illegal immigration is clear: Encourage people to obey the law by enforcing the law. The right to immigrate is not absolute.” (Catechism No. 2241)

5 Responses to “We are all children of God”

  1. Ray says:

    Sorry, but Father Liuzzi obviously has replaced “compassionate” liberal mush for his brains. His quote that “Laws need to respect the higher, natural law of the right to immigrate.” is utter nonsense. Cities have borders, states have borders, nations have borders. Each has laws that must be obeyed to ensure “domestic tranquility.” (Has he ever heard of those words.) The post was right to point out that the offices of the Diocese has protective boundaries and that homes and even cars, have locks on their doors. Using his disturbed reasoning, anyone can “migrate” into another person’s home and make it their own, benefiting from the hard-earned labor of the unwelcoming host. This is called breaking and entering. There is no difference in lawlessness perpetrated by a burglar or an illegal alien stealing into our country.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Father McNair is the voice of reason here. Good article. As a Catholic, I applaud the courage it took to take on Father Liuzzi. He needs this trip to the woodshed.

  3. Thomas says:

    I am not Catholic, but I am a lawful and law-abiding citizen of the United States. I find the priest’s (Peter Liuzzi) comments regarding a “natural law of the right to immigrate,” offensive.
    Condoning lawlessness is not a proper role of the ministry.

  4. Fed-Up Catholic says:

    The Catholic Ministers continue to spew irrational political philosophy about the land. Homosexuality within the Church is still rampant and condoned. The Wanderer, a national Catholic newspaper, has published two such scandals in the last month; one in Oakland Calif, the other in Boston. And, yes, Phoenix gets mention also. Do the Ministers take appropriate action? No way. How about stopping the showing of the Vagina Monologues at Catholic Universities? No…. freedom of expression don’t you know?

    Do they take strong measures against the Catholic politicians who advocate for abortion rights? Afraid not. Do the Ministers expect us to pay for the education of illegals in public schools and then pay for more of them in Catholic schools? Absolutely! Pay Health care for illegals? Why of course! The Ministers might as well put a gun to our heads and demand whatever they want. How about caring for the social and religious needs of U.S. Catholic citizens?

    No, they are too busy advocating the overthrow of a lawful society. Importing a culture of corruption and pointing the way to anarchy now substitutes for religious fervor. It appears that the Catholic Liberation Theologists have moved into North America from South America. They hardly need to mask their left-leaning ideology. Just call these Ministers an adjunct to the Democrat Party and be done with it. McCain would be heartily welcomed into Catholicism by these Ministers. He is already a master at double-talk.

    If this is an example of similar Catholic politics and administration prior to Martin Luther, is it any wonder that the Protestant religion evolved in protest? And we might thank God for the Protestants because they gave us the United States. Have some Catholic Ministers come full circle and now are giving away the freedom the Protestants won for us?

  5. Rob Haney says:

    As a Catholic, I am extremely disappointed with the political musings by the leaders of our church. A more destructive approach to compassion I cannot imagine. Talk about killing the goose that laid the golden egg. The Church leaders seem to have no idea of the long-term damaging effects their misguided advocacy for illegal immigration policies will have on the United States. unless they believe socialism and communism are great breeding grounds for Catholicism. Just because they say they oppose illegal immigration does not mean they actually do. They are much like our current crop of Amnesty politicians who we have learned from their actions, not their words, that they cannot be believed.