Sheriff Arpaio has what it takes

Dan Saban faces another uphill battle

The rematch between Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and challenger Dan Saban is making the news again.

Saban served a stint as Buckeye Police Chief after his 2004 loss to Arpaio. After losing the Republican nomination, Saban switched his political affiliation from Republican to Democrat in an effort to avoid another bruising primary.

Although the daily does its best to diminish Arpaio, he remains a solid favorite with voters.

Last November, a Cronkite/Eight Poll indicated Arpaio retains a strong holds on his high voter popularity margin. 35 percent of Maricopa County voters with an opinion of Arpaio rated their opinion as “very positive,” while 30 percent rated it “generally positive.” That 65 percent approval rating is like money in the bank.

And, Arpaio maintains the definite advantage where precious campaign dollars are concerned, as well. He has amassed more than $300,000 in campaign funding, while Saban has taken in approximately $35,000 to date.

Arpaio’s aggressive stance on enforcing the law in regard to illegal aliens has won him citizen praise.



One Response to Sheriff Arpaio has what it takes

  1. Thomas says:

    Saban is whistling in the wind if he thinks he can win this election. People might find Arpaio’s ego overblown, but they like his policies.

    What is Saban’s vantage point on dealing with the flood of illegals? I found nothing addressing the issue on his website. Many of us think this is one of the most fundamental issues facing America.

    I’d like to hear something from him on this important matter.