ASU President Michael Crow’s wife on payroll as six-figure ‘senior advisor’

Worth their weight in gold

Arizona State University’s main fund-raising apparatus, the ASU Foundation, is being criticized for its rising overhead spending and for hiring ASU President Michael Crow’s wife, Sybil Francis, as a ’senior adviser’ at a $160,000 annual salary, according to the daily.

The newspaper has made a sideline career of bolstering the highly paid Crow, devoting numerous pages of glowing articles in tribute. And, we’re told he’s worth every dollar we pay him, because he delivers.”

Johnnie Ray, ASU’s Foundation’s president and chief executive officer. said Francis is present at many university events and helps cultivate potential donors.

Foundation officials contend the arrangement is ethical and legal. Spouses of all university presidents spend an enormous amount of time promoting the university’s interests, Ray said. “There are some universities that choose to pay spouses of presidents as employees and some who do not,” he said. “We are one who chooses to pay because we believe that service has a huge return on that investment.”

Why are we not surprised ASU would be one of the universities that “chooses to pay?”

Meanwhile, student fees and tuition rates continue to escalate, while Crow ensures that illegal alien students, whom he refers to as “special-class international students” are the recipients of financial largess from his caché of private benefactors, enabling them to obtain in-state tuition, adverse to the restrictions imposed by voter approved Proposition 300.

Earlier this month, in the midst of a descending economy, Crow unveiled his ambitious plans for a massive construction project-a $185 million, seven-story science and technology building, scheduled to open in fall 2010.

Hey, it’s only money.

6 Responses to ASU President Michael Crow’s wife on payroll as six-figure ‘senior advisor’

  1. Villanova says:

    Crow is the Arizona Republic’s adored heir apparent to high office in Arizona. The guessing game consists of which office they will promote him for. McCain’s senate seat should be open before long–whether he wins the presidency or ends up in a retirement home.. The governor’s office will be up for grabs, also.

    Napolitano, banking on an Obama win, is probably hoping for a cabinet or court appointment in exchange for the early endorsement she gave him. The Clinton’s who provided Napolitano with her initial push when Bill named her to the US Attorney post here, are likely not feeling warm and fuzzy toward her now that she turned on them with her Obama defection.

    In politics, as the old saw goes, if you want a friend, buy a dog!

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    I see King Crow has a Queen–albeit with a different last name. Isn;t it about time to overthrow this monarchy? I’m sick of this arrogant and free-wheeling guy. Who reigns him in? For sure the worthless Board of Regents isn’t in charge.

  3. Real Analysis says:

    According to a report being released by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPAHR at ), for CEOs of single institutions, average salary was $220,000; $365,190 for CEOs of doctoral degree granting institutions.

    $365,190 is just a little over half of Michael Crow’s current annual $720,000 – and THAT doesn’t even include the annual $150,000 bonuses or this $160,000 additional salary paid to Crow’s wife, which brings the Crow annual salary compensation to $1,030,000 not counting whatever additional “extras” are being thrown in by the Board of Regents. This is one of the top salaries in the country for this type of position. I’d understand if ASU were in the top 30 or even the top 50 universities, but it’s stagnating at around #130.

    The article goes on to note that the A$U Foundation is coming under scrutiny for increasingly engaging in activities unrelated to its non-profit status, more than doubling its administrative numbers, and for engaging in an unseemly amount of gift-giving.

    I’d suggest that Arizona’s prospects for a better future are directly tied to the state getting out from under the directives of the Board of Regents, which has already misallocated massive amounts of money and resources to the state’s competitive disadvantage, and away from the 800-pound multi-campus money-eating third-tier gorilla that is A$U.

  4. Liz says:

    ASU is continuing to “enhance” their already wonderful reputation. Please visit “ for information.

    ASU leaders both at the main and west campus have determined that a nationally accredited and recognized preschool is no longer needed. The preschool is housed in the Child Development Center at ASU West. The center has been a lab studies program for students as well as a preschool. Now, all of a sudden, the preschool and center is no longer a priority for ASU West. They want the space for a “rec center”. Yes, I said rec center. It’s a joke. Please visit the website and sign our petition and get the word out. We need to stop ASU from ruining what is good just so they can continue to chase dollars and increase their own salaries.

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