Power Rangers and Pioneers vanish


Bush’s top fundraisers take hiatus with McCain leading ticket

“It takes an enormous amount of passion,” said Joyce Haver, a Phoenix businesswoman who was a Bush Pioneer in 2000 and a Ranger in 2004 and who said she was unlikely to plunge in again. “I probably don’t have the passion I had last time.”The Rangers and Pioneers make up a critical constituency: the big-money people who powered the Bush fund-raising machine.

Haver, who said she still believed that McCain would make a far better president than either of the Democratic candidates, said her lack of enthusiasm stemmed from a number of factors, including her frustration with politics in general and with McCain’s support for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that many conservatives revile, the International Herald Tribune reports.

One Response to Power Rangers and Pioneers vanish

  1. Carrie Mason says:

    Have no fear John, your building buddy, Shiree Verdone, has learned your double-talking schtick and is prepared to enthusiastically fund raise for you.