A soaring opportunity

Honor or exploitation?

In a blatant attempt to influence the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, soon to be deciding whether to use the name Piestewa Peak on official documents and maps, the daily pounds again on their racial-guilt drum.

Try this: As a nation and as a community, we honor our war dead. We want to ease the pain. There are other pains that we, as a nation and a community, need to acknowledge. The historic treatment of Native Americans is one of those. The injustices that were committed against these First Americans are a painful legacy.

Today we are not only treated to guilt, but another editorial dose of their pro-Napolitanoism. The ham-handed renaming of Phoenix’s Squaw Peak mountain to honor a fallen solider, adverse to the five-year waiting period was simply wrong. But bestowing such an honor on this specific soldier was not serendipitous.

It should be acknowledged that this particular solider, Lori Piestewa, a member of the Hopi tribe, was able, in death, to do for Arizona’s crafty governor what the unfortunate young mother of two could never have done in life. She gifted the politically ambitious Janet Napolitano with a vitally important inroad to Arizona tribal votes.

We grieve for Army Pfc Lori Piestewa and her family — just as we do for every military life lost and disability suffered by our combat personnel. Yet we also recognize that this was a purely political move that requires some rational reflection be brought to this issue.

Today the newspaper acknowledges the governor’s political maneuvering and outlandish tactics were beyond the pale when her swaggering henchman and former aide, Mario Diaz, threatened commissioners on the Arizona panel to ramrod the name change through by saying: It was the wrong way to do it, but it was the right thing to do.

The editorialist omitted two important words: For Napolitano.


4 Responses to A soaring opportunity

  1. Real Analysis says:

    Climb the PC Mountain (Climb Every Mountain)

    A Song Celebrating Relevant Political Maneuvers of Janet Napolitano
    (with great yet insufficient apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein)

    Climb the PC mountain, rename it for show
    Avoid every bylaw, every rule that you know
    Steamroll all committees, upon them loose your team
    Follow the racial rainbow, till you find your dream
    A dream that will need, all the votes you can get
    Every day of your life, long as you are Janet
    Climb the PC mountain, recruit for your team
    Use the racial rainbow, achieving your dream
    A dream that will need, all the votes you can get
    Every day of your life, long as you are Janet
    Steamroll all committees, unlawful it may seem
    Exploit the racial rainbow, till you reach your… dream…

  2. Sideliner says:

    Using the death of this young soldier to bolster her own image with a minority voting group is Napolitano at her scheming finest.
    I keep reminding you all that nothing should surprise any of us anymore.

  3. Chuck says:

    Excellent post. You guys nailed the Guv, her unprincipled motives and the goons who do her bidding.

    She is salivating at the prospect of a post in the Obama administration. That is truly the ONLY reason to support McCain. Like the Democrats, he is also going to sell us out with open borders and amnesty. He and Jon Kyl teamed with Ted “I can’t swim” Kennedy on that miserable immigration reform bill that was designed to turn us into a third world country in short order. What those jackasses were thinking of is out of my realm of reasoning. It certainly wasn’t American taxpaying citizens!

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    Splendid analysis. It’s difficult to get this straight talk from many other sources. Former congressman JD Hayworth is the exception. He actually speaks the truth on his radio talk show–without any sugar-coating. For those Arizona newcomers who lack historical knowledge, let me verify this is the correct story on the politically motivated renaming of Squaw Peak–bypassing the rules in place for granting such posthumous honors. I hope the national committee sees this. They are no doubt reading the Republic’s editorial and could think that reflects mainstream opinion. I don’t know anyone who approved of the methods used or the renaming. It’s still known as Squaw Peak by locals.