Holiday celebration misguidedly lauds lawbreakers


With the Passover holiday approaching this weekend, we decided to check in with the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix for information on the holiday observances. What we found were two decidedly political articles, both going after Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The first one, an editorial commentary by a local rabbi, makes the bizarre analogy between the biblical Israelites in Egypt and today’s illegal aliens in America:

Thirty-six times in the Torah we are commanded, “Do not oppress the stranger, the widow, and the orphan, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” We remember our people’s history. We have been the stranger, and we have been oppressed. We cannot oppress the stranger and victimize him.

The implicit underlying theme draws a fallacious analogy between Nazi roundups of Jewish citizens and the non-citizen illegals who, by virtue their very existence here, are lawbreakers.

This scene conjures up all sorts of images in our minds,” the rabbi laments.” He describes “fully armed officers” as though wearing a sidearm was not basic to any law enforcement uniform.

What the rabbi hypocritically fails to take into account is the issue of the rule of law and the rights of sovereign nations to secure their own borders, especially in a post 9/11 world. Certainly Israel is doing that very thing today with the construction of a wall to protect her own citizens from invasion.

The second article, detailing a Passover ritual seder with members of the Latino community, refers to Sheriff Arpaio’s criminal patrols as “dragnets.”

The rabbi chastises “non-Latino” citizens for not speaking out against the patrols, in which “mothers and children (are) led to the mobile jail cell surrounded by heavily armed officers.”

With the distorted use of this provocative language, one can almost envision them being handed towels and bars of soap by SS officers as they are led to the showers, which turned out to be gas chambers. Using such an analogy constitutes an affront to the memory of those who were systematically slaughtered during the Holocaust.

Sheriff Arpaio’s patrols are world’s apart from the misinformation coming from this least likely quarter.

Seeing Red AZ is indeed seeing red over these distortions.

We send sincere good wishes for a blessed Passover to our Jewish friends.

13 Responses to Holiday celebration misguidedly lauds lawbreakers

  1. Dave says:

    A friend directed me to this site today. I’m happy to tell you that not all Jewish people are liberals. Too many are, I’ll concede that, but a growing number of us are seeing the light and are not only Republicans, but conservative Republicans. I am seeing red also after reading the editorial and article you linked to above.

    Thanks for the holiday wishes.

  2. Maggie says:

    This was very interesting. Glad to read Dave’s comments. My Jewish friends are overwhelmingly liberal, which is something I have never understood, given the history of the Jewish people. It seems that life issues would be high on the agenda and so would Second Amendment issues. I do know one couple who are active political conservatives, and they are committed to the causes that drive the GOP platform.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’m a political conservative–and Jewish. We are growing in number! This baloney from the JNGP is exactly why I would never subscribe to that paper.

  4. juliette says:

    This is a disturbing distortion of history. Yes, there are a number of politically conservative Jews in the valley and fortunately many are young. They have the common sense to see the socialist, hypocritical aspects of those who consider themselves liberals .. a true misnomer.

  5. Kate says:

    Interesting that they singled out the women and children. Typical lefty ploy. If you’ve watched the news accounts, and there have been many, the people being arrested were predominantly men (ages 20-40); but that sex & age bracket doesn’t provide the heart-string tug the lefties love to milk. Even the liberals on Horizon admitted that one man was arrested for driving on a suspended license, is illegal and will be going home. Now if we had the fence, we could be more assured our tax dollars getting him there were well spent. “Where’s the Fence”?

  6. SherriAZ says:

    I don’t get this from the Jewish community at all: Israel can have fences, but we can’t?
    Israel has a right to exist, but we should sit back and allow our country to be overrun and turned into a third world extension of Mexico? These people should be ASHAMED of themselves for comparing the humane deportation illegal aliens to the killing of legal German citizens during the Holocaust. They should be ASHAMED for comparing AMERICAN PATRIOTS to Nazi soldiers. Their lack of patriotism makes their true motives suspect in my opinion. Don’t want to lose that gardener or maid, eh?

  7. Villanova says:

    I have quite a few Jewish friends and business associates. We’ve often discussed the oddity of Jews being liberals. Many are quick to point out that the FDR Jewish voters of a couple of generations ago are being replaced with people such as Michael Medved (although he’s liberal on the all-important border issues, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dennis Prager, etc.

    What has always amazed me is that Jews are often in the forefront of gun control, when they should have learned better from the horrors of being unable to defend themselves as the Nazis marched through Europe–first registering firearms, and then going back to confiscate them.

  8. Keen Observer says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the very organizations that owe so much to the respect of our laws for their religious freedom are doing their utmost to destroy the country with a dogma of socialism. I’m speaking of the Interfaith Alliance, Catholic Bishops, Mormans, Rabbis, et al. Their top priority now is welcoming illegals while disobeying the law.

    The liberals now control our religious institutions. Isn’t there someone out there who might find some gold plates that contain the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We could then start a new congregation of disaffected religious whose beliefs would begin with our God given freedom as manifested in our founding documents. and whose activities would be centered on protecting, not destroying what the Lord has provided.

  9. Gimlet says:

    Keen O:
    There is no way to improve upon what you stated here. I’m sure many agree. Liberalism has taken over the core of many of our faiths.

  10. Most Valley Jews, including myself, agree with rabbi and disagree with not-very-Jewish comments posted here by so-called Jews.

    I am in NY today for Pesach and the Pope is here today, with a Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Another great religious figure, his views on humanity for immigrants is well-known. Benedict issued a plea to all Americans “to continue to welcome the immigrants who join your ranks today, to share their joys and hopes, to support them in their sorrows and trials and to help them flourish in their new home.” And in private discussions with President Bush, the pope is reported to have brought up his concerns about local ordinances aimed at driving out illegal immigrants and the anti-immigrant hysteria that has accompanied these initiatives — the kind of un-Christian, un-Jewish hysteria expressed on this hateful blog.

  11. Jackie says:

    I am surprised that a Jewish newspaper would resort to such incendiary language. I can recall a few years ago when the word “Holocaust” was used to describe the millions of pre-born babies who were killed by the abortion industry, Jewish groups responded by saying that word should not be used except to describe the brutalities suffered at the hands of the Nazis. OK. I’m fine with that. However, why would a Jewish publication such as this local newspaper make analogies such as those in this article and editorial? The sheriff’s posse members and deputies did not gas, murder, incinerate, starve, make soap or lampshades using human skin or perform vicious needless experimental; surgeries on the illegals who were breaking the law.

    For shame!!!

  12. Lisa says:

    I am Jewish, Richard. I can tell you I agree with both the post and the comments which you so dislike. I looked your linked website. You are clearly a liberal. You don’t speak for me. I am a lifelong pro-life conservative Republican and a Jewish woman. My entire family is Jewish and Republican. We are proud of our heritage and our political conservatism.

    I repeat: You and other liberals who might share my faith, do not speak for me.
    I am sad that so many regard people like you and those writing for the Jewish News as represting all Jews. That is most certainly not the case. I can well understand the frustrations of Black conservatives like Ward Connerly and Thomas Sowell when others think all Blacks are liberals.

  13. Todd says:

    The Rabbi’s words of welcoming and comfort for illegal aliens causes the murder and rape of additional aliens as they trek across the sonoran desert to this land of “welcoming/” Speak against illegal immigration, support laws against illegal aliens in America.
    This is how both innocent and not-so-innocent lives are saved.