McCain supporters turn out the lights, as Nevada’s GOP convention torpedoed

Party far from united as Ron Paul supporters dominated

In a stunning turn of events at the Saturday Republican convention, the McCain forces, seeing their own blood in the water, not only withdrew from the important state meeting to select national delegates, but asked to recess the meeting to a future date, for a “do over,” in effect walking out on their own convention.

Under pressure, Republican state Chairwoman Sue Lowden, capitulated and announced the convention will resume at a later date in Las Vegas to complete the delegate selection process.

A large contingent of Ron Paul supporters challenged other delegates to get more representation on the state GOP’s delegation to the national convention to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota in September.

As a result, the state convention shut down without final action on the national delegates, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun. Rep. Ron Paul followed his second-place finish in Nevada’s January presidential caucus by out-organizing the state’s Republican establishment. In the process, the Paulites embarrassed the campaign of Arizona Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

McCain’s slates have encountered problems in various Arizona legislative districts as his committed delegates to the May 10 state convention have been trounced.

Nevada Congressman Dean Heller offered various conservative resolutions, including English-only ballots, English as the national language, an immigration policy that doesn’t include amnesty, and a definition of marriage as a union only between a man and a woman, further signifying the split from McCain’s views.

Although it is largely papered over by the GOP establishment’s unifying behind McCain, party regulars are debating the future of the party, and especially whether to return to the small-government principles of the late Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential candidate.

Republican conventions are usually well-organized, rather staid affairs for bashing Democrats and rallying around the presidential nominee, in this case, McCain.

Not so this time, as many of the more than 1,300 delegates were Paul supporters who viewed themselves as insurgents taking on the establishment.

Arizonan Jeff Greenspan, Paul’s southwest director, said the Paul convention plan had been in the works for months, dominating county conventions. In Reno on Saturday, they communicated strategy on the convention floor by mass cell phone text messaging, which no doubt kept them a step ahead of party leadership.

“Our people were so well trained and laser focused that once they saw they couldn’t budge us, the McCain people were swarming the convention chair and state party chair to end the convention and all of a sudden the convention chair, said OK, we’re in recess and will reconvene on Tuesday or Wednesday. The entire delegation was astounded and the entire state executive committee and people on the stage just walked out and the lights went off,” according to Greenspan.

The Las Vegas Sun runs a second article detailing the convention McDisaster here.

27 Responses to McCain supporters turn out the lights, as Nevada’s GOP convention torpedoed

  1. Sideliner says:

    Wow! This is fascinating. The fact that the McCain people walked out on their own convention tells a great deal about what we can expect from a McPresidency. We are offered no choices. Does anyone actually think that Ron Paul could generate enough grassroots success to take over the party? I see a glimmer of hope shining through the fractures.

  2. Maggie says:

    I’ve read this no where else. Surely the Arizona Republic subscribes to the Associated Press feeds? Why are we deprived of this important information in AZ?

  3. Vince says:

    This is utterly amazing! Good for the Paulites. McCain has zero regard for GOP conservatives. It’s time he understood that we have strong grassroots organizations and are capable of reacting to being disenfranchised and disregarded.

  4. Gimlet says:

    What appalling arrogance from the McCain crowd! The AZ GOP is holding its state meeting soon. I hope some of this self-defeating smugness takes a hike before the party is destroyed by Señor McCain and his henchmen. The high-handedness they exhibit is offensive to many of the elected precinct committeemen and those much needed state delegates.

  5. Harry says:

    hold on to your hats , you ain’t seen nothing yet,, this will continue to be a bumpy ride..

  6. Kent says:

    I just went out to the neighborhood convenience market to buy the newspaper. We stopped wasting our money on subscriptions over two years ago!

    I purchased the paper to see if there was any report on this Nevada convention story and found NOTHING! What I did find was a lengthy editorial saying all of the reporting about McCain’s notorious temper has been blown out of proportion. The editors concede they did not endorse him last time, but seem to have a change of heart now. And why not? He is as liberal as any Democrat they could hope for. The only difference I see is that he would not wimp out on Iraq.
    Otherwise, McCain is a dead weight around the neck of the Republican party.

  7. Justin says:

    Kent: of course they are OK with McCain. He’s in concert with them on permanently opening the floodgates on illegal immigration. I will never support him after the :“comprehensive reform” bill he tried to shove down our throats, with the able assistance of his senate seat-mate Jon Kyl and Teddy Kennedy. For some reason I will never understand, they are all intent on turning the United States of America into a third world country.

  8. Hometown Guy says:

    The reason is vote pandering. They will do whatever it takes to maintain power and grab onto more. The Hispanic voting bloc gives them what they need. This is not rocket science.

  9. Kim says:

    Glory! Glory! Could this be the answer to our prayers?

  10. Joe Evans says:

    This video isn’t high quality, but it clearly depicts the discontent and frustration of delegates at the Reno, NV GOP convention. At the end you can see the lights turned out on the assembled delegates by the McCain supporters. Elected delegates had already voted and had been there for TEN HOURS–coming from all over the state, only to be disenfranchised as the meeting was shut down after Ron Paul‘s supporters shook up the delegate count by winning.

  11. Fooled Twice says:

    Why is this important story being kept under wraps here in Arizona? I’ve searched and found nothing in the MSM. McCain’s embarrassment becomes theirs, it seems.
    Thanks to Seeing Red AZ for getting the news out. And thanks to Jeff Greenspan for his participation.

  12. MacBeth says:

    This is an interesting headline from NBC Channel 4 News in Nevada:

    “Nevada Republican party suspends convention in confusion”

    Guess that says it all.

  13. Kate says:

    Wow! Great news….some more courageous conservative Republicans that aren’t just going to roll over for McNasty (his H.S. nickname), that he and his followers insist on earning repeatedly. Gives me hope that the “Real” Republican Party will rise again!
    I won’t endorse or vote ‘for’ Sen. McCain until he gives me a reason; and I need action, not more of his empty promises.

  14. […] goes to Seeing Red AZ for picking up the story before us. […]

  15. Keen Observer says:

    This is what the Republican Party has already turned into. Can you imagine how much worse it is going to become as the McCainiacs take over. Don’t expect fair play or justice from the McCain crew. Remember Kyl and McCain on Amnesty…..some straight talk eh? WHERE’s THE FENCE? Why anyone would trust these guys is beyond me.

  16. Carrie Mason says:

    Turn out the lights, the PARTY’s over. The Republican Party that is. Destroyed by the Great Divider, John McCain.

  17. Mark AZ says:

    I was never a Ron Paul supporter but now I’m shouting GO RON PAUL!!!!

    The McCaniacs are running so scared it is unbelievable. Scared of what??? He’s IN. Yet, they are cheating, lying, and manipulating and that’s just at the District Meetings!! Now they have shut down a State Convention! Wow! Historic. Imagine the way-presumptive nominee so paranoid as to fix District Meetings and literally turn-off the lights at the Nevada Republican Convention. Wow!
    Check out Minuteman Radio. Sundays at 7 PM on 960 AM. Last show tonight. Switching to another station next week.

  18. Michelle Malkin » Nevada GOP convention chaos: McCain outmaneuvered by Paulians, party leaders shut down voting says:

    […] an Arizona’s take on the chaos at Seeing Red AZ. Posted in: GOP, John McCain Send to a Friend Printer Friendly comments […]

  19. Ajo Joe says:

    Hey! Not too shabby…getting another link on Michelle Malkin’s site is quite a feat. Congratulations!

  20. PhxMom says:

    Only John McCain could cause me to vote for Ron Paul!

  21. RA says:

    Again, I find I am astounded by my surprise at the TOTAL LACK OF LOCAL NEWSPAPER COVERAGE of this event in the “local” binliner. If it were only printed on softer paper…

    Hope McCain and the free-spending liberal one-flat-earthers that have been hijacking the Republican Party are getting an earful.

  22. Jay Bird says:

    You’re right about the McCainiacs hijacking the Republican party. We appear to have no recourse but to stand by and watch it disintegrate. John McCain only differs from his Democrat opponents in that he is not waving the white flag in Iraq. We Americans have changed dramatically after years of liberal indoctrination in public schools. God forbid Americans of today were in the situation faced by our fathers and grandfathers during WWII. They signed up to defend their country in droves after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After September 11, 2001 there was stunned silence and then a load of self recrimination by the left, agonizing over how we asked for the stunning terror attacks or even caused them.

    Today our academics are mostly liberals and the Hollywood celebrities (who could call them “stars?”) are America-haters. They would never emulate the countless movie stars of that previous era who enlisted in the military–patriotically abandoning their careers to do so. One of the most popular Big Band recording stars, Glenn Miller, was lost when his plane was shot down. Today, the celebrities bash America at filled-to-capacity concerts or overseas, where they openly trash their own country–and receive applause for doing so from the foolish, history deprived Huns in the audience.

    Other than the military issues, McCain is indistinguishable from the Democrats on ALL of the social issues and even admits his lack of knowledge on the economy–which is in dire need of someone with some moxie. Most egregious is his stance on illegal immigration, which he would handle by granting amnesty to his “guest workers.”

    I’m a lifelong Republican and have never felt so repulsed by”our” candidate. He sure isn’t mine.

  23. Fooled Twice says:

    The conservative blogs are getting national attention because All of the local news coverage is decidedly to the left. It’s teriffic that a well regarded nationally syndicated columnist and frequent FOX televison guest such as Malkin has found Seeing Red AZ.

    Even the AZ Republic reporters and columnists with whom I disagreed, but were at least able to write, have now been purged. We are left with the pinko, open borders editorialists and a lightweight crew of newbies who are unable to grasp basic concepts, let alone grammar. A short time back one single article had something like 15 (to the best of my recollection) “contributors” writing it. It was a mishmash of various, incohesive thoughts and as poorly written as anything I have ever read.

    But, that is not the issue for the downward spiraling newspapers. The issue is getting the liberal agenda out, regardless of the poor grammar used to effect that cause.

    Unfortunately, the East Valley Tribune offers no alternative to the Republic. I find information on the blogs that I never see in the local press–like this story on McCain’s shameful screwing with the Nevada delegates.

  24. Tom says:

    The convention attendees were, to quote that fine old award winning movie, Network,
    “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.” Many of us can identify with that.

  25. GarandFan says:

    Well if the Paulbots were so “organized”, they should have see that move coming. Looks like both sides got “surprised!”.

  26. I love how the press if saying the Ron Paul people took over the convention. It would mean they had a majority. They did not. I suspect they had a lot of anti-McCain people join them in the votes to block the McCain groups agenda. No tears from me.