With so many being thrown under it, we may all need additional buses

Seems there are plenty of big wheels for everyone

Chuck Muth of Muth’s Truths does a slice and dice on the Ron Paulites and the GOP Nevada state convention.  Seeing Red AZ’s coverage was picked up by the Ron Paul site.

 Andy Borowitz, a political humorist, in discussing the Democrats, fictionalizes their current internal shenanigans this way:

On CNN, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean expressed fears that if the primary campaign drags on much longer, “there may not be enough room under the bus for the candidates to throw their aides.”

With Sen.Obama having thrown Rev. Wright and Samantha Power under the bus, and Sen. Clinton having thrown Geraldine Ferraro, Patti Solis Doyle, and Mark Penn under the bus, “we may need an additional bus,” Mr. Dean said.

And conservatives? Pat Buchanan in Human Events ponders, Will the Right Sit it Out?

6 Responses to With so many being thrown under it, we may all need additional buses

  1. Sideliner says:

    I’ve been involved in GOP politics for quite awhile. I have to say, I’ve never seen such raw feelings, so many friendships broken and so much dissatisfaction with the candidate. These are dismal times.

  2. Chuck says:

    Boy! Did you just say a mouthful! These are dark days. Some people are ready to chew one another’s heads off and others want to bolt from the GOP. There are lots of anti-McCain PC’s in my district, but they are afraid of being ostracized, so stay quiet, boiling over with repressed rage.
    Tensions are so high they could cause nosebleeds. Our party is fractured beyond recognition thanks to Mr. McCain.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve heard the phenomenon described as ‘devouring our own.’ That’s what we’ve been bequeathed by a McCain candidacy. The party is being torched.

  4. Ron says:

    What McCain hath wrought is splitting the Grand Old Party asunder.

  5. RA says:

    As for Howard Dean’s remarks about the Democratic Party’s sacrifices of aides, they recall the slogan of the Firesign Theater – (they’re) all bozos on (that) bus.

    Oddly the McLaughlin Group commentators did not perceive the Obama-Clinton hostilities as fundamentally damaging to the Democrats. However, my “straw poll” Democrat neighbors are mostly voicing previously unheard levels of disgust and disillusionment with their own party and talking about voting for McCain, even as most Republicans I know have become truly unhappy with and alienated from the GOP – all with good reason.

  6. Gimlet says:

    Funny…my Dem associates and neighbors all find McCain suits them fine. It’s the Republicans who can’t tolerate him. Doesn’t that say a great deal about the man?