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April 28, 2008

Cites fiscal concerns, caves in to illegal proponents

Gov. Janet Napolitano honed her razor-sharp veto stiletto again today, shredding the bill which would have required local law enforcement to work with federal authorities on immigration enforcement.

According to Napolitano, “House Bill 2807 is simply an unnecessary, unfunded mandate to law enforcement.”

The measure would have directed local police and county sheriffs to implement a program to address immigration violations. That provision would have been satisfied in any of three ways: by having a portion of the police force undergo immigration training through an agreement with the federal government, embedding Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers within the local agency or “establishing operational relationships” with ICE.

Bill sponsor Rep. John Nelson, (R-Dist. 12), said the bill’s intent was simply to standardize and set guidelines for local government interaction with ICE and immigration law.

Read her veto letter here.

Joey Vento takes on the candidates: ALL of them

April 28, 2008

You remember Joey? 

 We wrote about him as he was being hammered for the sign in his Philly cheese steak restaurant: “This is America. When ordering please speak English.”

Read what the proud American son of Italian immigrants has to say now.

USA Day celebration on the AZ State Capitol lawn

April 28, 2008

Join in the festivities with your patriotic friends

Thursday, May 1, 2008    11:00am – 4:00 pm
Additional information, including map,  available here.

This event is organized by USA – United for a Sovereign America.

McCain backer Brenda Sperduti co-chairs Dem Guv’s gala

April 28, 2008

Those McCain folks just can’t seem to figure out which party they belong to–or why

You might recall the name Brenda Sperduti. If your memory bank has more important matters taking up space, a quick refresher is available here.

Sperduti was on John McCain’s hand-picked slate in his home district, as an important state convention delegate. His slate tanked.

Brenda, an elected Republican precinct committeeman in Royal Palm precinct, gained notoriety as a Republican for Janet during the last gubernatorial election. At the time, there was a well-qualified GOP candidate in the race.

The Republicans for Janet site has been taken down, but the names remain available at AZ Conservative, where Dennis Durband thoughtfully copied and retained the list.

Today Sperduti has landed on what is left of the society page in the daily with a cheery photo and this gem announcing her as co-chair of the governor’s gala:

A record-breaking 900 Arizona art lovers descended on the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa on Wednesday for the 27th annual Governor’s Arts Awards. The event celebrated the rich diversity of Arizona’s arts and cultural treasures.
The rest of the tidbit is here.

Hispanic advocates declare law “divisive,” urge veto

April 28, 2008

 Gov. Janet Napolitano is being urged by Hispanic activists to veto legislation authorizing local police and sheriff’s agencies supervision of federal immigration law violations.

Members of Somos America have written Gov. Napolitano, saying the requirement increases racial profiling.

Somos America, which translates to We Are America, also called it “a divisive bill” that polarizes the state between “the pro-immigrant reformers and the anti-immigrant groups infiltrated by hate groups such as the neo-Nazis and KKK.” Napolitano has until the end of the day to decide whether to sign or veto it.

Somos America members object to provisions that law enforcement officers receive special federal training to allow them to enforce federal immigration laws

The Rev. Luz Santiago, pastor of Iglesia Puebla de Dios in Mesa, threatened Hispanic lawmakers who supported the bill, saying, “we’re the ones that can vote you out.”

The Arizona Daily Star covers the story here.

Illegal update

April 28, 2008

Tragedy involved as many as 60 illegals; alcohol and speed possible factors

An early Sunday morning crash killed four, and 27 survivors were hospitalized, as a truck jammed with at least 60 illegal aliens crashed and rolled. Approximately 30 people fled the scene, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

The accident occurred near the town of Arizona City, about 60 miles south of Phoenix.

The Pachyderm Coalition Policy Committee Legislative rankings

April 28, 2008

The latest weekly update to the Republican Legislator ratings has been released and sent to us by Howard Levine, Policy Committee Chairman  Read this week’s report.

The Pachyderm Coalition Policy Committee publishes legislator evaluations based on legislative actions taken as of last Friday. Evaluations are updated weekly throughout the legislative session.

Piling on Arpaio, Part Dos

April 27, 2008

Illegals vent

Now the East Valley Tribune jumps on the anti-Arpaio bandwagon with a video on their site, titled: Mesa Hispanics talk about the effects Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s crime sweeps are having on their community.

As Spanish-speaking illegals talk, a soft-voiced female English narrator translates their “fears and concerns.”

“The first thing they tell me is we’re leaving because of Arpaio. Because he doesn’t let us work.”

“I make less money.”

” I don’t have legal documents. If they catch me I’ll be left with nothing. So then what will I do?”

“It causes fear in the community.”

“They don’t go out to amuse themselves, to pass the time. They don‘t do that anymore.”

“We take more precautions. We call each other.”

“We live in fear.”

“People are very intimidated. I have friends who don‘t go out. They don’t leave on weekends.”

“I think it’s racial.”

“I would ask the sheriff, isn’t it more important to catch the people who are trafficking drugs? Those are the ones who murder our children. Those are the ones who commit more serious crimes. That’s something that affects us all–legal and illegal. Why not stop those people–that would be more important, I think.”

“I’ve heard rumors they don’t send their kids to school. They don’t send their kids to school.”

 Quite a heart-wrenching saga. Obviously, it is long past time for those here ilegally to go home and put these worries behind them.

Sheriff Arpaio sits down for a chat with the Daily Fish-wrapper

April 27, 2008

A class guy.  Most men who had been vilified on an ongoing basis, would have told them he had to trim his toenails. Instead Joe Arpaio grants an interview.

“I guess it is politics,” he explains on this video clip: Sheriff asks why no Republicans criticize his sweeps.

McCain supporters turn out the lights, as Nevada’s GOP convention torpedoed

April 27, 2008

Party far from united as Ron Paul supporters dominated

In a stunning turn of events at the Saturday Republican convention, the McCain forces, seeing their own blood in the water, not only withdrew from the important state meeting to select national delegates, but asked to recess the meeting to a future date, for a “do over,” in effect walking out on their own convention.

Under pressure, Republican state Chairwoman Sue Lowden, capitulated and announced the convention will resume at a later date in Las Vegas to complete the delegate selection process.

A large contingent of Ron Paul supporters challenged other delegates to get more representation on the state GOP’s delegation to the national convention to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota in September.

As a result, the state convention shut down without final action on the national delegates, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun. Rep. Ron Paul followed his second-place finish in Nevada’s January presidential caucus by out-organizing the state’s Republican establishment. In the process, the Paulites embarrassed the campaign of Arizona Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

McCain’s slates have encountered problems in various Arizona legislative districts as his committed delegates to the May 10 state convention have been trounced.

Nevada Congressman Dean Heller offered various conservative resolutions, including English-only ballots, English as the national language, an immigration policy that doesn’t include amnesty, and a definition of marriage as a union only between a man and a woman, further signifying the split from McCain’s views.

Although it is largely papered over by the GOP establishment’s unifying behind McCain, party regulars are debating the future of the party, and especially whether to return to the small-government principles of the late Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential candidate.

Republican conventions are usually well-organized, rather staid affairs for bashing Democrats and rallying around the presidential nominee, in this case, McCain.

Not so this time, as many of the more than 1,300 delegates were Paul supporters who viewed themselves as insurgents taking on the establishment.

Arizonan Jeff Greenspan, Paul’s southwest director, said the Paul convention plan had been in the works for months, dominating county conventions. In Reno on Saturday, they communicated strategy on the convention floor by mass cell phone text messaging, which no doubt kept them a step ahead of party leadership.

“Our people were so well trained and laser focused that once they saw they couldn’t budge us, the McCain people were swarming the convention chair and state party chair to end the convention and all of a sudden the convention chair, said OK, we’re in recess and will reconvene on Tuesday or Wednesday. The entire delegation was astounded and the entire state executive committee and people on the stage just walked out and the lights went off,” according to Greenspan.

The Las Vegas Sun runs a second article detailing the convention McDisaster here.