Recall effort targets Phoenix’s “Sanctuary City” Mayor Phil Gordon

Bad year complicated by inability to understand meaning of ‘illegal’

This has not been a good year for Phil Gordon. He has had personal issues dogging him, his Phoenix Police union publicly expressing discontent with his hand-tying policies and Sheriff Joe Arpaio nipping at his heels. His poll numbers are tanking at 42 percent, and now, Gordon is the target of a recall effort by American Citizens United.

American Citizens United spokeswoman Anna Gaines says supporters are angry that Phoenix police do not have unconditional authority to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement when they encounter a suspected illegal immigrant.

To recall Gordon, the group must gather 23,751 valid signatures in 120 days from the time they file their formal campaign paperwork.

In January, Gordon was quoted as saying, “And it’s outrageous conduct on the part of these individuals that have proclaimed themselves judges of who belongs in our country and who doesn’t belong in our country.”

Seems lawyer Gordon has great difficulty comprehending that those who enter this country in violation of our laws by openly defying our status as a sovereign nation, are here illegally. That’s why they don’t belong here, Mr. Mayor.

Were you sleeping through law school when the definitions of legal and illegal were being taught?

Contact Keith Lefebvre at 602-200-4646, or at keith.lefebvre@yahoo,com to get petitions. Beat the rising summer temperatures, and circulate these now.

8 Responses to Recall effort targets Phoenix’s “Sanctuary City” Mayor Phil Gordon

  1. RA says:


  2. Maggie says:

    Let’s put our money where our mouths are and inundate this guy with requests for petitions.!! This is our chance–let’s not muff it.

  3. Jim Williams says:

    We all need to make sure this happens. We have been working toward it for a long time.Let’s all do what we can to make sure it gets done.

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    The comments portion on this site was not working all day yesterday. I tried to post comments on a couple of the articles, and couldn’t. Glad to see that’s corrected.

    Absolutely! Let’s get behind this worthy recall. Gordon’s Gotta Go. If he’s not taken out through this process, the AZ Republic will see that he becomes governor. That thought alone should energize this petition drive.

  5. W.J. Parker says:

    Our mayor deserves to be assigned to a street sweeper and that will probably tax his intelligence. He needs to support our laws that are designed to protect Arizona’s citizens, instead of playing political games and campaigning for the governor’s office.

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