If McCain is “right of center,” pigs fly

Where is that elusive “conservative Republican” in the presidential race?
From today’s Associated Press article:

There are going to be stark choices between a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican,” McCain says at nearly every turn as he seeks to portray Obama as out of step with the nation. The more the GOP nominee-in-waiting can frame the debate along those lines, and capture a larger chunk of the electorate’s center, the better his chance to eke out a victory in an extraordinarily challenging political environment.

24 Responses to If McCain is “right of center,” pigs fly

  1. Marianne says:

    John McCain wants to dupe us ALL.

    The bottom line of what he cares about is getting elected. He will take the votes from the entire spectrum from the most liberal through to Independents and the same brand of “moderate” Republicans who elected Janet Napolitano. Republicans for Janet are prominent on his delegation slate.

    Actual Republicans with true ties to the party principles will not be fooled. They know this is a pig in a poke–to use your very good pig analogy

  2. Charlie Conservative says:

    This psycho has lied his way through his whole career. Why would we expect anything different now? There is nothing but his word to back his claim. And we know how good his word is because, “he gets it now”.

    The biggest joke in this whole campaign is that over the years the press has so sold the public on how wonderful the maverick is that the public believes McCain is a man of character and integrity.

    Makes you puke, doesn’t it? Well the press built him up, now they’re going to have to tear him down for them to give us Obama. The question is are they going to be able to pull it off?

  3. Vince says:

    How right you are, Charlie. John McCain is the creation, and darling, of the liberal media. The only Republican they could tolerate. Could that be because he really isn’t one?

  4. Walt says:

    I sure appreciated McCain’s opposition to Medicare Part D, which was pretty darned conservative.

    I appreciate the fact that McCain has been a good steward of the taxpayer in general — far superior to the vast majority of elected Republicans who like to call themselves “conservative”.

    I appreciate the fact that, when it became apparent to McCain that there weren’t enough troops on the ground to quell the insurgency in Iraq, he had to stones to step up and say so while so many so-called “conservatives” were telling him to shut up about it.

    I also respect the fact that, while other candidates were going out of their way to make promises on behalf of the taxpayers to the Big Three in Detroit and the landed gentry in Florida who build in hurricane-prone areas, McCain stood up and told them what they needed to hear, and not just what they wanted to hear.

    I appreciate the fact that John McCain understands the gravity and supreme importance of keeping islamic terrorists on the defensive in the protracted war we’re going to be waging against them to preserve the ideals of western civilization, and the fact that he has remained steadfast in his resolve in the face of great political risk.

    For all the carping about background checks at gun shows, it will do nothing to infringe on one single American’s right to keep and bear arms unless that person has done something that has caused him to surrender that right.

    But, no matter what is said, there are going to be some people who are so embittered by their loss that they’ll never get past it. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will move onward and upward without them. May they find solace in their Y2K bunkers.

  5. Gimlet says:

    You just keep right on appreciating Señor McCain for all he’s doing to and for us, Walt. For starters, destroying the Republican party!

  6. Jack says:

    I’ve been around the political arena a bit too long to be “embittered” by any loss. I am disgusted that a liberal Democrat is concealed under the Republican banner and is vying to represent conservative Republicans in this upcoming election. No, I will not support Obama. Neither will I throw my principles to the wind and vote for John McCain. His own mother told Republicans to hold their noses and vote for John.

    Sorry Mrs. McCain. That’s a step too far for me.

  7. Brad Marston says:

    Actually Gimlet,

    The Republican party has done a pretty good job of destroying itself with Jack Abrahanhoff and Ted Stevens, Mark Foley and Larry Craig and Duke Cunningham and pork barrell spending etc.

    It took 40 years for the Democrats to get as corrupt as our party has in eight.

    We either commit to change or commit to irrelevancy.

    Gimlet…you said Senor McCain. Are you a racist or just a xenophobe?

  8. Gimlet says:

    “McCain Now” blogger Brad

    Another name caller for McCain. Never would have guessed it.
    I am neither a racist nor a xenophobe. I am a realist who calls him Señor because he is an open borders/amnesty advocate who was, in fact, the architect of the failed “comprehensive immigration reform.” I also refer to him by that name since he has the outrageous Juan Hernandez as his Hispanic Outreach Director. Hernandez is opposed to borders and has been quoted as saying, we are not nations, “this is simply a region.” Incidentally, does your friend, Mr. McCain have outreach directors to other ethnic groups? Since voters are American citizens, why is there a need for ethnic outreach?

    You have missed the point: If McCain is the change we commit to, we are irrelevant.

  9. Jim Fryar says:

    I thought that the Libertarian Party purists were bloody dumb until I saw some of the replies here.

    They scream their heads off about the mainstream candidates like Wayne Root and Bob Barr not being ‘pure’ enough and doing everything they can to block them from getting the nomination even though they can make the party into a viable entity.

    Then I see you refusing to vote for McCain because he is not a ‘pure’ enough conservative for you, even preparing to vote for a 100% liberal like Obama with all that entails rather than the candidate who won the Republican nomination.

    Do you think he only got the nomination because everybody but you are stupid? If you think that there is the very real possibility that it is really the other way around.

    If your preferred candidate had got the nomination you would expected the McCain supporters to take the result with good grace and throw their full weight behind your candidate as Romney, Huckabee, Rudy, and Thompson have done for McCain already.

    You are piss weak excuses for Republicans who, when you don’t get 100% your way throw hissy fits and want to bring the party down.

  10. RA says:

    “There are going to be stark choices between a liberal Democrat and a conservative Republican.” – When?

  11. Joe Evans says:

    Question? Why is this dependably conservative site allowing the McCain bloggers to hop onboard and spew their distortions and venom? I’ve read enough. This site has been undaunted in exposing the McTrain Wreck and its damaging effect on the Republican Party. Let them post on the other sycophantic McSites. We don’t need this takeover by the McMinions.

    There are three of them up on this page alone. Each one of them has a bold return address that links to a McCain blather site.

  12. Malia Nash says:

    “conservatives” REALLY have to grow up. America is NOT made up of just conservatives and a candidate that isn’t serious about being elected has no business running.

    Conservatives aka Libertarians and third party extremes have been complaining about not having a true conservative since Reagan got a good portion of Dems and Independents to vote for him.

    Ger over it already. If you don’t want to vote for someone that agrees with you most of the time, then stay home. Notice that McCain managed to win the GOP nomination without you…and he will win the presidency without you.

    The only question is, will YOU take a seat at the table and get your concerns heard–or are you going to sit outside and whine?

  13. seeingredaz says:

    Your point is well taken. We have the same concerns as those you expressed and will not keep this influx of obvious, seminar-style McCain bloggers coming at you much longer. However, knowledge is power and it does provide an insight into the thought processes that make up such individuals and groups.

    Think of yourself as a scientist observing specimens under a microscope!
    Seeing Red AZ

  14. Weisz says:

    As a new US Citizen originating from Switzerland (so noone can possibly accuse me of coming for mundaine reasons to steal someone’s job, I am deeply saddened by the infighting within the Republican Party, as demonstrated here.

    A divided populus was the historical reason for the downfall of most empires in history.

    Never before was it so important to have a Pres with appeal to both sides of the spectre. This is not the Reagan aera anymore with pretty much one challenge. We face massive threats on pretty much all fronts and dimensions, in terms of foreign policy as well as internally.

    Most of all, we face a potential election of Obama. A man with nada to offer but fluff and slogans and outright disastrouos ideas and plans, which can not just laughed away.

    For God’s sake, guys – we are on the same side. No candidate will ever be able to satisfy the outer edges of his party, as any Pres of significance needs the broad segment of Centrists, Independent thinkers, moderates, Reagan democrats and Republicans to stand a chance of not just being elected but actually be able to move into the right direction.

    Of course I appreciate the fact that we can and must disagree with John, where he does not go far enough, but having said that, in comparison to Obama his fundamentally solid, sound, conservative platform is still significantly superior to the alternative.

    All indicators and national polls still favor the Dems. Too penetrated is this sentiment for change ( as unspecified it may be) in a wide segement uf the US people.. We owe it to our next generation to give John at least a chance by uniting behind him.

    If we republicans are falling into the same trap of seeing the glass half empty, Obama will win and this time around, it may well have grave consequences. Even more so, as I actually believe that Clinton will be forcefed to Obama at some point. If that happens, every single Rep is needed – quarreling about details will only result in their win.
    Regards from California

  15. Weisz says:

    Forgot to mention: Yes – I am an Anti -Obama/proMcCain Blogger.
    For love for my country and gratitude to be able to be a parto of it, I became a political activist. If you want to understand, why I am so scared about a President Obama, I invite you to review a large collection of facts about this man at http://www.ca4mccain.blogspot.com.

    If you after that still feel that we should be whining about John not going too far or not being enough to the right, you should revisit your priorities. Didn’t we smile about those 20% Clinton supporters who claimed they’d never support Obama? I do not think that true Reps can possibly adopt a simiar mindset .We ve got to be better than that.

  16. Josh says:

    The McCain folks obviously have not read the retorts to the NRCC liberal tripe that sounded like McCain wrote it. We know the truth about McCain. No need to repeat his seemingly endless attacks on conservatives. The McCain RINOs may indeed be the majority in the Republican Party now because McCain has driven out the conservatives who have left in disgust. There truly is “not a dimes worth of difference” between the parties now with McCain heading the ticket (Global Warming anyone). Conservatives are naturally opposed to blindly following nut cases. RINOs love the high they get sniffing up the new fork tongue demigod’s rantings.

  17. Charlie Conservative says:


    We have had enough of you liberals pretending to be strong Republicans. You do not believe in Republican principles (READ PLATFORM) if you can extol McCain’s non- existent virtues. We know him. His virtue is that he is a consummate liar. He and his enablers have destroyed the Party. Don’t believe me? Check back in Nov . Till then get off the conservative blog. We get enough of your crap from the Az Republic and the MSM. Go kiss Jeffy’s big fat McCain loving blog.

  18. seeingredaz says:

    We have allowed the last of the McCain bloggers to overtake this comment section. As First Amendment proponents, we mistakenly thought giving equal time to the other side was the correct approach to take. However, we have been alerted to the fact that Arizona’s lone sycophantic McCain blogger has been behind the onslaught of comments, which are coming from the McCain blogging network in various states.

    Although we will allow the already posted comments to stay, it is our decision not to provide a continuing forum for these toadies on this site.

    You were right, Joe. We were wrong. We apologize.
    Seeing Red AZ

  19. Kate says:

    An abusive husband can only batter his once loving wife so many times before she throws in the towel and leaves. She is though with the lies, distortions, and half truths. She would rather take a chance at a new life than continue with decades of abuse. I think even you McInsanes can grasp the analogy.

  20. Weisz says:

    Dear SeeingRed

    I’d like to apologize, as I may have misinterpreted some posts.

    Thank you for allowing my comments. I understand now, , that your site is evidently meant to provide a platform for solely people who are against John McCain.
    That is your right and I am sorry, if I misunderstood your site as an open discussion board for all Republicans and Conservatives.

    I too am a moderator of my own discussion site and would like to reciprocate. Please feel free to visit us, hammer me, debate, discuss – heck even dismiss our threads.

    I am to the opinion that every opinion is valuable and should be heard. Every comment, as harsh or controversial as it may be, is always posted directly and will never be moderated or even erased out of respect to anyone willing to invest the time and read the material.

    I myself learn more by people who disagree with me, as there is always something I may not have seen, or it makes me reflect and revisit my thought process even harder.

    In that sense, in invite your readers to debate or disagree on my site and promise to never censor a single post in the same fairness you extended to me by posting my comments which evidently do not reflect your position.


  21. Carrie Mason says:

    The McCain people remind me so much of our liberal universities that pretend to be so tolerant but will not allow any opposition forum to exist. Does that remind anyone of McCain Campaign Finance Reform? No political opposition 30-60 days before the election. ……..hmmmm shut all opposition down by any method.

  22. Weisz says:

    Dear Charlie

    Please educate me. If I am a liberal, how do you qualify Senator Obama?
    I mentioned that I am a recent US Citizen, which is why I am in fact still learning and not so deep on background, as you are.
    Is it really so inconceivable that one can be Republican in terms of Economy, Natl. Security, Foreign Policy, support the right to bear arms yet be for strict separation of church and state? If I support a conservative platform in 9 out of 10 topics, yet adopt one the democrats have, does that mean I can not be considered a Republican?

    I disagree with John on several issues – is there ever a perfect candidate? But – look at the alternative….. does n’t that make your skin crawl? Am I too pragmatic by trying to see the greater good? What about you? Do you wanna pay 3k more taxes and $10 per gallon or will you accept the reality and support the Republican cadidate . Will you remain bitter and stay home, as Paul or Huck was not nominated?

    Please give me someting to work with and put some facts behind the rhetoric. If that exceeds the purpose or objective of this blog, by all means, present your constructive ideas on mine.

  23. Charlie Conservative says:


    Your comments are examples of what drive conservatives up a wall. You act like history does not exist. You act like McCain has no record that you can research. It is difficult arguing points when one side claims that black is white and dares the other side to prove it is not true. We get tired of repeating McCain’s record over and over again only to be told McCain is better than Obama when the record shows there is little difference, and in fact McCain has destroyed the Republican Party and Obama
    has not.

    I truly suspect you are putting me on to waste my time but a few bullets follow:

    .McCain was the leading opponent to Bush’s tax cuts and used Dem rhetoric to try and stop them. He now is for them? You believe him. That is your problem.

    .McCain says he will make us energy independent with new innovations. McCain was and still is the leading force against drilling for oil in Alaska and the continental US. McCain has led this force for dependence of foreign resources since 1992. He is responsible for the high gas prices and high inflation. You believe he is going to make us energy independent. That is your problem.

    .McCain says he is a hawk on national defense and against Islamic terror. He is the Amnesty leader and refuses to take strong action to secure the borders, while he sends our soldiers to the Mideast to protect their borders. You believe him when he says he gets it now when even his latest rhetoric points to more Amnesty legislation.
    The figure placed on McCain amnesty was 4 trillion tax dollars..conservatively stated.

    .You believe he will appoint conservative judges, when his record shows he blocked Republican efforts at Constitutional enforcement of majority consent in the Senate that would have prevented liberal filibusters.

    .His dissing of the Constitution with Campaign Finance Reform shows that he will need liberal judges to protect his baby against further erosion and in fact expand it as he has stated that we need to accomplish.

    .His attempt to shut down the gun shows by killing regulation is his example of opposition to the 2nd amendment. Who finance his Campaign Finance and Gun show legislation? That great conservative George Soros.

    How about his most recent draconian, Al Gore backing, campaign to stop Global Warming. How many totally wasted Billions do you think that is going to cost?

    How about peddling embryonic stem cell research in place of adult stem cell research by just calling for stem cell research, when we know he is the leading advocate of spending billions of tax dollars on embryonic cell research. That is killing human life for experimental purposes if you did not know. Does he mention all 80+ successful treatments of human ailments have come from Adult stem cell applications? I think you would be hard pressed to find those statements.

    I tire of this game. I am convinced you know the truth. Good luck with what is left of the Republican Party after Johnny gets through with it. You should rename it the RINO Party to be completely accurate. Dems an RINOs could hold joint conventions.

    The Republicans have lost their brand identity because of John McCain and people like him in congress. We got a heads-up in 06. We will get taps in 08 thanks to John McCain. That is why we cannot bring ourselves to vote for the man we see as responsible for destroying the Party and Country. We will get the same outcome from either candidate. If the Country is to be destroyed, let it be said that a Democrat did it, not a Republican In Name Only.

  24. Weisz says:

    Dear Charles

    I feel honored by the work you invested into the reply. As a (new) Republican your response gives me hope once again in the politcal home ( party) I chose.

    Compared with those blatantly false, distorting, nasty offensive blogs I have read visiting some of the left blogs the quality and respectful tone in spite of your strong resentment towards McCain demonstrates substance over style, solid debating points – simply a superiority of discussion abilities. I thank you for that.

    Quite actually – I found your response so good and evidently rings true with so many of our Fellow Republicans, that I created a new thread “Talking Points from a Conservative View Point” and copy/pasted them, then answered it there in detail to the best of my limited abilities.
    It would not be fair to this site’s moderator who already was very tolerant, allowing me to comment from a “moderate” point of view.

    You’ll find my response in the third thread from the top at http://www.ca4mccain.blogspot.com

    Thanks again for engaging and educating me.